Being economical is a human instinct, especially when the investment is from our pocket. We are always looking for ways to reduce effort, resources, and time spent, to attain the maximum profitable results, often making us wonder, what if there was a tool wherein we could feed all the data to make those choices? 


Actually, there is one such tool—a dashboard linked to a database that subjects its content to its parameters, thus helping you visualize and make the most informed decisions!




Now, imagine all the domains where a dashboard can find its use starting with the project management itself. So how does a project management dashboard come to the rescue of organizations, and why do you need our project management dashboard templates? Let’s walk you through the answer to this question with this guide!


What is a Project Management Dashboard?


A project management dashboard is an interface for comparing and examining various project factors that affect its smooth functioning. With this dashboard, a project is analyzed in the light of its parameters, such as graphs to track the exhaustion rate of revenue and resources, timelines to monitor the project's progress and record the processes, algorithms, and methodologies involved. 


Thus a dashboard can help you review campaigns, product launches, or development programs to deliver optimum results. 


So, what are the parameters to render a comprehensive and all-inclusive project management dashboard? 


Main Metrics of a Project Management Dashboard


  1. To-Do’s: You need a To-Do metric to maintain a record of your team's daily activities and update their status as incomplete, complete, or work in progress.
  2. Project Updates: Integrate this project dashboard with the active database to record your team’s interaction with the project tools and software. This section will record that activity.
  3. Hours Spent on Projects: Using the DataBase Management System (DBMS) or Business Intelligence (BI) tools, you can visualize real-time data of how well and how long your project or its tasks have been running. Therefore, it becomes another great asset to add to your dashboard.
  4. Project Management Excel Dashboards: Graphs, sheets, and pictorial representations are the essence of a dashboard. Integrated with the SQL software, ensure they are added to your project management dashboard to ease visualization.


Instead of creating a project management dashboard from scratch, why not choose from our extensive collection of professionally designed PPT templates?. Our project management dashboard templates offer readymade frameworks that you can integrate with several project management tools. Let’s take a look at the ten best PPT designs. 

Template 1: Project Portfolio Management KPI and Dashboard


Presenting our 26 slide thorough composition of project management dashboard templates that cater to general and metric-specific monitoring. Deploy this PPT presentation as a unit or use its dashboard templates to analyze portfolios, risks, timelines, etc. Each dashboard slide is Excel-linked and you can integrate it with your SQL software for real-time data display. Download this extensively researched PPT presentation now!


Project Portfolio Management KPI And Dashboard PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Download this template

Template 2: Project Management Dashboard With Task Status 


Get your project timelines and progress reports in order with this handy template. Plan and schedule successful projects with this fully customizable presentation template that can be adapted to meet the precise requirements of your presentation. The slides in this template offer you total control to provide precise information about the project's status, end-to-end timeline, budget, etc.


Project Management Dashboard With Task Status And Delivery Timeline


Download this template

Template 3: Project Management Planning Dashboard

This template is very conceptual and serves multiple purposes. You can use it to highlight the various aspects of project management, including planning, design, development, and testing. The PowerPoint objects are entirely editable comprising HD graphics with Excel-linked graphs. This slide is ideal for project managers and professionals who want to illustrate the management structure more descriptively. So download and customize it instantly as per requirements!


Project Management Planning Design Development And Testing Dashboard


Download this template

Template 4: Project Financial Management Dashboard

Project financial management dashboard with revenue and expenses is an Excel-linked template that enables users to track, monitor, and analyze the financial performance of their projects. The template provides a wide range of graphs and charts to help you understand where your project is making money and where it is losing money. You can use this data to make better-informed decisions about your project budget and ensure that it stays profitable.


Project Financial Management Dashboard With Revenue And Expenses PPT Template


Download this template

Template 5: Project Management Dashboard Tool 

Here is another dashboard template to provide a one-stop platform for the project summary, tasks involved, workload distribution, and the time spent. Share a snapshot of the proportions using graphs and charts to ease visualization. Download this exclusive PPT template now!


Project Management Dashboard Tool Tasks PowerPoint Presentation Maker


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Template 6: Project Issue Management Dashboard With Budget

Budget is critical to any undertaking. Analyze your budget and the associated risk factors with this graphically equipped PPT template. Assess your project performance with pie and Gantt chats and trace your financial health over the years using. Every aspect of our PPT template is customizable and ready to incorporate your project data, thus presenting a meaningful visual. Here is the downloadable link to it.


Project Issue Management Dashboard With Budget And Risks Status


Download this template

Template 7: Project Priority Assessment Model Dashboard 

This template contains graphs and charts to analyze the project priorities and tasks involved. Use a combination of intuitive graphs, sheets, and charts to illustrate the proportions of tasks marked as incomplete, complete, or work in progress. The data-driven visualizations of this PPT template will help you see which tasks are taking the longest, where most of the work is being done on your project, and how priorities interact with one another. So download now!


Project Priority Assessment Model Priority Project Management Dashboard PPT PowerPoint Styles


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Template 8: Project Integration Management Dashboard 

This template contains graphs and charts to analyze the project status, budget, monthly workload, and employee performance. Using a combination of intuitive graphs with color-coded gradience, share a clear snapshot of your project. So download now to streamline your project management process and improve overall productivity!


Project Integration Management Dashboard With Task Status PPT template


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Template 9: IT Project Team Building Dashboard

This template contains graphs, sheets, and charts to help you build better project management dashboards. You can track your project's progress, budget, workload, and employee productivity with easy-to-read visuals. The included project timeline can be shared with stakeholders, while key updates can be monitored in real-time using it.


IT project Team Building Project Management Dashboards PPT PowerPoint Presentation Slide


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Template 10: Project Management Timeline Dashboard

This template contains graphs, sheets, and charts to help you analyze your project performance. By combining intuitive graphs and color-coded formats, you can share a clear snapshot of your project health with real-time values. So download now and get started on your next big project!


Project Management Timeline Task Report Dashboard PPT Template


Download this template


Thus, we have shared our ten actionable project management dashboard templates that you can incorporate with MS PowerPoint and Google Slides. Monitor, compare, and analyze your projects to identify the droops and implement strategies to create desirable results using these designs


P.S: If you are looking to incorporate a new project management methodology in your organization, check out our all-encompassing guide replete with templates to re-structure and invigorate your management system today!


Download the free Project management dashboard templates PDF.