The search for a secure livelihood has people traveling to places where they must look for temporary lodgings to get settled. When entrepreneurs kick start their businesses, they too look for affordable settlements to set up their retail or service centers. In both instances, renting a facility makes more sense than owning a place.   


But what will, in turn, insure the tenants and landlords? What will ensure the property being let out is taken care of, and the landlord is paid on time? Who will guarantee that the tenant will have a proper refuge for as long as he wishes?




The answer to all these questions is a rent contract. It translates to a legal binding between the landlord and tenant. A rent contract is a document that a tenant must sign before settling in to stay updated on the general conditions of the property. Based on the flexibility allowed by the owners or the general ruling, both parties can then compromise. 


A rent contract mentions the allowed practices and prohibitions that grant a safe and healthy enjoyment of property services. Since the agreement is legally bound, any violation will have repercussions for either of the parties.


Thus, having a rent contract is an intelligent way to secure interests. If your pursuit directs you to create one for your tenants, opt for a professional rent contract template, designed by SlideTeam. 


We deliver PPT designs that are editable, compatible, and easy to share with your team. By providing a readymade framework for professional templates and themes, we give you an upper hand in creating impactful presentations. Start your journey with us today by exploring these 10 best designs now!  


Template 1: Property Sublease Agreement Terms Report Presentation


Here is a professionally designed report template to share a rent contract for a property sublease. State your terms and conditions clearly under proper headings. Inform your tenants about the agreed sublease term, rent, and other chargeable amenities that accompany it. Capture the signatures of both parties with this formal document. Go ahead and download this PPT design now!


Property sublease agreement terms report


Download this template


Template 2: Terms and Agreement for Apartment Lease Report Presentation


Here is a rent contract template to discuss the various facets of the agreement between a tenant and a landlord/housing company. Collate the contact details of both parties involved in this PPT layout. State the timeline of the contract among deposits that need to be made from time to time. This PPT design allows you plenty of space to discuss the terms and conditions of the subleased property. Share information that ensures a tenant’s comfortable stay. Then sanctify it with the signs of the respective parties. Download now!


Terms and agreement for apartment lease report presentation


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Template 3: Single-page Rental Agreement for an Apartment Presentation Report


Here is a rental agreement template in a one-page document format. Download this report template to affirm the terms and conditions of property leasing. Highlight the different obligations that come with property renting and mention them explicitly in this document. Download now!


Single page rental agreement for apartment report


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Template 4: Lease Agreement Apartment One-Page Report Presentation Report


Record all the formalities of your tenancy agreement with this one-page lease agreement template. This includes the aforementioned terms and conditions alongside acknowledgments by the tenants and the landlord. Deploy this editable and easy-to-comprehend template in this regard.


Lease agreement apartment one page report presentation report


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Template 5: One-Page Sublet Rent Agreement Presentation Report


Create a receipt of your tenant’s deposits using this rent agreement template. This one-pager can help you record the acknowledgments, the dates, and the mutually discussed amount that benefits the landlord and tenant. Use this editable template to record these details upfront. Download now!


One page sub let rent agreement presentation report


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Template 6: One-page Owner and Tenant Rent Agreement Presentation Report


Record the obligations of tenants and landlords in this one-page tenancy agreement template. Identify the property name, location, and rent amount. Mention the date of the agreement and contact information, among other important details relevant to the contract, in this professionally designed document. Download now!


One page owner and tenement rent agreement presentation report


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Template 7: One-page Vacation Rental Agreement Presentation Report


It is the vacation season, and your home rentals will be swarming with tenants. Treat them with a secure ambiance by signing this vacation rental agreement document. Record their correct details and secure your clients and future business. The download link is shared below.


One page vacation rental agreement presentation report


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Template 8: Commercial Sublease Agreement Report Presentation


It is crucial for a landlord to keep the tenant informed of all the terms and conditions associated with leasing a property. Since people often like to skim through important information, you can focus on the crucial parts of renting and highlighting them in pointers with this template. Additionally, you can address your individual tenants with this PPT layout and have it acknowledged by them. The download link is shared below.


Commercial sublease agreement report presentation report


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Template 9: Rent Sublease Agreement Security Report


Here is another professionally designed PPT that will not only show authenticity but will help secure your payments. Infuse it with all the necessary information and get it signed by both parties involved. This PPT template can then serve as your proof in the court of law, where you can safeguard your claims. Download now!


Rent sublease agreement security report


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Template 10: One-page House Rental Agreement Presentation Report


Share highlights of your tenancy agreement with this PPT design. Mention the parties involved, the date of acknowledgment, deposits, and other aspects relevant to the course of the tenancy. Download this editable template now!


One page house rental agreement presentation report


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We hope you found these rent contract templates helpful. Apart from being editable and easy to work with, these are compatible across all versions of MS PowerPoint and Google Slides. Besides, you can enjoy two perfectly carved standard screen and widescreen layouts upon downloading them. Therefore, get your package of perfection today!


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