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Deliver a Great Experience with Top 10 Onboarding Checklist Templates

Deliver a Great Experience with Top 10 Onboarding Checklist Templates

Mohammed Sameer

Mohammed Sameer

August 10 2022

One of every five new recruits is likely to leave your organization within the first 45 days of joining. As a business manager, owner, or CEO, this is a headache you did not factor into your planning. Now, you are stuck and angry at having to make the hiring effort again. In addition to the strain on executive time, losing talented employees is costly.


Research shows that people who leave a business soon after joining cost anywhere between 50% to twice the employee's annual salary.


The staggering losses hurt even more when you learn that only 12% of employees believe their organizations do a good job of onboarding new employees.


What is the takeaway? An employee onboarding program (and the onboarding checklist template you use to create it) is priceless. The same can be said for client onboarding.


What Factors Contribute to Effective Onboarding?


At its most basic, the goal is to bring new employees "on board": Your objective is to get new hires off the sand and onto your ship. They can meet the captain and crew, see where the ship is going, and "learn the ropes" to assist you in getting there.

Effective onboarding is essential for every organization, but there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Onboarding programs are successful when they answer specific questions about your company and the new hire's role, such as "What defines our company culture?" "How does our performance evaluation work?" "How does this role's workflow work?" The best onboarding programs work because they are tailored to your company and your new hire. But that doesn't mean you have to start from scratch.


Onboarding templates provide structure and inspire ideas; they're an excellent place to start and can be easily customized. We’ve gathered a collection of diverse, high-quality onboarding checklist templates.


What is Onboarding?


Hiring and integrating new employees into your organization is known as onboarding. Its main goal is to make them feel at ease in their jobs and feel welcome into your organization's culture. Effective onboarding creates a better and happier workforce.


According to a Society for Human Resource Management survey, nearly 70% of new hires said they'd be more likely to stay at a company for at least a few years if they had a positive onboarding experience. Organizations with a consistent onboarding process saw a 50% increase in productivity from new team members.


What are the 4 Phases of Onboarding?




Your new hire will complete paperwork, read employee manuals, and understand organizational processes and procedures, such as how to request time off and when their insurance coverage begins.




This phase ensures that new employees understand their job responsibilities, including both day-to-day tasks and long-term responsibilities.




This phase provides new employees with a thorough understanding of how the company operates beyond the written policies. Managers should strive to ensure that new employees are well-versed in company norms during this phase.




The most challenging and time-consuming phase! It involves assisting new hires in developing relationships with their teammates and others within the organization. A good onboarding process goes beyond introducing everyone, and managers should foster positive, friendly relationships in both formal and informal settings.


Our onboarding checklist templates aren’t limited to new hires! We have used imagination and control to add client onboarding templates to our list. Let’s explore:


Employee Onboarding Checklist Templates


Template 1: New Employee Introduction And Onboarding Checklist PPT Template


Do you need help preparing an inclusive onboarding checklist? Download this pre-designed template that ticks the boxes adjacent to the primary criteria of a robust onboarding program. Grab it now.


onboarding checklist template


Download this template


Template 2: Employee Onboarding Checklist PowerPoint Template


Comprising four predominant types of onboarding checklists, this PPT template is tailored to suit your needs. Employ and relax. Our template ensures the onboarding experience of your employees is a breeze. Get it now.


New Hire Checklist Template


Download this template


Template 3: New Employee Onboarding and Induction Process Timeline PPT Template


Drafting an onboarding checklist with the induction process is boring and tedious. Imagine the cups of coffee and yawns you’ll save with this pre-designed template. Download it now.


New Employee Onboarding and Induction Process PPT Template


Get this template



Template 4: Employee Onboarding Stages PowerPoint Template


Here’s the ideal template that helps you cover the essential stages of employee onboarding. From pre-boarding to periodic check-ins and feedback, this template is packed with all ingredients that make a perfect onboarding checklist recipe. Get it now.


6 stages for employee onboarding checklist PPT Template


Download this template


Template 5: HR Checklist for Efficient Employee Onboarding Training Playbook PPT Template


The difference between a rocky onboarding and a smooth one is our content-ready PPT template. It is a must-have tool for HRs to create a smooth experience for all. Download it now.


HR checklist for efficient employee onboarding training PPT template


Get this template


Client Onboarding Checklist Templates


Template 1: Six-Step Client Onboarding Process With Launch Project PPT Template


Client onboarding is the first step in their relationship with your business, and you would want to make an excellent first impression. Use our pre-designed template that helps in avoiding mistakes and delivering a positive client experience from the start. Get it now.


6 step client onboarding process with launch project PPT Template



Download this template


Template 2: Pain Points in Client Onboarding PPT Layout


SlideTeam has prepared this well-thought template so the client onboarding pain points don’t haunt you. Get it and address every critical matter before they can make a significant dent in your earnings and prospects.


Pain points in client onboarding checklist template PPT


Download this template


Template 3: Timeline of Client Onboarding Process PPT Design


Prepare an inclusive timeline of the client onboarding process using our PPT template to ensure you haven’t skipped anything relevant and necessary. It has pre-designed milestones that help you stay on the right track in client onboarding. Get it now.


Timeline of client onboarding checklist template PPT


Download this template


Template 4: Different Client Onboarding Strategies to Build Trust


Trust and loyalty are something that takes years to build. We understand you don’t have that long to win clients. Here’s our template with client onboarding strategies that have been successful. Download it now.


Different client onboarding strategies to build trust PPT Template


Grab this template


Template 5: Client Onboarding Dashboard PPT Design


Once you have prepared a client onboarding checklist and have implemented the steps right, you need a dashboard to assess the effectiveness of your efforts. Our template offers you just that. Grab it now.


Client onboarding dashboard checklist PPT Template


Download this template


Before We Bid Adieu


Develop a solid onboarding plan to overcome the objections of skeptical leadership and limited budgets. With these onboarding templates, you're one step closer to creating a one-of-a-kind onboarding strategy that makes people connected, happy, and willing to go the extra mile to win their employer the additional client or dollar.


Next, check out the Top 10 Employee Introduction Templates to Create a Solid Onboarding Program.

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