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Top 10 Templates for a Smoother Client Onboarding Process

Top 10 Templates for a Smoother Client Onboarding Process

Apoorva Gupta

Apoorva Gupta

February 22 2021

Congratulations on getting your first client! The next steps should be simple enough, right? Not exactly. Many businesses lose a majority of their customers within the first few weeks. Ever wondered why? Surveys show that over half the complaints revolve around the company-client induction processes. A sound client onboarding process is the one-stop solution to your customer retention troubles. 


What is a client onboarding process?


Simply put, a client onboarding process introduces your clients to the different services provided by your company. For instance, for a travel bookings company,  ensuring that the clients have information about all travel packages available in your firm will constitute your client onboarding process. 


A well-developed client onboarding process not only strengthens your relationship with your current customers but also raises your market reach via word-of-mouth. It also ensures better customer retention, thereby enhancing the revenue streams of your company. 


Salient features of an effective client onboarding process

  • Listen

Each customer has unique needs. It is easy to see the bigger, more generalized picture when developing your induction process, but paying attention to the little things is what will truly set you apart from your competition. 

  • Outline the client journey

Telling your new clients about the procedure followed for achieving their business goals will help you establish a fair stage in your client relationships. Prepare your customers for the future steps of the services with well-planned orientation sessions.

  • Deal with possible problems proactively

If your client does not have the required documents ready initially, assist them in getting the same before you begin your service process. Taking the time to prepare your customers speaks of your concern for their time and money.

  • Keep the conversation going

Once you have established a sound communication channel with your client, it is vital to maintain it. Your customers should not feel hesitant to approach you with their queries and doubts about the product. 

  • Follow the feedback

It takes a certain confidence to tell someone what you don’t like about their services. Pay attention when your clients tell you about their trouble in operating your product. You should use this feedback to improve your future engagements. 


You can streamline your company’s client onboarding process with SlideTeam’s professionally-developed presentations. Let’s take a look at our top picks.

Template 1

Use this client onboarding presentation deck to assess your company’s current customer relation policies. This smartly-organized PowerPoint template has 55 slides for different aspects of your presentation, such as onboarding overview, principles, current assessments, etc. 


Client Onboarding PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Download Client Onboarding PPT Template

Template 2

Put forth your client induction strategies in the best light with this client onboarding process presentation template. This content-ready PowerPoint deck layout is designed especially for the banking and finance sector professionals.


Banking Client Onboarding Process PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Download Banking Client Onboarding Process PPT Template

Template 3

This 52-slide client onboarding automation PowerPoint presentation template will be an ideal resource for your boardroom meetings. Exhibit your process automation strategy with this PPT layout highlighting the critical reasons for automation, buyers persona, and milestone predictions.

Client Onboarding Process Automation PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Download Client Onboarding Process Automation PPT Template

Template 4

Use this PPT template to describe the six steps of the client onboarding process to your team and prospective clients. Included are multiple slides for detailing different angles of onboarding process checklist, and selection of technologies, etc.


Client Onboarding Process Project Statistics Research Technology Agreement Management


Download Client Onboarding Process PPT Template

Template 5

Digitize your client onboarding process with this aptly-developed PowerPoint presentation template. Highlight your team credentials, your company’s mission statement, and the projected timeline of your project within the content-ready slides of this PPT layout. 


Digital Transformation of Client Onboarding Process PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Download Digital Transformation of Client Onboarding Process PPT Template

Template 6

With well-designed slides for the KYC (Know Your Customer) AML (Anti Money Laundering) onboarding process, current capabilities, and account opening requisites, this customer onboarding process PPT template layout is just the perfect corporate tool. Click the link below to download the template right away!


Customer Onboarding Process PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Download Customer Onboarding Process PPT Template

Template 7

Showcase your project research with this PowerPoint slide template. There are five sections with relevant icons for exhibiting your client expectations, information gathering, team briefing, research completion, and checking in with your clients. Download it now.


Client Onboarding Process Checklist with Complete Research


Download Client Onboarding Process Checklist PPT Template

Template 8

Train your company’s customer relationship management team with this PowerPoint slide layout. This info-graphic workflow chart allows you to illustrate the steps of the client onboarding process for your team in an efficient manner. 


Banking Client Onboarding Process Workflow of Client Onboarding Process


Download Workflow of Client Onboarding Process PPT Template

Template 9

Are you looking to streamline your company’s client induction policies? Include this PPT slide checklist in your presentations to showcase the cardinal stages of the customer onboarding process. The cyclical graphics of this slide display your data in an eye-catching frame.


Client Onboarding Process Checklist for Company


Download Client Onboarding Process Checklist for Company PPT Template

Template 10

Convincing your company’s board of directors about the merits of establishing concrete client onboarding process policies might be a difficult task. This statistics PPT slide template will allow you to present your research and market analysis to add value to your proposition.


Digital Transformation of Client Onboarding Process Current Statistics for Manual Client Onboarding Process


Download Manual Client Onboarding Process PPT Template


To sum up


Retaining your customers depends mostly on maintaining a strong relationship with your clients. This process should begin at the initial onboarding stage. You should establish concrete client induction guidelines for your sales team to adhere to while interacting with new customers. Keeping an open and welcoming communication channel with customers is the backbone of establishing your customer base. 


Presenting your ideas with professionally-designed PowerPoint presentations is a great way to set a positive tone for your client meetings. Remember that we want to create a memorable experience for the new client in the initial stages rather than processing them in the first few weeks. To find out more about the visual tools that can help your company be a customer favorite, check out our top 10 client retention templates here.

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