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Top 10 Employee Introduction Templates to Create a Solid Onboarding Program

Top 10 Employee Introduction Templates to Create a Solid Onboarding Program

Ashish Singla

Ashish Singla

January 25 2022

A great employee introduction and onboarding process increases the retention rate by 69%. Thus, employee orientation is the golden opportunity for employers to win the hearts and minds of new talent.


So, how do you unlock the vaults of a great onboarding experience? Start from alleviating on-the-job jitters, invariably ranging from orientation to internal protocols. Rather than overwhelming them with boatloads of joining information, HR professionals must use their experience as an opportunity to bond emotionally and build rapport with new hires. 


SlideTeam can help you create an employee introduction process that will assist you in implementing a  cohesive onboarding program that engages key stakeholders and new hires (senior leadership to entry-level), ensuring a holistic experience. The PowerPoint presentation templates offered here will also help in boosting the retention and performance of the new employees. 


So let’s vet a creative employee orientation template to set your new hires for success! 


Template 1:  Employee Introduction Presentation 


If you plan to present a PowerPoint presentation to a group of new employees, let them get to know you better with this template. It highlights the individual’s career path, skills, experience, language skills, SWOT analysis, achievements, training, etc. So what are you waiting for? Download this complete deck today!


Employee Introduction Powerpoint Presentation Slides


Download this template


Template 2: Employee Acumen Analysis Presentation


This presentation covers the employee's acumen in various domains. It helps you evaluate the candidate based on professional knowledge, behavioral skills, expertise in tools and technologies, previous roles and activities, etc. Be it the growth of technical or soft skills this PowerPoint template has everything that you seek in an ideal design. Download this presentation today!


Employee Acumen Presentation


Download this template


Template 3: Employee Skill Assessment Presentation


As an HR manager, you have to make decisions that affect the careers and lives of your employees. Make the right decisions by using this PowerPoint presentation template. It allows you to visualize employees' abilities and track their progress in real-time. You can describe various traits, their positive and negative impact, as well as actions to mitigate the negative impact and encourage growth.


Employee Skills Assessment Presentation


Download this template


Template 4: Employee Skillset Evaluation Presentation


This PowerPoint presentation helps you improve your employees’ competence by evaluating four different skill sets: interpersonal skills, organization skills, analytical skills, and self-management skills. Download this presentation to get an accurate picture of your employee’s overall professional profile.


Employee Skillset Evaluation Presentation


Download this template


Template 5: Employee Competence Comparision Presentation 


Looking to get a better understanding of how your employees stack up against each other? Our employee competency comparison presentation templates will help you do just that! With a list of all the competencies of your employees, you can present the matrix visually and brief each employee on their progress in relation to other employees. Whether you're looking to identify gaps in skills or simply want to congratulate your top performers, our templates make it easy to get the information you need.


Employee Competence Comparision Presentation


Download this template


Template 6: Employee Introduction and Leadership Analysis Presentation


Increased business performance is linked to authentic leadership, continuous learning, and deep knowledge performance of your employees. Download this template to analyze the relationship between leadership effectiveness, knowledge sharing behavior, client management, business strategy, and logical analysis of your workforce. 


Employee Introduction Leadership Analysis Presentation


Download this template


Template 7: Employee Introduction Presentation


Employee introduction PowerPoint template is a perfect choice to introduce new employees to your colleagues and line managers. The presentation includes useful information that can be customized to present the experience, skills, and education of new employees. It also gives you a chance to build workforce expectations from new employees.


Employee Introduction with Profile Details Presentation


Download this template


Template 8: Employee Introduction With Competence Levels Presentation


Download this PowerPoint template for introducing a new employee to your existing workforce. Inform the current employees about the new coworker and share their competencies and experience. It allows you to shape your employees’ understanding of what the new employee brings to the team. You can share the new employee’s background, work experience, education, and skills. This builds positive expectations that are useful for having an all-hands meeting for growing your company. 


Employee Introduction Competence Levels Presentation


Download this template


Template 9: Employee Introduction With Personality Values Presentation


Give your new employees a better understanding of your organization with this PowerPoint template. This PowerPoint presentation provides an opportunity to identify the personality traits relevant to organizational behavior. It also defines the values and personality traits of new employees. Invest in this presentation today!


Employee Introduction Personality Values Presentation


Download this template


Template 10: Employee Introduction Presentation


The employee introduction PowerPoint template provides an easy way to introduce new employees. This template is designed as part of your onboarding initiative for new hires. It provides a strong foundation for the relationship between the new team members, managers, and other key members of the organization.


Employee Introduction Presentation


Download this template


Over to You


The adage: “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.” holds true for employee introduction and onboarding experience. The templates offered in this blog will enable an organization to strategically plan and deploy the tools, processes, training programs, and resources needed to support new recruits. Hence, invest in these templates to effectively prepare the new employees and hit the ground running!


P.S: Tell stories about the organization's history, values, people, and the big-picture with this blog featuring recruitment strategy templates. Click here to read it!

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