Employees are the bedrock of any organization, and that they need to be treasured is common business knowledge. Yet, not many enterprises put their money where their mouth is and invest in employees. In fact, onboarding of employees is where there is a lot of scope for cutting corners, and it happens a lot. 


For businesses that want to actually value employees, onboarding them is a huge opportunity to deepen engagement and create a structure where their branding as an employee also gets a push.

To disseminate this push and implement employee onboarding requires a realignment of stakeholders through presentation. We, at SlideTeam, provide you these with saving you the time and effort in creating these from scratch. These are content ready templates that will help you convince all of the need to do employee onboarding and do it well. 


After employee onboarding is done well, you need coaching programmes to carry on the good effort. Find these best templates with a click here. 


The 100% customizable nature of the templates provides you with the desired flexibility to edit your presentations. The content ready slides give you the much-needed structure.


Let’s take a tour of the templates on offer!


Template 1: Employee Onboarding PowerPoint PPT Template Bundles

This PowerPoint presentation is a treasure house of information on employee onboarding. Use this to outline five strategies for effective employee onboarding, and the six stages in it. Inform your team of the eight types of employee onboarding available. These aur buddy system, entrance interview, gamification, scavenger hunt, boot camp or a handover of employee handbook. Also, highlight the benefits of using a management software for employee onboarding. Here, you get the complete package from offer letter processing, onboarding checklist and the exit process. Showcase your prowess of the process with this actionable presentation template.


Employee Onboarding


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Template 2: New Employee Onboarding and Induction Process Timeline

This template starts with the welcome communication as part of the onboarding, and explain the entire process in seven steps. Informing key personnel of the new employee's start date leads to preparation for his induction. Then, the HR introduces him/her to an email to the company, on the day of the joining there is a tour of the workplace as well. In the next three steps, the employee is explained employment policies procedures etc. Use this PPT presentation to make a mark with your expertise in employee onboarding.


New Employee Onboarding and Induction Process Timeline


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Template 3: Eight Essential List Items in Employee Onboarding

This PPT Presentation lists how you will start the process of employee onboarding, completing it in nine minutes. The six steps are given, with this customizable presentation allowing room for another two to make it a comprehensive illustration of the process. Submitting a job requisition form is the first step, with the review of the schedule and job basics the second important step. The presentation even goes on to list the preparation of team introduction as an important process in employee onboarding. This actionable presentation template is bound to will you clients.


8 Essential List Items in Employee Onboarding


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Template 4: Flowchart Showing Employee Onboarding in a Company

There is nothing like getting a flowchart to ensure the efficacy of a process. This employee onboarding flowchart PPT presentation is meant to act as a comprehensive resource on this is important employee engagement activity. The three focuses of engaging, deepening and retaining employees, this template charts out of the course over 90 days starting from Day 1, when the employee's account is opened. The the engagement of the employee starts deepening from the first week, when you me send a 30-day engagement letter. This presentation template will have done its work by Day 90. Download now and use it to measure the efficacy of your flowchart.


Flowchart Showing Employee Onboarding in a Company


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Template 5: HR Checklist for Efficient Employee Onboarding Training Playbook Template

This HR checklist for efficient employee onboarding documents the process in five steps. Sharing and completing the new hire's paperwork formality starts this onboarding. Use this PPT template to showcase your masterly of the process with job expectations discussion also forming Step 4. In step 3, informing about company policies create a bond of the employee with the workplace. Finally, the onboarding process ends with a progress tracking mechanism where feedback is given and exchanged. Use this template to win clients for your HR efficiency.


HR Checklist for Efficient Employee Onboarding


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Template 6: Employee Onboarding Plan for Lean Start-Up

For a no-frills business that is just starting up, employee onboarding needs to be a simple efficient process that delivers on objectives. Use this PPT presentation to illustrate the four steps in this. The first day, the first week, and the first month are important in this kind of employee onboarding plan for a lean start-up. The typical method used is buddy system, and the training plan is the main engagement tool used. Use this template to showcase of frugal you you need to be, and win recall. Clients will follow.

Employee Onboarding Plan for lean Start up


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Template 7: Employee Onboarding and Engagement Workflow Chart 

This comprehensive PPT on boarding and engagement flow chart maps the process from a candidate to an active employee. The onboarding process is stage 3, where documentation is done and the start week of the employee decided. After an initial week of getting comfortable with work flows, the process is completed when comprehensive training is imparted to new hire. Just start week is important here as this is the time when the employee induction is also done. Used template to demonstrate how hands-on and deep is your knowledge of employee engagement.


Employee Onboarding and Engagement Workflow Chart


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Template 8: Employee Onboarding Checklist to Track Task Status Automation of HR Workflow

As with any important business task, it is important to have an employee onboarding checklist to ensure nothing important is left out. This PPT presentation does this for you, listing eight tasks that you need to explicitly tick on the list. Also keep track of who the task has been assigned to and its status. The icons for each of the task status bars add to the beauty of the template. Used to ensure you make the employee on boarding process a breeze. From sending welcome email to scheduling department orientation, be on top of all tasks with the use of this template.


Employee Onboarding Checklist to Track Task Status


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Template 9: Employee Onboarding Knowledge Transfer Process

Use this systematic PowerPoint presentation on employee onboarding to divide the process into four major areas of getting the employee keenly engaged with your knowledge transfer process. Take charge of this knowledge transfer through the four areas of identifying, integrating, educating, and monitoring. The aim here is to ensure that the on boarding process gives you an employee who is keenly engaged through he/her interest in knowledge. In the educating section, you conduct a training session for employees on technical skills, compliances etc. Download now to make an impact. 


Employee Onboarding Knowledge Transfer Process


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Template 10: Employee Coaching Playbook New Employee Onboarding Process

This practical, employee onboarding process training template maps training objectives of each phase of the process to duration, activities undertaken and the training provider. There are five training objectives in this template. You can start with the preparing for first-impression of a firm, which the entire HR team is responsible for. Then, the training might involve leveraging relationships and role development during the first month, weekly are the best medium. Use this template to make the employee comfortable productive as soon as possible.


Determine New Employee Onboarding Process


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Template 11: 30-60-90-Day Plan for Effective Employee Onboarding 

This simple to understand but practical diagram for employee onboarding slices the plan into three sections of 30 days each. In the first 30 days, the employees' goals are outline as company orientation and tools familiarity. It is also mapped against initiatives. Use this PowerPoint presentation to to get the employee working to his best capability within the first 90 days. The intelligent use of goals and initiates is bound to impressed the stakeholders and win clients. Get it now.


30 60 90 days plan


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It is important to start things right, and as these templates illustrate, employee onboarding is an important engagement tool for businesses to keep employees productive. Get the best-in-class templates with our effort, which is expert-curated and works well in helping you address varied stakeholders.  


FAQs on Employee Onboarding


What is onboarding an employee?

Onboarding an employee means the efforts businesses make to set up a process around the way the higher and retain employees. Its goal is to retain talent and create an environment where employees are productive, happy and turn into your brand advocates. It's three major parts are engaging the employee, from Day 1 of joining (workplace or remote), deepening the sense of involvement with the organization and finally retaining the employee by the first three to six months. It is a step-by-step procedure to be followed in a defined manner to get optimum results.


What are the four phases of onboarding?

The four phases of onboarding are pre-orientation, job site orientation, job-specific orientation and finally fitting into the new responsibilities and work culture. The phase 1 of pre-orientation starts even before the first day of the employee in office. This is done through the offer letter email, which sense standard company policies, organization overview, compensation and benefits etc. In job-site orientation, paperwork, workplace tour etc are included, and happens on Day 1 or 2 of the employee in office. In phase 3 that last a you weeks technical trainings take place. Finally, the onboarding closed within three-months with the employee firmly taking up responsibilities.


What are the 5 Cs of onboarding?

In onboarding an employee, it is critical that one can establish a bond and create viable means of expression through culture; the way clarifications can be sought; connections between work, people, and life; how to ensure compliances are in order and the importance of checking back on the employees on whether These five Cs, together, make up the crux of the employee onboarding process. The idea is to ensure the process is in sync with the major ideas of driving business growth and productivity.