COVID-19 has bought a unique set of challenges for employers and the workforce. As social distancing and work from home have expanded the magnitude of stress and anxiety, it has become difficult for employees to balance personal and professional responsibilities. 


In this chaos, the employers are not getting enough time to have in-person employee interactions and foster positive working relationships. Regardless of being an organization with 100 or 1000 employees, it becomes strenuous to coordinate everyone’s schedule. With all the critical tasks in hand, the last thing you want to do is waste time contacting each employee about their work detail. 


Therefore, managers need to create an interactive space called the employee toolkit to build communication and connection between the employees and the organization. 


The essence of employee toolkit


An employee toolkit contains practical resources aimed at maintaining a worker’s physical and emotional well-being. It is packed with articles and videos, covering tips on working from home, the onboarding process, methods to deal with anxiety, building resilience, training modules, optimizing policies, civil service rules, benefits, leaves, and more. 


To help you master the process of creating a beneficial employee toolkit, we have shared five parameters. Combine them with our 15 well-researched PowerPoint templates to take a massive load off your back. Let’s dive in and create a structured employee toolkit for your company.

1. Organizational vows

You can include all the HR documents in your company’s employee toolkit, such as vision statement, non-disclosure agreement, financial agreement, salary structure, onboarding process, induction process, and more. This initiative will enhance your company’s ability to attract, develop, retain, and engage the talent in the right ways. Utilize these templates by customizing them to your needs. 

Template 1

Add this intuitive template to your employee toolkit for stating the company’s vision, mission, and goals. It includes 59 well-crafted slides designed by our team of professionals. So download now and make the desired changes. 


Company Profile

Download Company Profile PowerPoint Presentation

Template 2

Pick this financial expense funnel template and add it to your employee toolkit. It will help employees understand the investment made by the company to mend their skills. Therefore, download immediately and captivate your team members. 


Financial Expense Funnel for Employee Training Program

Download Financial Expense Funnel For Employee Training Template

Template 3

Boost the worker’s commitment, satisfaction, and loyalty by adding a clear onboarding and induction process in your employee toolkit. This template features an easy-to-edit timeline. So download now and customize as per your requirement. 


New Employee Onboarding and Induction Process Timeline

Download New Employee Onboarding And Induction Process Timeline

2. Policies and guidelines

You can add pre-written policies for the crucial areas of your organization, such as employee engagement, performance management, appraisal, recruitment, leave structure, benefits, and more. They will help employees feel secure and maintain decorum. Choose these templates and design an exhaustive employee toolkit. 

Template 1

Forbes stated that employees engaged in their work are more likely to get motivated and remain committed to the company. Therefore, retain valuable talent in your organization by adding this worker engagement template to your employee toolkit. Download now!


Employee Engagement

Download Employee Engagement PowerPoint Presentation

Template 2

Select this template to highlight the parameters that will help an employee achieve rewards. Besides, you can create persuasive bonus strategies and policies. Download and add to your employee toolkit instantly. 


Employee Rewards

Download Employee Rewards Strategy Templates

Template 3

Add this template to your employee toolkit and enlighten your team on how their performance will be judged. You can use it to set goals, monitor tasks, and streamline employee feedback. Download it right away!


Managing Employee Performance

Download Managing Employee Performance PowerPoint Template

3. Trackers and calendars

Help your organization stay ahead by adding the trackers, templates, and calendars to the employee toolkit. You can include relieving letters, offer letters, holiday lists, the resignation processes, and more. Further, use these stunning templates and track your annual engagement activities efficiently.  

Template 1

Determine your employees’ absence rate with this impressive leave tracker template. The design can be easily edited. Therefore, download it and calculate the monthly wage or salaries effectively. 


Employee Leave Tracker Sample Presentation PPT

Download Employee Leave Tracker Sample Presentation

Template 2

Include this weekly engagement calendar in your employee toolkit and inform your team members about the celebration days and holidays. You can easily edit the important dates with just a few clicks. Therefore, download it instantly and make the necessary changes. 


Weekly Employee Engagement Calendar for Organization

Download Weekly Employee Engagement Calendar

Template 3

Illustrate an employee’s journey in the organization with this impressive employee lifecycle template. The promotions of an individual can help others understand the fruit of hard work. Therefore, download and inspire your employees. 


Employee Lifecycle Template PowerPoint Presentation

Download Employee Lifecycle Template

4. Survey documents

You can include survey documents with pre-written FAQs on work culture, professional development, employee satisfaction, and more. This feedback will help you understand the employee expectations and take corrective measures. Download these templates and experience their robust guidance.

Template 1

Understand the key pain points for your employees with this satisfaction survey template. Add this dashboard to your employee toolkit and take measures to improve the working environment, turnover rate, productivity, and more. Download now!


Employee Satisfaction Survey Results Presentation Design

Download Employee Satisfaction Survey Results Template

Template 2

Conduct a survey on your employee’s performance based on different parameters such as job knowledge, productivity, task quality, enthusiasm, cooperation, attitude, work relations, creativity, punctuality, and more. Download and make the desired variations. 


Employee Performance Evaluation Review

Download Employee Performance Evaluation Template

Template 3

You can use this template to conduct a fair survey on organizational culture, business processes, employee experience, 360-degree feedback, and more. It will help provide deep knowledge of how your company can maintain, attract, and develop skilled employees. 


Employee Survey Questionnaire

Download Employee Survey Questionnaire PowerPoint Slide

5. Training document

You can include a step-by-step training document covering task procedures, processes, required tools, software applications, and more for the new employees. They will help save time by solving difficulties in the initial stages. Additionally, pick these templates to complete your toolkit like a pro. They can be edited easily to update the toolkit regularly. 

Template 1

With this employee toolkit template, include multiple training modules for your human resource, sales, business, and customer service departments. The template is designed by our team of professionals. So download once and use it multiple times. 


Employee Training & Development

Download Employee Training And Development Template 

Template 2

This template will help your workers understand the key factors responsible for creating an effective employee training program. Therefore, incorporate it into your employee toolkit and polish their skills set. 


Key Steps for Creating Effective Employee Training Program Plan

Download Key Steps For Creating Effective Employee Training Program

Template 3

Use this template to create a department-wise training and administration plan for your organization. Besides, you can utilize it to broaden your staff’s expertise and boost the return on investment rate. Download it right away!


Department Wise Training & Administration

Download Department Wise Training And Administration Template


Ultimately, a well-regulated employee toolkit will help avoid high turnover rates and less productive team activities. You can adjust your procedures or documents as you learn more about the employee requirements. Further, incorporate these amazing PowerPoint templates, as they will surely jack up the process of creating an adaptive employee toolkit. 


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