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Top 10 Business Summary Templates with Samples and Examples

Top 10 Business Summary Templates with Samples and Examples

Dikshita Sharma

Dikshita Sharma

November 24 2022

How do we decide which movie to watch and which novel to read? We watch the previews or go through summary at the back of the book to decide if this is worth your time. The same is true in businesses-----------Business summaries help investors, clients, and stakeholders choose if the organization is going to provide any value to them. No matter how brilliantly you have crafted and presented your business plan, it will be difficult for you to win investors, and later customers if you do not have a business summary.


Whether you are an entrepreneur looking for investors for your small business or the CEO of a large corporation, your business summary would be the Cliffs Notes of your business plan that will help you in long term growth.


Are you planning to start a company, but struggling with the management of financial resources? Explore our professionally curated finance-based PPT templates and easily track your finances. 


Still stuck on thoughts like, what exactly is a business summary? Or do you really need one? If so, then say no to worries! You can write a great business summary - almost - without breaking a sweat. Continue reading this blog to clear your doubts, and creates templates for your business summary.


Business Summary: The Mirror of Your Business Plan


Whether you want to get funded from banks, venture capitalists, or angel investors your business summary is the first thing someone reads to form an opinion of your business. It is not an introduction to your plan, but a highlight reel. In short, a business summary is the place where you put your best foot forward.


The fate of your business plan, whether it will be read or pushed aside solely depends on how good your business summary is. Therefore, the goal is to provide information that makes the reader curious to dig in and read the specifics of a business plan.


If you want to be a game changer and win your client’s attention, go through our top-class blog on executive summary and make your market position even more stable.


Looking to get started on your business summary? SlideTeam has come up with ready-made Top 10 Business Summary Templates to showcase your USP for investors to invest in your business and customers to trust in your brand without any second-thoughts. You may download these tailor-made templates for highlighting the core points of your business plan with confidence. Let’s delve deeper into these designs!


Template 1: Business Summary PowerPoint Slides Templates

Are you a marketing manager worried about how to share valuable insights with your audience? No worries! Showcase highlights, management summary, functional techniques, accomplishments, milestones, or vision/mission of your company in a condensed form with our business summary PPT template. This is a nine-stage process showcasing growth, science, money, diversity, economy, evaluation, power, of the company. What are you waiting for? Download this customizable slide at the earliest to get more audience engagement!


Business Summary



Download Now!


Template 2: Business Summary Strategy and Objectives PPT Slide

If you are looking for a template that gives a smooth and instant essence of the information to your viewers, then this visual-rich medium is for you. Highlight the important elements of your business plan and business summary with the help of this presentation template. Assimilate this slide to define business objectives, core competencies, market analysis, business strategy, and plans, SWOT analysis, risk assessment, management, etc. Without second thought, download this strategic planning PPT template and showcase your ingenuity to clients.


Business Summary Strategy & Objectives


Download Now!


Template 3: Guide to International Expansion Strategy Business Summary PPT Template

Educate and entice your audience with the support of this well-curated PowerPoint Template. Dividing the process of expansion into five stages, this slide can be used to dispense information on your USP, expansion budget, goals, and market strategy. Customize the pre-constructed icons, colors, images, and text as per requirement. Grab this ready-made design now and leave your audience awestruck!


Summary - Geographic Expansion Plan


Download Now!


Template 4: Social Media Business Summary PPT Infographic Template

If you're looking for a creative, modern, and stylish social media PowerPoint Template for creating a business summary, then you have come to the right place. Deploy this tailor-made slide to display information on the number of customers, revenue generated, user growth, updates, etc. Outline a strategic and comprehensive business summary to showcase the growth and sales of the company using this actionable PPT template.


Business Summary.


Download Now!


Template 5: Business Summary Social Media Pitch Deck Startup PPT Templates

Whether you have a small business or a large corporation with a well-established social media presence, this template fits your requirements to the T. Use this social media pitch deck startup template to create a professional and appealing business summary. Highlight the growth rate and traction with this ready-made PowerPoint slide to persuade investors to invest in your company. Facilitated with the unique color theme,  graphics, and icons, download this slide to exhibit your business summary in a proper manner.


Business summary


Download Now!


Template 6: Business Summary Advertising Agency Pitch PPT Slide

An advertising agency provides support in marketing, and promoting of the products or other operations of a company. If you want to showcase your products, check out our engaging and visually-stunning business summary advertising agency pitch deck. This presentation can be used as a guideline for creating an elaborate business summary. This ready-to-use PowerPoint Diagram will help you present your sales, revenue, financials, and more to encourage stakeholders to be a part of your company. Deploy this PowerPoint Diagram and outline an exclusive business summary to scale up your organization. Grab it now!


Business Summary


Download Now!


Template 7: Business Summary Social Media Marketing Pitch Deck PPT Design

Are you a beginner at social media marketing? Looking for investors to up notch your social media? Craft a well-designed business summary of your organization with this ready-made PowerPoint Template to prove how promising your business is. Highlight the growth rate, sales, revenue, and more using this content-ready PowerPoint template. This PPT slide is perfect to help you outline a professional business summary to increase credibility. This PPT slide contains custom infographics, charts, graphs, smart art, images, and much more to help you personalize it to meet your brand requirements. Download this template now to create a powerful social media marketing pitch deck!


Business Summary


Download Now!


Template 8: One Page Business Summary for Investors PowerPoint Slide

If you want to raise funds from your investors for your venture, use our well-constructed one pager business summary template. It will help you provide an overview of your company to your clients such as, the business summary, the available market, products or services offered, the number of clients, and issues to your investors. You can also showcase your USP to engage the audience. Personalize this PPT template by adding your company's name, logo and address. Download this PPT design and give investors a pitch to remember by creating a hard-hitting business summary.


One Page Business Summary for Investors


Download Now!


Template 9: Bi Fold Business Summary for Investors Template

Display your business story with the help of our modern Bi-Fold business summary template. This complete deck allows you to highlight your business summary, value proposition, financial information (debt, capital seeking, capital raised, equity, etc.), products & services, etc. of your company. Curated with an assortment of customizable designs, this slide can be shared across print and digital mediums to kick off your project. Deploy this PPT Design to formulate communication collateral for your products.


Business Summary for Investors


Download Now!


Template 10: Strategic Plan One-Pager Business Summary Presentation Report Infographic PPT Template

Present the overview of your business plan including the vision, mission, objectives, goals, and action plan with the assistance of this one-page business summary report template. Use this slide to demonstrate your company’s strategic mission and highlight key objectives, initiatives, key performance indicators, etc. It displays all and more of these details in a crisp, clear, and digestible format. Deploy this PPT design now to devise a unique strategy, and place your company ahead of your competitors.


Strategic Plan One Page Business Summary


Download Now!



Planning is indispensable


In a nutshell, a short and attention-grabbing business summary is  critical for the success of a business plan in terms of attracting the right resources and people. If done in a perfect manner and with the right key words, a business summary is indispensable. The document will help you convince investors, venture capitalists, and the brands for partnerships or sponsorships agreements. Therefore, grab SlideTeam’s content-ready and custom-made PPT templates to curate a professional business summary to expand your services and products.


In case you want additional PowerPoint Presentation guidance to draft or edit your business summary, speak to our experts at SlideTeam, and get your design personalized.


PS: Now that you have detailed information on business summary and a collection of customizable templates, it is important to take people to the idea you have in mind. Wow your investors with your business idea, explore our extensive guide and impress your investors and customers with one page business plans, proposals, and executive summaries templates.



FAQs on Business Summary



What is a good business summary?


A business summary also known as an executive summary is a business plan overview that is used by new entrepreneurs or business owners to succinctly highlight the essential elements of their business ideas to potential stakeholders like angel investors. Usually, a business summary is one pager or 2-4 pages long that sums up the whole business including your target market, financial highlights, the area of dealing, etc., A good business summary should emphasize your company’s story, perform in-depth research, convey information, and grab your readers’ attention by convincing them that it is worth their time to read the rest of the business proposal.



How do you write a business summary?


If you are writing a business summary, these five steps need to be


1) A business plan: The first step is to write the entire business plan so that your business summary can briefly cover the most essential topics, facts and details of your business proposal, give a brief background on your company history, processes, system, team, and more to weave a compelling story to engage the audience.


2) Introduction: The next step is to write an engaging introduction which depends on your audience. For instance, if you are in a tech company, your introduction might include a brief story about tech trends. Make it relevant at all costs; this is fundamental, but often ignored.


3) Business summary: After writing an engaging introduction, go through your business plan and summarize critical points such as the marketing plan, target audience, company description, management team, and so on. Ideally, your business summary should be engaging enough to persuade readers to finish the document.


4) Edit the document: Before finalizing the business summary, make sure that you have double-checked the document for accuracy and clarity. Remove buzzwords, repetitive information, jargon, passive language, unsupported claims, etc. so that your business summary can act as a standalone document.


5) Professional assistance: Once you have cross-checked your business summary, the final step is to seek the assistance of a professional writer or editor, and ensure that your document covers points you are trying to convey.


What should be included in a business summary?


A business summary is a short synopsis of your business plan that addresses topics like:


1) Business description: A business description include a clear picture of your business, the types of products or services it offers, the target market, etc.


2) History: After basic information about the company, add a detailed overview including the establishment date, owner’s background and current location.


3) Achievements: Focus on the highlights of your company such as revenue growth rate, customer growth rate and market share you hope to capture (if you are confident about it).


4) Product description: One or two paragraphs of your business summary should be devoted to the company’s products or services description, reasons for demand growth, and their competitive advantages.


5) Financial overview: If you are an existing company and using a business summary to solicit financing, don’t forget to highlight recent annual sales and growth over the last year.


6) Plans and milestones expected to be achieved: The last paragraph of your business summary should discuss future milestones that your company hopes to achieve in the long run.


 Tips: When synthesizing each section, highlight the most relevant details to your readers including facts and statistics that you think they must know or must be eager to know.

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