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Top 10 Creative Proposal Templates To Help Artists And Creators

Top 10 Creative Proposal Templates To Help Artists And Creators

Naveen Kumar

Naveen Kumar

October 2 2022

When you hear the word ‘creativity,’ the first image that comes to mind is of renowned artists like Leonardo da Vinci, Salvador Dalli, and Pablo Picasso bent over a canvas. These classic historical painters are an inspiration for today’s artists who look up to them for inspiration and want to earn a name. 


Without any doubt, if artists just want to exist, only artistic talent and perfection counts. In today’s harsh, cold commercial world, however, growing a business, earning big, and acquiring fame from any creative talent require something (in fact, a lot) more. You have to master the art of presenting yourself and your work. You need to master proposal writing and presentation skills.


A professional proposal differentiates an ‘artist’ from a ‘creative professional’ and a life spent in penury to a world where you can make your work count. Purists might scoff at this, but you need to be realistic. Whether you are a designer, visual or sound artist, or writer, the need for a proposal is inescapable for all creative professionals. It is the key to locking the deal with your clients in an easy and professional way.


A creative person needs a creative introduction. Take a look at this guide that will help you to create an innovative and unique introduction presentation with high-quality PPT designs.


Pre-designed Creative Proposal Templates


Creative heads always keep any kind of paperwork or record-keeping as the last thing on their priority list. They like to invest their valuable time in more innovative and mind-stimulating activities than in administrative tasks. To save a creative mind from drowning in the ocean of insipid documentation, we offer these easy-to-customize creative proposal templates. 


In this blog, we will share two types of ready-made creative proposals. These are complete decks and single PPT Templates. We also offer three bonus presentation decks for designers.


 Let’s look into these hypnotic designs and understand how they can help grab clients!


1. Creative Service Proposal PowerPoint Presentation


Creative Service Proposal PowerPoint Presentation


This aesthetic-looking creative service proposal PPT Deck helps you influence and deliver an impactful brand message. Use this design to share the importance of your service in the growth of your client’s business. This all-inclusive presentation will help you discuss the project context, services, investment and packages, project schedule, and timeline. Phases in the project schedule such as creative discovery, competition analysis, concept rough sketch & presentation, revision of the plan, and finalizing the project are vital in giving your prospects the process overview.


Download this template


Presenting analytical information in a creative way is an art that every professional should know to make the business interesting. Use these creative and eye-catchy picture arts to create an easy-to-understand and eye-appealing PPT presentation of analytical data.


2. Creative Service Proposal A4 Documents Presentation


Creative Service Proposal A4 Documents Presentation


Our designers devise this A4 style design of the creative proposal to help artists present proposals in a compact yet comprehensive manner. The high-quality infographics, ocean green theme, and creative font of this PPT Design will help you make a stunning impression. It will add value to your proposal with its professional document report layout.


Download this template


Setting and running a creative (service) agency needs a lot of effort and funds. Raising funds is not that easy. You need the right tools like these presentation slides to bag funds and expand your creative agency.


3. Cover Letter Template For Creative Proposal


Cover Letter Template For Creative Proposal


A cover letter template holds great importance in your creative proposal. It will help you put the purpose of the proposal in a matter-of-fact manner and approach clients with ease. This sample cover letter template for a creative proposal is easy to customize and share with partners across any format of your liking.


Download this template


4. Project Context Creative Proposal Template


Project Context Creative Proposal Template


A project context slide is needed in a creative proposal presentation to present the key points of the project. Use this illustrative PowerPoint Template to share the gist of your project or service in your proposal. It will help you discuss the problem statement and solution.


Download this template


5. Our Service And Offerings Slide For Creative Proposal


Our Service And Offerings Slide For Creative Proposal


This slide will help a creative professional to enlist his/her valuable service and present them in an easy-to-understand manner. This sample template for the creative proposal includes a text column for 14 services. You can customize the number as per requirement. It also contains space to share images or a glimpse of your work.


Download this template


6. Pricing Model And Packages Template For Creative Proposal


Pricing Model And Packages Template For Creative Proposal


Sharing the pricing model in a creative proposal is essential to signal your professionalism. It helps the client know how cost-effective and relevant your professional creative services are. Use this pricing model sample PowerPoint Layout to present the cost of your service in a polished manner. 


Download this template


7. Project Schedule Template For Creative Proposal


Project Schedule Template For Creative Proposal


Use this PowerPoint Design to share a comprehensive schedule for completing the client’s project. Win business and client confidence with this presentation template that links the idea to its final execution. It will help you present the plan in phases like creative discovery, competition analysis, and project finalization.


Download this template


8. Project Timeline Creative Proposal Template


Project Timeline Creative Proposal Template


This presentation slide will help you inform the client about the expected timelines for project completion. You can add the period in terms of hours, days, weeks, or months in the pre-designed space in front of the project phase or step. This is important to give an estimate and hope about how soon your services will show the result in terms of the return on investment.


Download this template


9. Case Study For Creative Proposal Sample Template


Case Study For Creative Proposal Sample Template


Showcase your achievements as a creative professional and service provider in the form of case studies using this brilliantly creative PPT Template. This sample design gives you space to describe key details like the solution provided, delivery time, budget, and related images.


Download this template


10. Terms And Conditions Sample Template for Creative Proposal


Terms And Conditions Sample Template for Creative Proposal


Define terms and conditions in a strategic and elegant manner using this PPT Preset. Set clear service and payment guidelines, define contract fulfillment or termination rules, and describe the notice period and renewal conditions using this layout. You can even take the client’s digital signatures with names on this editable graphic.


Download this template


Sealing the Deal and Bonus Presentation Design Slides


1. Client Confirmation Template For Creative Proposal


Client Confirmation Template For Creative Proposal


Once the audience is informed about your creative service and related aspects like solutions you can provide to their problem, payment, timeline, terms & conditions, etc., it’s time to seal the deal. Take the help of this editable and printable PPT Template to capture the client’s signature and win business.


Download this template


2. Logo Designing Service Proposal PowerPoint Presentation


Logo Designing Service Proposal PowerPoint Presentation


This comprehensive proposal presentation deck will help you pitch your logo design service in a persuasive manner. Use this customized PPT Preset to share the services you offer, their custom prices, project timelines, and terms and conditions. Slides in this design come with high-quality infographics.


Download this template


3. Designing Service Proposal PowerPoint Presentation


Designing Service Proposal PowerPoint Presentation


The impressive design in the slide above will help you describe the wide range of services you offer in a simplified manner so that your prospect will understand it with ease. Mention the key problems and the solutions suggested by your skilled workforce in this pre-designed proposal presentation. Elucidate the pricing package you offer — hourly and customized packages — to persuade your client to choose the deal per their needs. Impress your clients with a clear outline of the phases in which the project will be executed; your proficiency in meeting deadlines and execution will give you tremendous recall value.


Download this template


4. Graphic Design Proposal PowerPoint Presentation


Graphic Design Proposal PowerPoint Presentation


Despite being the best in the market, many designers fail to find adequate work as they keep ignoring the relevance of a creative proposal. This ready-to-present graphic design proposal template is the right fit for a skilled and creative graphic designer who wants to bag clients with ease. Its excellent color scheme and editable content will help you portray your skills and abilities with an X-factor that your previous proposals might have lacked. This graphic-design PowerPoint Presentation is perfect for any individual or company looking to wow potential clients with a fine-crafted proposal that stands out from the rest. Help your clients recognize your value and potential with this creative proposal PPT Deck. 


Download this template


In Short


Having a professional proposal is important for a creative expert. It will increase the value of their work and the rate of success in grabbing new clients. A creative professional might lack this skill, and that’s fine. We are here to fill this glaring gap in your professional armory with our pre-designed and customizable creative proposal presentation templates and decks. Go grab them and get ready to show your worth to the world.


If you are still unable to find what you are looking for, do not hesitate to reach out to our presentation service team. They will help you in preparing a personalized proposal to meet your needs.


FAQs on Creative Service Proposal


1. How do you write a creative proposal?


Creative proposals are the tools to pitch your professional skills in a proficient manner. Although there is no standard format to write one, you can consider the following steps: 


  1. Conduct market research to find clients who need your professional creative services.
  2. Enlist potential clients and start drafting unique proposals for each.
  3. Add a cover letter with a summary of the proposal.
  4. Write project context — problem and solution.
  5. Pitch your services in a graceful manner.
  6. Share detailed prices and customized packages with clients.
  7. Prepare the project schedule (phases) and timeline (time taken to complete each phase).
  8. Add evidence of your work in the form of achievements and case studies.
  9. Include terms and conditions for payment, termination, and renewal of the contract.
  10. At last, it must include a client confirmation letter before starting work.


2. What is a creative proposal?


Creative proposals are the preliminary documents that creative experts to pitch their professional services to prospective clients. These proposals include details of services, problem-solution statements, packages, terms & conditions, and execution plans for the project. It is a necessity in today’s world as, without this pitch, most people who need your service will be unwilling to trust you and hand you that lucrative contract. In today’s commercial world, it signals that you can channel your creative talents to business needs and deliver to client expectations. It might not please purists, but a creative proposal actually signals the value of your creative energies. 


3. How do you design an attractive creative proposal?


Making a proposal attractive is an art that business professionals, be it on the creative side, must learn to master. An attractive proposal always helps in winning clients. Some skills that make your creative proposal more attractive and impressive are: 


  1. Use positive and engaging words. Keep the language simple and professional.
  2. Keep the proposal easy on the eye and mind by making it short and simple.
  3. In your proposal, focus on key problems and solutions your product or service can offer to the client.
  4. Outline the execution process and your Unique Selling Propositions (USPs) in the proposal in detail.
  5. Set realistic and achievable goals to avoid overcommitting or underdelivering.
  6. Break down the cost to every penny and help clients understand where you will spend the project budget.
  7. Add relevant images and infographics, and pay close attention to the design.
  8. Make sure to read and edit the proposal before submitting it.


4. What are the five steps in writing a business proposal?


The five steps or phases in writing a business proposal are:


  1. Market research and analysis.
  2. Understanding the problem and uncovering a solution to it.
  3. Run the test and analyze the results/impacts/benefits of the solution.
  4. Prepare an execution plan and a detailed budget for the implementation of the solution you offer.
  5. Write a proposal covering all key elements of a pitch. Remember, attention to detail is the key competence that creative people have. Showcase this in your proposal.


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