You will agree; very often, we forget the names of people or things, but can describe how these looked. This is for a reason. According to internet marketing agency Optimal Targeting, our brain processes visuals 60,000x faster than text.


In this world of ever-changing trends, logos have managed to stay true to their key task, of building BRAND VALUE and VALUABLE CUSTOMER CONNECTION. Logos form deep symbolic associations with people’s memories and emotions. For instance, thousands of Quick-Service-Restaurants (QSRs) make burgers, but the creative logo design, in the rounded M of McDonald’s on a golden arch, has a pull of its own.




If you are into Logo Designing Services, this blog will equip you with the best ways to showcase your skill, creativity, and credibility. The ultimate aim is to win clients. 


We offer world-class creative logo design proposal templates to help communicate your class and showcase your ability to drive business results for your clients, with the outstanding team you have. 


Want to create a visually striking overview about your team? Explore our ready-to-use templates to proudly present the key personnel manning your organization.


Start on the successful journey to win more clients with SlideTeam’s Top 10 Presentation Templates on Creative Logo Design Proposals. 

Let us explore these templates and work towards helping you grow your business, with logos that leave an imprint on your customers’/clients’ minds. All of these presentations are customizable.


Take advantage of our vision and mission templates to carve out a niche for yourself and stand out for the strength of your conviction. 


Top 10 Creative Logo Design Proposal Templates


Template 1: One-Pager Logo Design PPT Graphic

This A4 size PPT Template displays details/information in a crisp, clear and digestible format and is easy on the eye. It provides a comprehensive view of your offering to your audience with minimal effort. This One-Pager Logo Design PPT Graphic will save your precious time and help your key message hit home with your target audience.


one pager for logo design graphic company presentation report ppt pdf document wd


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Template 2: One-Pager Corporate Logo Design Template

Take a look at this Corporate Logo Design Proposal Slide. It is tailored to meet your specific needs; you just have to add a few client specifics when delivering the presentation before your clients. The presentation template also includes a lot of space to provide that uncluttered look. The amazing design and color choice acts as the bonus benefit.


one pager corporate logo design proposal template wd


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Template 3: Logo Design Proposal PPT Slides

This PPT Template allows you to showcase your technical expertise in an attractive and informative manner. This presentation template also assists you in showcasing the indispensable nature of your professional graphic design services. The areas touched upon are brand awareness, development, concept presentation, revisions, and delivery. Download this content-ready presentation template and convey your company's mission, vision, and goals; clearly and concisely.


primary logo design proposal powerpoint presentation slides wd


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Template 4: Corporate Logo Design Proposal PPT Slides

Exhibit your commitment and the extra mile you go for your clients in this pre-designed Corporate Logo Design Proposal PowerPoint Presentation Slides. You can create an engaging cover letter, pricing structure, timeline sand examples where you ensured your client got their money’s worth. Incorporate your terms and conditions as well to leave no room for confusion. Create a vast client base with a download of this attractive proposal.


corporate logo design proposal powerpoint presentation slides wd


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Template 5: Logo Designing Service Proposal

Here is a well- structured Logo Designing Service presentation template. The PPT Template makes it easy to create great-looking proposals in minutes. Just download our template, add your company data and submit to your client to get that YES call you desire.


logo designing service proposal powerpoint presentation slides wd


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Template 6: Proposal For Designing Corporate Logo PPT Slides

Employ this Proposal for Designing Corporate Logo PPT Slides to educate your audience about professional design services that your company renders. Pique their interest with cool designs/layouts and showcase the additional services offered. Download this presentation template and get talking with clients.


proposal for designing corporate logo powerpoint presentation slides wd


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Template 7: Logo Designing Service Proposal PPT Template

This presentation template is a completely user-friendly and addresses all your major pain-points when presenting before clients. The PPT Template provides a clear price structure, helping your clients decide whether they’re ready to sign a contract with you.


our packages for logo designing service proposal ppt powerpoint presentation wd


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Template 8: Next Step For Logo Designing Service Proposal PPT Slide

Here is a one-stage process PPT that the prospect can use to acknowledge your proposal and upgrade the relationship to a customer. The prospect can revert back with details and a signed copy of the contract provided for more communication. A download of this presentation template signals to your client that you know what success looks like, and can make him/her experience it as well.


next step for logo designing service proposal ppt powerpoint presentation wd


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Template 9: Project Context Work PPT Slide

Presenting the Project Context Work Proposal PPT Template. The presentation template has spaces to add specifics. It is a ready-to-use presentation template and states the agendas of the proposal. Download this one and start preparing for success.


project context work for logo designing service proposal ppt powerpoint wd


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Template 10: Project Schedule Proposal PPT Template

Here is the solution to showcase your efficiency and effectiveness with your explanation of the design process of creating logo design proposal templates. The slide allows you to emphasize transparency as a business value you treasure. The template is insightful and will you mark you out as master of the logo design business.


project schedule for logo designing service proposal ppt powerpoint presentation wd


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The Final Word: Fuse A Storyline into Logo Design


Remember, a good logo design proposal has a compelling narrative that people can relate to. Make sure your proposal evokes the right emotions. For the right start and ideas on logo design proposal, download our complete deck and express your purpose to awestruck clients.




PS: Taking the time to map your progress can help you optimize your business, retain current customers, and plan well. To get started, check out our awesome timeline PPT templates to keep tabs on your projects.


FAQs on Logo Design Proposal


What is a Logo Design Proposal?


A logo design proposal is a document that graphic or logo designers use to showcase their previous work and prove their expertise to handle another contract from prospective clients. It explains why the client would benefit from having you design their logo, describes the process, and provides a quotation for the job. The quotation could be changed, in favor of the customer or the design firm, based on the specifics of the job.


What is the purpose of a design proposal?


A design proposal is a document or a series of PPT slides that explain, in significant detail, your plan for a design project. Clients ask for this document to compare the value that designers offer. In a typical design proposal, the standard format has to be followed. Since design is the key service on offer, your best work that showcases this skill should be included in it.


Who should use a Logo Design Proposal?


You should use a logo design proposal if you are a logo designer, graphic designer or a digital marketeer. This is a key document that helps you both showcase your work and gain access to newer clients. It also helps you document your work for your own review, and helps you assess the general pace and trend of the industry. Logo designing is emerging as a key business, as corporations recognize the importance of creating and communicating their visual identity.


What must be included in a Logo Design Proposal?


A logo proposal is simple. It needs to include a description of the logo design process, the benefits of working with the proposal sender as a logo designer, the designer’s presentation of their work, testimonials and, most importantly, a price quote. Headers that you should always use in your logo design proposal are: Contact Information, Project Outline; Project Timeline; Pricing and Experience. Ensure that creativity and a sound understanding of the fundamentals of design are reflected in your own proposal. A pro tip is to amplify the efficiency and meaning of your designs and this meets the client’s key goals. It is an identity that is being created, so sensitivity to client demands is key. Make sure your proposal and presentation express this.


Download the free Creative Logo Design Proposal Templates PDF.