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Must-have Employee Datasheet Templates with Samples and Examples
Utsav Sinha

Utsav Sinha

March 21 2023
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Organizations are highly dependent on employee datasheets for managing company’s human resources and ensuring that accurate and up-to-date information is readily available for decision-making purposes. Employee datasheets comprises details about employees such as, their personal information like name, address, and contact information.  Employee data sheet also exhibits employee’s professional information like job title, department, date of hire, salary, and any benefits they may be entitled to. This makes it easier for organizations to keep track of their employees and manage them with ease. Not just that, employee datasheets also come in handy in case of emergencies when quick and accurate information is required.


Organizations are in constant look out for sheets where both the employees and management can access and update the datasheets. New joinees can fill out their datasheets at the time of joining. Similarly, resignees and closing counts are also tracked through these sheets. Consequently, attrition percent can also be accurately calculated using datasheet data.


Employee Datasheet PPT Template to Store Workforce Information


A great employee datasheet PPT Template is a valuable tool for any organization because it provides you with an overview of all the essential information about every employee in the company in an easy-to-understand format. Apart from employees personal and professional details, a typical datasheet also includes information about the employee's performance, attendance, and any disciplinary actions taken against them. This information is important for managing and tracking employee progress, ensuring compliance with labor laws and regulations, and making informed decisions regarding promotions, pay raises, and terminations.


Do you need an employee datasheet PPT Template that is both catchy and well-structured? SlideTeam brings you a collection of content-ready and custom-made PPT Templates to organize and manage employee information at one place. Deploy these must-have PPT Templates to scrutinize management shortcomings, work/life imbalances, opportunities, etc.


Want to track down the participation of your employees in an organized way? Check out this blog!


Template1: Month Datasheet of Employee Attrition PPT Template

It's no secret that employee attrition impacts a company's bottom line. But many organizations need to realize that tracking monthly data on employee attrition can be essential to reducing turnover.


By understanding the factors contributing to attrition, companies can change their policies and procedures to keep employees happy, engaged, and productive. Additionally, having a clear picture of when and why employees leave can help managers identify potential problem areas within the teams.  While there is no one-size-fits-all solution to reducing employee attrition, tracking monthly data is a good head start. By taking the time to understand why employees are leaving, companies can make the necessary changes to keep their best talent.


This content-ready PPT Template presents the month datasheet for employee attrition. It includes the number of employees who left the company in a particular month, reasons for resignation, the number of new hires, the number of existing employees, and the total number of employees.


This datasheet is a valuable tool for employers to track their employee attrition rate and create strategies to reduce or prevent employee departure.


Month Data Sheet of Employee Attrition


Download Now!


Template 2: One-pager Employee Datasheet Presentation PPT Template

SlideTeam’s one-pager employee data sheet presentation PPT Template comes with many benefits. The major advantage is that it can help keep your employee data organized and tidy. A Template can also ensure you include all the critical information you need on your one-pager. Additionally, this ready to use PPT Slide can help you create a professional-looking document to get a quick glance at your employee information.


With this actionable PPT Template, organizations can make notes about their employees and keep their information categorized in different sections. It is an ideal Template for any business, regardless of its industry to store and access important information about your employees, such as their names, contact details, biographical information, job title, work location, pay grade, and emergency contact information.


With this document, you can manage your team's data, allowing you to streamline processes and create a more efficient workplace. This employee datasheet Presentation Template is the perfect way to stay organized and on track. Additionally, this Template includes a section for the manager to fill in their comments and evaluate the employee's performance.


Furthermore, the confirmation section allows the manager and employee to sign off on any changes or agreements. Download this one-pager employee datasheet Template today to monitor and improve overall workforce planning and management.


One Pager Employee Data Sheet


Download Now!




Employee datasheets can help companies maintain accurate records, improve employee management, streamline payroll and benefits administration, and facilitate communication across the organization. Therefore, deploy SlideTeam’s content-ready and custom-made PPT Templates from the above collection and make informed decisions about promotions, transfers, and training opportunities.



FAQs on Employee Datasheet



What is an employee datasheet?


An employee datasheet is a document that contains detailed personal information about an employee, such as name, position, contact information, salary, and date of hire. It may also include education level, emergency contacts, medical information, and other pertinent data.


What is an example of employee data?


Here are some examples of the types of data that may be included in an employee datasheet:


  • Personal information: Name, address, phone number, email address, date of birth, social security number, emergency contact information.
  • Employment information: Job title, department, date of hire, start date, termination date (if applicable), employment status (full-time, part-time, temporary, etc.), work schedule, pay rate, salary history.
  • Performance information: Performance evaluations, disciplinary actions, training records, attendance records.
  • Benefits information: Health insurance enrolment, retirement plan participation, vacation time, sick leave, other leave taken.
  • Education and qualifications: Education level, certifications, professional licenses, relevant work experience, language skills.
  • Miscellaneous information: Any other relevant information about the employee that may be necessary for the company to maintain, such as their work preferences or special skills.


How do I create an employee data form?


Creating an employee data form involves the following steps:


  • Determine the Information to Include: An employee data form should include personal, employment, performance, benefits, education, and any other relevant information about the employee. Decide on the specific details you want to capture.
  • Choose a Template Consider using SlideTeam’s PPT Template to make the process easier.
  • Design the Form: Design the form to be user-friendly and easy to fill out. Organize the information into categories or sections and use clear and concise language.
  • Include Instructions: Provide clear instructions for how to complete the form. Explain what information is required and any rules or guidelines that need to be followed.
  • Test the Form: Before distributing the form, test it to ensure that it is functioning correctly and capturing all the necessary information.
  • Distribute and Collect the Form: Distribute the form to employees and collect it once it has been completed. Make sure to keep the forms in a secure location to protect the privacy of the employee data.
  • Update the Form: Regularly update the form as new information becomes available or when changes occur.

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