An employee newsletter serves as a platform for communication and engagement within organizations. They have been growing in popularity in the corporate world, and provide some unique benefits. Such newsletters assist corporations in crafting their own unique identity while boosting work integration within the organization. Companies also use such newsletters as one of the tools for building an inclusive and representative work culture that fosters employee productivity for the employee. 


Crafting such a newsletter from scratch is always an option, but for most businesses, the more accessible route to avail professional newsletters that they can dispense quickly, is with the aid of PPT Templates.


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In this blog, we’re going to take a dive into the must-have templates that you will have at your disposal when you design attractive-looking employee newsletters. These dashboards are all fully customizable, allowing you the advantage of re-designing them and reworking them as per your needs. Let’s begin. 


Template 1: Employee Newsletter to Deliver Quality Content

This PP Template is ideal for you if you want to establish crucial channels of communication with your employees, disseminating vital information while fostering staff engagement among the different teams. The slide is integrated with six phases – identify purpose, plan the process, collaborate, focus on content, and track and measure engagement. Use this pre-designed employee newsletter template to create engaging content that would serve to gain collaboration among corporate teams.


Employee newsletter to deliver quality content


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Template 2: Bifold One-Page Monthly Newsletter for Employees Presentation

Get this PPT Layout to avail a medium through which you can broadcast vital business updates while also covering key industry trends in your chosen market. The slide is packed full of information, and some of the subsections integrated into the slide are ‘announcements from HR’, ‘employee of the month’, ‘company news at a glance’ and ‘upcoming events.’ Also present is a message from the CEO. Deploy this template to bridge a vital connection gap between employees and the company heads through engaging and fruitful content. 


Monthly Newsletter


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Template 3: Bifold One Page Employee Update Newsletter Presentation

With the aid of this PPT Slide, you can now address a host of subjects within the corporate sphere in a systematic and organized manner. Some of the subheadings within the template include vision, mission, and thoughts from the CEO. A management update section and marketing update section also dispense much needed insights across the workplace, along with an HR update and project updates section as well. Use this template to instill purpose and a sense of collective vision among your employees while giving them lucrative content. 




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A well-crafted employee newsletter can provide a broader and more insightful vision of the corporate experience, giving employees engagement in the form of digital communication. Curate your own personalized internal newsletter with the aid of our pre-designed Employee Newsletter Templates, which come with unique and distinct layouts that align with different corporate settings and workspaces as needed.



FAQs on Newsletter


How to write an employee newsletter?


Here are a few steps on developing an employee newsletter:


  • Craft a strategy: Establish a clear objective and define the audience for the newsletter, while coordinating with the team to have the newsletter scheduled for release. 
  • Ensure collaboration between the teams: The newsletter would do well to draw from a great pool of talent that you have direct access to. Thus, make sure to weave all the different employee experiences into the product to reflect the vibrancy and diversity of your entire workforce. 
  • Utilize a template: There are many online tools that you can levy to your advantage, crafting a visually enticing and professional looking template. Use the customizable, professional templates provided by these online sources to design the newsletter. 
  • Revise as needed: Be sure to allow constructive feedback to come your way and use the advice and feedback you receive to further refine the product and revise the template for future releases.


What should an employee newsletter include?


An employee newsletter generally includes a blend of company-oriented as well as employee-oriented content that together makes for an informative, engaging reading experience. 


Here are some key ingredients that you need to incorporate into a well-crafted newsletter:


  • Company milestones: Share the achievements of the company, as well as the future challenges and goals. This helps to foster a sense of community within the organization and keeps the team members connected to the broader vision at play. 
  • Employee profiles: Make sure to underline the individual achievements of employees and reward them for it. 
  • Upcoming events: Alert your employees to the prospective events that are in store within the company in the days or weeks ahead.
  • Internal job openings: Discuss the new opportunities and job openings within the organization, thereby facilitating growth and progress within the organization.


What is the goal of an employee newsletter?


The principal goal of an employee newsletter would be to engage with your corporation's workforce in a platform that also serves to connect them and educate them on the pivotal corporate subjects. Here are some advantages of such a newsletter.


  1. It can help update employees on crucial company events, news, policies and more. 
  2. It can assist in educating your employees on industry practices, corporate trends and internal progress. 
  3. It facilitates a sense of cohesion within the workforce, helping to foment a sense of culture within the workplace. 
  4. It can serve as a crucial motivating factor within the company, assisting employees to advance their own profiles and attain their full potential.