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Top 10 Property Management Templates with Samples and Examples (Free PDF Attached)

Top 10 Property Management Templates with Samples and Examples (Free PDF Attached)

Sapna Singh

Sapna Singh

September 27 2022

From knocking on tenants’ doors to asking for money to automated responses on phones, we have progressed a lot in the business of property management. From using paper and pens to keep record, the industry today is deploying cloud-based mobile solutions, online property management software, and digital services, including blockchain technology, in some cases.


Today, companies in this domain handle a variety of property types, from single-family homes to vacation rentals, and so on. At a projected CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 9.8%, the industry is growing.


Property managers are now being hired to oversee the ongoing maintenance of real estate holdings and address any questions or issues that tenants might have. Being a part of these companies is taxing as you deal directly with prospects and tenants, market your rentals, collect rent, handle maintenance and repair respond to tenant complaints, and even pursue evictions. Phew, that really is a lot of work.


This is where SlideTeam comes to your rescue. This blog helps all stakeholders involved in this grand real estate market in better management of properties. Check out our facilities management templates to help you ease communication among stakeholders by outlining communication procedures between all departments.


Our best-in-class property management templates offers owners amazing real estate analysis insights and ways to make profit. The end-result is simpler and more efficient management of properties. The design and implementation of best practices also start making you more productive. The delivery of consistent quality service is also a given.


Our presentation templates offer more benefits than just saving you time and money. We prime your team on how to attract new residents, screening applicants, handling leases, assisting residents in moving in and out, and dealing with day-to-day maintenance and repairs.


Discover how real estate management systems are evolving. Click here.


If you have ever encountered any of these issues and need support to present your ideas in a professional, knowledgeable manner, explore our collection of presentation templates now!


Template 1: Commercial Real Estate Property Management PPT

Accelerate the success of your commercial property and achieve your business goals with the help of our expertly based PPT. Highlight your expertise by offering valuation and advisory services, capital markets, project management, as well as many other value-added services. Our progressive real estate PowerPoint Presentation Deck has the tools you need to make the most of your property, whether it's a complex transaction or a time-sensitive one. Use our land stakes templates to communicate the global market trends clearly and succinctly to business owners and investors. You can also discuss the growth factors in real estate dealing to help your clients make informed choices. Download this PowerPoint presentation to set a solid work foundation with an eye toward ensuring the asset’s profitability.


commercial real estate property management powerpoint presentation slides wd

Download now!


Template 2: Property Management Annual Report Sample Template

An annual report essentially summarizes the activities of a company during a fiscal year. Examining the financial statements and keeping track of the performance of the property’s finances are two of the most important tasks. Use this A4-sized PowerPoint Document Template. It conveys information in a way that is understandable, concise, and visually appealing. Our report will assist property management companies in giving stockholders an overview of their financial situation and real estate investment activities. Our section on core business helps you make an impact. Users can easily add or modify text to our annual reports. Get one today!


property management annual report sample pdf doc ppt document report template wd

Download now!


Template 3: Property Management PPT Template

Use our 15-slide PPT Deck to make a statement about the real estate sector. Whether you work for a major multinational corporation or a real estate company, management is the most crucial aspect of work strategy. The process of managing operations, taking charge of activities, and keeping an eye on the site’s condition is known as property management. Our presentation deck gives you three models of property management that you can pick upon.


The lead time, application, lease signing, tenant operation, lease end, and turnover are included in this detailed format. Additional features are shown on a different slide, along with leasing, repair and maintenance services, security deposits, and rent collection. Download this useful deck now.


property management powerpoint presentation slides wd

Download now!


Template 4: Customer Relationship Management in Property Management PPT

Being a property manager requires wearing many hats, so any help you can get is always welcome. Your property management company must deal with finding and tracking tenants, managing properties and rental contracts, collecting payments, performing maintenance, and other tasks due to the rising demands of today's rental market and the constantly changing nature of the world around us. Thankfully, you are no longer required to do all of this by yourself. Use this property management CRM deck to streamline lead generation, communications, contact management, and more. You can track pertinent sales opportunities, create touchpoints for each interaction with leads or tenants, and improve relationships with your vendors, business partners, and tenants. This 100% editable template covers all the important concepts with well suited graphics and subject driven content. Get access to this professionally designed complete deck by clicking the download button below and make things easier on yourself and your business.


customer relationship management in property management powerpoint presentation slides wd Download now!


Template 5: Property Management Dashboard PPT Template

A property management dashboard can give an overview of your portfolio while highlighting the critical management tasks and specific properties that need attention. Use this Property Management Dashboard Template to give a detailed report you need for the open items that require your attention. This professionally designed, ready-to-use PPT aids you in reporting on the key performance indicators that are crucial to your line of work. Get yourself one.


property management dashboard reconciliation ppt powerpoint presentation file show wd

Download now!


Template6: Property Management Application PPT Portfolio

Use this slide to organize your data, lower work-related chaos and duplication, and streamline property management workflows. All the essential components of your business, including leads, applications, lease signings, tenant operations, lease expirations, and turnover, are included in the template. This meticulously researched slide will present a thorough picture of the operations in an easy-to-understand manner. Download, personalize, and claim it as your own.


property management application ppt powerpoint presentation file portfolio wd

Download now!


Template 7: Real Estate Property Management Enhancement Plan

In property management, you need to continuously improve your processes so that you can maximize your results. Use the graphic from our property management enhancement plan to help decide where to start and where to focus your limited resources. This slide describes the present and ideal states of improving business processes for real estate projects. To guarantee that all Lead Detailed Analysis are Recorded in CRM, this well-structured and professionally designed plan includes Improvement Goal, Lead Management, Application Registration, etc. This PowerPoint presentation is immediately available and easily editable. Instantly download it to captivate your audience.


real estate property management process enhancement plan wd

Download now!


Template 8: Property Management Business Card Design Template

Whether you're the building manager, landlord, or handyman, make sure your residents know how to contact you by creating and distributing your own business cards. Create a standout business card by utilizing our polished layout, which was created by PowerPoint professionals. For a better user experience, it is readily downloadable and shareable in JPG, PDF, and PNG formats. Additionally, it uses top-notch graphics in its design to lower the chance of image pixilation. Grab one now!


property management business card design template thumbnail

Download now!


Template 9: Real Estate System Dashboard Snapshot

Use this pre-made dashboard to track and enhance the performance of your sales team. Automatically import the pertinent information for each agent into the slide. Choose from one of our many widgets to display your data in the most interesting way possible! This slide contains information about total revenue, monthly rent collected, the number of tenants and occupied units, among other things, and is useful for managing rental property. This well-organized PowerPoint presentation is available right away. Instantly download it to captivate your audience.


real estate system dashboard for rental property management

Download now!


Template 10: Best Practices for Intellectual Property Asset Management

An asset that cannot be replaced is intellectual property. Businesses can fully benefit from their investments in R&D, mergers, and acquisitions, and other strategic IP management initiatives. Use our in-depth PPT to highlight fresh concepts and discoveries by the company and to support your corporate R&D and innovation processes. The innovation, strategy, management, and maintenance are encouraged by this graphic. You can download this PowerPoint Presentation right away and edit it to your heart's content. Download right away to establish a foundation for thinking critically about upcoming technological trends.


best practices for intellectual property asset management wd

Download now!


Skills to Succeed

Hopefully, you now feel at ease and have a better option available. Any property can benefit from the expertise and experience of a property management company. The goo businesses in the domain can really ease your life. A truly excellent management company has every chance of helping investors save or profit more than their initial fee these charge. Use the templates to manage daily tasks. Additionally, addressing serious issues and meeting the needs of multiple stakeholders requires a holistic approach. Get in touch with us right away to request a demo or a free trial.


PS. Get Help With Managing Your Commercial Properties


These are just a few of the things that you can do to achieve success as a commercial property manager. For more information about commercial property management — or about property investment — reach out to these templates today.




What is property management?


A professional who manages real estate properties is known as a property manager. Property managers are in charge of supervising and managing commercial, industrial, and residential real estate properties on the behalf of the owners. They may work for a real estate company or run an independent operation. They manage routine tasks to upkeep the property to maintain its value and rent it out to make sure it makes money.


What are the types of property management?


A): Self-Storage Administration

A self-storage property manager, also referred to as mini-storage manager, typically oversees the day-to-day operations of a self-storage building. They may also put company policies into practice, inform tenants of policies, and set rent.


B): Commercial Property Management

Buildings that are leased or rented to other people, and are these are the ones responsible for the maintenance of these structures. They might also look after vacant land and deploy it to ensure that it can fetch some income. Usually, the ambit of commercial property management stretches to office buildings, industrial properties, retail storefronts, or even warehouses. Check out our exclusive blog on real estate investment.


C): Recreational Property Management

Resorts, RV parks, boat marinas, campsites, and other types of recreational properties fall under this category of recreational property management. In the specific cases of a resort or campsite, a recreational property manager might also provide accounting and advertising services.


D): Asset Management

It can also be used to refer to the management of tangible assets, though it is most frequently used in the financial sector. Similar to a real estate agent, asset management companies might be able to help get a property ready for sale and find buyers on your behalf.


What should be included in property management template?


The following should be included in a property management template:


  1. A cover letter (a brief introduction to your business and the advantages the client will experience working with you)
  2. An executive summary (a list of the specific services you provide and how they will benefit)
  3. A company profile (a detailed description of your business, along with references, honors, and other arguments in your favor
  4. The costs, and the property management agreement and process.


Download the free Property Management Templates PDF.

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