Customer Service is an important business activity. It is one of the fundamentals, which dictates whether the customer is willing to come to your business again, and engage with the value you offer.


Some of the world’s best companies and brands work hard to ensure that the customer returns to them every time. In fact, the philosophy guiding the strategies and tactics of world-beating businesses is to treat customer service as a revenue center than as a department where grievances are resolved or issues with products and services set right. Proactively work to ensure there are grievances appears to be the soul of this streategy.


Without an objective, customer service can just be a shot in dark. Learn how to set such objectives with a click here.


In customer service, businesses need to have to clear guidelines, bench marks and performance parameters to ensure that the customer always feels valued. In technical parlance, these are also referred to as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).


At SlideTeam, we resolve this major pain point of businesses through PPT Templates that describe an actionable way forward to ensure uniform KPIs across departments.


Our PPTs cover all KPIs in an aesthetic, pleasing manner so that these act as comprehensive, content-ready guides on the subject for all stakeholders.


A dashboard is the best way to understand numbers and their relation to customer behavior. Get such templates in this blog. 

Each of our ppt templates is 100% and customizable, providing structure, a starting point and the capability to tailor each presentation to audience profile.


Let’s explore.


Template 1 Customer Service KPIs PPT Template Bundles

This PPT Slide showcases a KPI dashboard for customer service. The idea is to evaluate the performance of call center agents and identify issues arising across communication channels. The dashboard’s key components are number of issues over the last one day; average time to close a customer complaint by channel; first-call resolution, daily average response time and top performing call agents. The PPT Template also showcases customer service improvement strategies with implementation results and two-year comparison of customer service KPIs. There is a slide on benchmark and actual progress, as well as tools measuring and tracking customer service KPIs. Dashboard on customer retention rate adds to the appeal of the package.


Customer Service KPIs


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Template 2 Customer Service KPI Sources with Improvement Strategies PPT Presentation Template

With email, phone and chat the three major modes of a customer service team engaging with the buyer, it is important that a business masters these in quick time. This PPT Template lists four major indices that signal how a business is at customer service. The indicators that users will find depicted on the slide are average response time, average resolution time, net promoter score and customer satisfaction score. The PPT also lists the strategies to improve under each of the channels or sources that enable better customer service.


Customer service KPIs sources with improvement strategies


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Template 3 Customer Service KPI dashboard with customer retention rate PPT Template

The PPT Slide showcases a KPI dashboard for customer service that can help organizations track the customer satisfaction score. The end aim of the exercise for the user, as the PPT also emphasizes, is to enhance customer loyalty with the improvement in product or service offered. Its key components are net promoter score, customer retention and support costs. Customer satisfaction rate over the past five days, and 90-day customer retention rate is beautifully depicted through graphs.


Customer service KPIs dashboard with customer retention rate


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Template 4 Identifying Customer Service KPIs to Monitor EduTech PPT 

Use this presentation template to understand covers customer service strategy and identifying KPIs to monitor that signal how one can measure the level of customer service. It includes metrices such as Customer Satisfaction Score, Net Promoter Score, Active and Resolved issues etc. The slide defines these as well. For instance, a KPI that the PPT tracks is called first contact resolution. It estimates how many customers will need to speak with your company more than once to find a solution.


Identify Customer Service KPIs to Monitor


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Template 5 Ecommerce KPIs to measure customer service strategies converted from traditional business strategy

With eight KPIs mapped to its description, measures, and target value, this PPT Template is the perfect solution for an ecommerce store to up its customer service game. With the tabular format, it becomes a breeze for ecommerce ventures to monitor where it is going. For instance, a KPI highlighted is Order Defect Rate (ODR). Using this presentation template, the user immediately knows that this is number of orders with defects, its measure is %, and its target value needs to be 2% or lower. Get it to see such a systematic depiction of ecommerce KPIs.


Ecommerce KPIs to measure customer service performance


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Template 6 Customer Service Dashboard to monitor KPIs Enhancing Customer Experience PPT File Microsoft

With this PPT Slide, one can showcase customer services dashboard to track relevant performance metrics. The major KPIs covered are customer satisfaction, average time to resolve problems, cost per support, customer retention, request volume etc. The template depicts average time to resolve issues in terms of vertical bar graphs and percentages; the customer satisfaction metric is a pie chart, and so on.


Customer service dashboard to monitor KPIs


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Template 7 Customer Service KPIs Metrics with Objectives PPT Presentation

You might know umpteen number of customer service KPI metrics, but until you can translate them into tangible behavior and verifiable objectives, nothing actually moves. This PPT Presentation helps you create KPIs with key objectives and strategies, which help in easier achievement of goals for all stakeholders. Users will find examples in this PPT Slide of KPIs, linked to objectives and targets. Take for example, cost per resolution per ticket, which needs to be $65; a key strategy could be to automate repetitive tasks, and the end-outcome could be $64, which is a good result for the business. 


Customer service KPIs metrics with objectives


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Template 8 Customer Service Journey Map with KPIs and Business Goals PPT Template  

Customer Journey and service are such great concepts in business and this PPT Template serves to integrate these for companies and enterprises. This slide depicts the five stages of the customer service journey map, such as awareness, consideration, decision, service, and loyalty. Each of these stages is mapped to customer action, touchpoints, customer experience, KPIs, business goals and team. This Layout depicts how business goals shift or change with each awareness stage. Want to know the specifics and implement this system in your business? Get the PPT Template now!


Customer service journey map with KPIs and business goals


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Template 9 KPIs to track in Customer Service Scorecard 

Users, especially brand managers, can use the KPIs depicted in this PPT Template to track the customer service rate of their organization for continuous improvement. The KPIs showcased are first response time, customer retention rate, customer satisfaction score etc. Each of these is studied against description, planned, actual (important to understand where the business is lagging), the deviation and the best practices. The slide lists the best practice to record a better first response time as the implementation of chatbot services.


KPIs to track in customer service scorecard


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Template 10 Real Estate Customer Service KPIs Marketing Plan for Real Estate Project 

Real estate is always a business that is in demand, and this PPT Template gives users a listicle of six key services and the way each is measured. This template aims to crystallize each of the major service parameters and translate it into actionable time-bound results. Some metrics listed on this slide is response time to incoming queries; following-up with home buyer clients on the types of homes they are interested in or informing them of new homes that have been built. Then, post-sales follow-up is also essential as if the selecting listing for clients, as per preferred demand.


Real Estate Customer Service KPI’s


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The relationship between a company and its customers is sacred and one where mutual admiration and respect has to the dominant flavor. Businesses take all the risk in starting a venture and offering what they, think, is value for customers. Yet, over time customer service starts flagging a bit, as the business gets sales and revenue. Yet, it will pay to always remember that without customers, there is no businesses. Yes, customers need the business to meet their needs, but without service there will be an eventual moving away from businesses.


Our PPT Templates, as depicted above, aim to help businesses master customer service KPIs to ensure their business continues to enjoy a stellar reputation. Growth in sales and profit is a given, then.


Customer support plan dictates how well you know the customer and the extent to which you want them to feel happy. Draw up the best such plans with a study of the blog here.