Canvas is a surface that artists use to pour the colors of imagination. Similarly, in the corporate sector, there is also a canvas that helps entrepreneurs (they are no less than artists) to map out the goals meticulously. In business language, the name is often referred to as "Business Model Canvas" and what a fancy term it is! Business Model Canvas is more likely to be a visual chart where associates plan out the new or existing business model. To be more precise, it assists entrepreneurs in figuring out the business-related problems. 


In this hyper-competitive market, entrepreneurs from all around the globe take the assistance of the business model canvas. It helps to organize and assess the entire business planning on a single-page. How amazing it is! From focusing on customer values to monitoring the overall revenue, business model canvas assists in all. 


Keeping in mind your uncountable strategies and desire to fulfill them, we have come up with our Top 20 Business Model Canvas Templates in PowerPoint PPT. Whenever an idea or concept pops out of your head, simply write it down in these slides. On top of it, these intuitively designed slides are fully editable. So, you can tailor the content as per your requirements. 


Let’s dive straight into the templates! 


Business Model Canvas Template in PowerPoint PPT  To Download and Use


Business Model Canvas Template 1:


Employ this professionally designed template to showcase various strategies to achieve your business goals. You can also use this template to portray the business concepts to your stakeholders. With this slide, you can explain to your employees on how to increase the revenue of a business. Also, the template is entirely editable so that you can tailor the content as per your needs.


Business Model Canvas Template 1

Download Company's Business Model Canvas


Business Model Canvas Template 2:


Take advantage of our intuitively designed template and succinctly describe its value proposition to your target audience. By utilizing this template, you can write down new ideas or opinions that drive your business performance in the marketplace. Create an engaging presentation and deliver it to your employees, explaining the key elements of your business.


Business Model Canvas Template 2

Download Enterprise Model Canvas


Business Model Canvas Template 3:


Incorporate this template and showcase the issues that make your business lack behind from your competitors. Also, you can make a presentation on how to resolve the business-related problem and move a step ahead of your business rivals. The slide consists of high-grade icons with which you can make your presentation even more creative. 


Business Model Canvas Template 3

Download Business Model Canvas Customer Segments


Business Model Canvas Template 4:


By using this easily accessible template, you can list out your key partners, key activities, value propositions, customer relationships, customer segments, etc. You can put down your plans and show it to your fellow associates that make your business operations successful. 


Business Model Canvas Template 4

Download Business Model Canvas Value Propositions


Business Model Canvas Template 5:


Take the help of this template to portray the ideas of your employees. Also, this slide can be used to concentrate on increasing your customer base and market value in the industry. Deliver a knowledgeable presentation and shine before the audience by employing this visually-attractive slide.


Business Model Canvas Template 5

Download Business Model PowerPoint Presentation Slide


Business Model Canvas Template 6:


Use this template and discuss your organizational model to the clients and leave a remarkable impression on them. You can use advanced features and highlights present in the slide to make your presentation even more appealing.


Business Model Canvas Template 6

Download Business Model Canvas PowerPoint Presentation


Business Model Canvas Template 7:


This pre-designed template helps you in highlighting the various business key factors. With the aid of this template, you can strategize on how to serve the needs of your customers. Use different colors and fonts to add a modern touch to your information.


Business Model Canvas Template 7

Download Business Model Canvas PowerPoint


Business Model Canvas Template 8:


Tweak the content as per your convenience by utilizing our engaging business model canvas template. The slide has been designed professionally by our experts, keeping in mind your needs and requirements. 


Business Model Canvas Template 8

Download Business Model Canvas Presentation


Business Model Canvas Template 9:


Create different models for every activity of your business by employing our interactive template. This will help you in identifying your business objectives and goals separately. The lucrative designs present in the slide will make your presentation more recognizable. 


Business Model Canvas Template 9

Download Business Model Canvas Outline


Business Model Canvas Template 10:


Introduce the numerous business processes and concepts to your viewers with the help of our beautifully designed template. In this template, you can state the points that assist in enhancing the customer value proposition. Work proficiently and meet your desired goals by using this business model canvas template.


Business Model Canvas Template 10

Download Business Model Building Blocks


Business Model Canvas Template 11:


Take advantage of this template and design a perfect ecosystem business model that holds the attention of your spectators. You can use different colors to add more beauty to your presentation. Keep your information intact by utilizing our ready-to-use business model canvas template. 


Business Model Canvas Template 11

Download Business Model Regulations


Business Model Canvas Template 12:


Explain in brief the strategies that help you in growing your customer base. Incorporate this template and deliver an eye-catching presentation on how to make your business service more qualitative. This stunning slide comes up with ample space where you can write down the methods to monetize your business. 


Business Model Canvas Template 12

Download Business Model PPT PowerPoint Presentation


Business Model Canvas Template 13:


Map out new concepts and nurture your business efficiently with the aid of this creatively designed business model canvas template. You can circle out new methodologies and raise your business standards by using this go-to template. 


Business Model Canvas Template 13

Download Business Model Innovation


Business Model Canvas Template 14:


Design a systematic plan that helps you achieve your long-term goals. With the aid of this template, you can also organize your business operations effectively that leaves the viewers stunned. 


Business Model Canvas Template 14

Download Business Model Archetypes


Business Model Canvas Template 15:


Showcase the upcoming targets to your staff members by utilizing our professionally designed business model canvas template. Set your plans and reach out to the goals easily with the help of this template. The slide consists of attractive diagrams with which you can make your information visually appealing. 


Business Model Canvas Template 15

Download Business Model Design


Business Model Canvas Template 16:


Discover the fundamentals of business processes with the help of our eye-catching template. Utilize this template to highlight the benefits of the products and services you offer to your customers. Bring your presentation to life by using this business model canvas slide.


Business Model Canvas Template 16

Download Business Model Diagram PowerPoint Presentation


Business Model Canvas Template 17:


Demonstrate your business model to the investors that help in increasing the viability of your organization. The slide is fully editable, so you can easily adjust the diagram and put the information wherever you need it. 


Business Model Canvas Template 17

Download Business Models Workforces


Business Model Canvas Template 18:


Deliver an outstanding presentation to your employing showcasing the advantages of new methods and business techniques. The slide includes a different color-coding system with which you can make your presentation even more creative. 


Business Model Canvas Template 18

Download Business Model Template


Business Model Canvas Template 19:


Bring the employee’s attention to the sales performance and revenue distribution by incorporating this easily accessible business model canvas template. There are various themes and graphics present in the slide that make your presentation more interesting.


Business Model Canvas Template 19

Download Business Model Development


Business Model Canvas Template 20:


Keep track of your organizational activities with the aid of this visually-attractive business model canvas template. With the help of this template, you can easily communicate with your team about how to increase the economic value of the organization.


Business Model Canvas Template 20
Download Business Model Framework


Instead of falling behind, buckle up, and make your business a profitable one by downloading our Top 20 Business Model canvas Template in PowerPoint PPT.