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Top 5 Brand Story Templates with Samples and Examples

Top 5 Brand Story Templates with Samples and Examples

Sapna Singh

Sapna Singh

January 25 2023

Products are made in a factory, but brands are created in the mind,” said Walter Landor, renowned brand designer and founder of Landor Brand Consulting.


A brand, as the single most important investment that a business or a company can make, requires a powerful story to be told and spread and etched in the minds of consumers. Remember, Red Bull gives you wings ads? Such deep engagement with the audience flipped the script for the brand, creating a sensational business result. Huggies, GoPro, Apple, Nike, Spotify, Uber, and other brands have all tapped into the power of brand storytelling.


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The forging of a relationship with consumers has helped these brands’ efforts to boost sales, raise brand awareness and enhance customer loyalty. In fact, these brands are now part of consumers’ daily lives. Emotional relationships are made, which in turn foster trust and result in financial success for the business. Determining how to create a brand story that is specific and unique to you and your business is vital.


This blog will help you craft a compelling brand story for every interaction your customers have with your company. SlideTeam's unique Top 5 Brand Story Templates will assist you in finding the most effective ways to entice, engage, and encourage people to build a relationship with your brand.


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Use these PPT Templates to begin your journey to reflect your brand —and align it with your long-term goals — quickly and easily. The 100% customizable nature of the templates provides you with the desired flexibility to edit your presentations. The content ready slides give you the much-needed structure.

Create great stories that are waiting to be told with SlideTeam’s world’s best PPT Templates! 

Template 1: Brand Story Launch Plan PPT

Create a strong brand value with detailed steps as outline in this PPT Presentation. Use it to demonstrate a storytelling framework on how to launch a successful brand. This template is a masterclass in writing a brand story that you must exhibit as a prowess of your creative energies. It starts with brainstorming ideas for stories, gathering customer feedback, identifying a main character, analyzing the main character's goals and desires, adding a source of conflict, making it entertaining, and so on. Employ these pointers to create a brand story that will resonate with your target audience. Get it now!


How To Write A Brand Story Brand Launch Plan How To Make A Powerful First Impression


Download this template


Template 2: Brand Story Example-Google Template

Build brand identity with audiences through content. Use this PPT Template to cover a Google brand story example. This slide is ideal for businesses to develop user personas and brand values. Guidelines provided include key brand differentiator elements such as the story act and its secret. As a bonus, we include Google’s Parisian love commercial in the presentation to explain how brands should communicate their brand story. Use the template to generate ideas on how to show the audience the impact your service or product has on their lives. Download now!


Brand Story Example Google Brand Launch Plan How To Make A Powerful First Impression


Download this template


Template 3: Brand Communications Strategy with Story and Customer Persona PPT

Do you need to create brand messaging that your target audience can relate to? Use this PowerPoint Template to create a strong brand communication strategy for maximum brand exposure. This slide will help your business identify best ways to share your brand's core message and slogan, along with ways to optimize resources across channels. It comprises a user-centered strategy and strategic branding elements such as social media, campaigns, and demographics to create a brand identity that penetrates hearts and minds and shapes target customers' perceptions. Save it now!


Brand communications strategy canvas with story and customer persona


Download this template


Template 4: Story Model for Brand Narrative Development PPT

A compelling brand narrative is one of the most effective brand differentiators. Use this PPT Template to create a narrative model for your business to develop your brand identity. The five major stages of the model are: Define, effects, needs, problem, and solution. Employ the presentation to develop a brand value proposition statement and a marketing framework. With this download, establish a framework for your brand narrative that will educate, enthrall, and motivate stakeholders. Download now!


Story model for brand narrative development


Download this template


Template 5: Quarterly Digital Marketing and Brand Storytelling Roadmap PPT

Accelerate the digital transformation of your company with the use of this PPT Template to create a quarterly digital marketing roadmap to work on customer aspirations. This slide will help you determine your specific target audience (buyer persona), business goals, and an appropriate brand value proposition, all elements that must be included in your marketing plan. Use the roadmap to divide your annual plan into productive, focused 90-day segments to maximize the business impact of digital initiatives. Get it now!


Quarterly digital marketing and brand storytelling roadmap process


Download this template




Strengthen your brand identity

Brand stories are the secret sauce that makes a company inspirational and creates an emotional connect with its customers. This enables you to turn your clients into devoted brand advocates who contribute to the creation, growth, and development of the company's story. Use SlideTeam's PowerPoint Templates to capture your brand elements. It will help your company highlight its USP and generate new customers.


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1. What is a brand story template?

A brand story template serves as a road map for explaining goals and mission of your business. This assists you in developing a narrative structure that encapsulates your brand’s background, purpose, and values. Businesses can use the framework to increase the chances of upsell, develop brand loyalty, and form emotional relationships with their customers. A custom-built template transforms the brand of your company into a story. It provides details about your business, your customers, the challenges, solutions, and the satisfying result your customers experience.


2. What are the key elements of a brand story?

Brand stories elicit emotional responses from customers. It promotes greater consumer loyalty, revenue growth, and brand visibility. The following are its five basic elements:

a) Consistency and authenticity: Brands must offer their stories with consistency and authenticity. Sharing the brand's history, evolution, future objectives, commitment to giving back, core values, and key goods and services aids in the development of the brand's strategic position in the market. This makes it easier for customers to connect.

b) Understanding your audience: When creating your brand story, have a clear understanding of your target audience. Knowing essential information about your audience and what they are searching for in your product or service can help you customize your brand narrative.

c) Communicating with data: Vivid, or significant details/data strengthens the veracity of the narrative. Your brand story should interpret it creatively to make stories credible, engaging your audience, and converting them into buyers, all at the same time.

d) Develop a relatable brand persona: A relatable brand persona encourages the audience to put themselves in the character's situation to comprehend the problems and the brand's superior answers.

e) Involvement in the community: Businesses must use brand stories to strengthen consumer relationships. The use of social media networks to respond to feedback and connect with customers will encourage a healthy relationship with your customers.


3. How do you write a brand story?

A brand story is an important part of marketing. Steps to writing an effective brand story are:

a) Determine your target audience: Businesses should list the key demographics of their ideal customer to craft a narrative in line with your goals.

b) Define your mission and brand personality: This will assist the company in establishing a clear line of communication and interaction with its customers. A well-structured narrative will distinguish the company in the marketplace, assisting in the identification of a brand's personality and voice.

c) Identify the problem you resolve: It allows customers to comprehend your brand's solutions to the challenges they face. This will increase the impact of your story.

d) Create a relatable and authentic brand story: Businesses should focus on creating a brand story that easily connects with customers. These narratives should be brief and to the point for customers to grasp the complexities of the story.

e) Iterate and test with an audience: The business should be able to incorporate internal and external feedback into the draft after subsequent testing. This procedure will help implement necessary changes.



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