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PowerPoint presentation slides

SlideTeam presents Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning Powerpoint Presentation Slides. This complete deck is replete with 98 PPT templates. Each PowerPoint slide is made up of 100% modifiable design elements. Customize text, font, colors, shapes, orientation, patterns, and background. Convert the file format into PDF, PNG, or JPG as and when suitable. Use Google Slides for easy access. It is compatible with standard and widescreen resolutions.

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Content of this Powerpoint Presentation

Slide 1: This slide introduces Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning PowerPoint Presentation Slides. State your Company name.
Slide 2: This slide displays Table of Content of the presentation.
Slide 3: This slide displays Table of Content.
Slide 4: This slide gives Introduction of AI
Slide 5: This slide shows Artificial Intelligence Transforming the Nature of Work, Learning, and Learning to Work
Slide 6: This slide depicts Introduction to AI Levels?
Slide 7: This slide shows Types of Artificial Intelligence containing Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence.
Slide 8: This slide describes Artificial Intelligence.
Slide 9: This slide describes Machine Learning
Slide 10: This slide depicts Deep Learning
Slide 11: This slide shows AI VS Machine Learning VS Deep Learning
Slide 12: This slide describes Where is AI used?
Slide 13: This slide shows AI Usecase in HealthCare
Slide 14: This slide represents AI Use Cases in Human Resource
Slide 15: This slide shows AI in Banking for Fraud Detection
Slide 16: This slide displays AI in Supply Chain.
Slide 17: This slide showcases Ai Chatbots in Healthcare
Slide 18: This slide explains Why is AI booming now?
Slide 19: This slide depicts 10 AI Trend in 2020
Slide 20: This slide showcases Machine Learning.
Slide 21: This slide shows Machine Learning.
Slide 22: This slide highlights 7 Steps of Machine Learning.
Slide 23: This slide compares Machine Learning with Traditional Programming
Slide 24: This slide describes How does Machine Learning Work?
Slide 25: This slide shows Machine Learning Algorithms.
Slide 26: This slide shows Machine Learning Use Cases.
Slide 27: This slide describes How to Choose Machine Learning Algorithm
Slide 28: This slide showcases Why use Decision Tree Machine Learning Algorithm?
Slide 29: This slide describes Challenges and Limitations of Machine learning.
Slide 30: This slide shows Application of Machine Learning
Slide 31: This slide describes Why is Machine Learning Important?
Slide 32: This slide showcases Deep Learning.
Slide 33: This slide describes What is Deep Learning?
Slide 34: This slide explains Deep Learning Process
Slide 35: This slide describes Classification of Neural Networks
Slide 36: This slide showcases Types of Deep Learning Networks
Slide 37: This slide represents Feed-forward Neural Networks
Slide 38: This slide presents Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs)
Slide 39: This slide shows Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN)
Slide 40: This slide shows Reinforcement Learning
Slide 41: This slide displays Examples of Deep Learning Applications
Slide 42: This slide explains Why is Deep Learning Important?
Slide 43: This slide presents Limitations of Deep Learning
Slide 44: This slide shows Difference between AI vs ML vs DL
Slide 45: This slide shows Difference between AI vs ML vs DL
Slide 46: This slide explains AI.
Slide 47: This slide explains ML. Machine Learning is a type of AI that enables machines to learn from data and deliver predictive models.
Slide 48: This slide explains Deep Learning.
Slide 49: This slide shows Machine Learning Process
Slide 50: This slide presents Deep Learning Process
Slide 51: This slide depicts Difference between Machine Learning and Deep Learning
Slide 52: This slide shows Which is better to start AI,ML or DL?
Slide 53: This slide shows Supervised Machine Learning
Slide 54: This slide displays Types of Machine Learning.
Slide 55: This slide explains What is Supervised Machine Learning?
Slide 56: This slide explains How Supervised Machine Learning works
Slide 57: This slide shows Types of Supervised Machine Learning Algorithms
Slide 58: This slide presents Supervised vs. Unsupervised Machine Learning Techniques
Slide 59: This slide displays Advantages of Supervised Learning
Slide 60: This slide shows Disadvantages of Supervised Learning
Slide 61: This slide shows Unsupervised Machine Learning
Slide 62: This slide explains Unsupervised Learning.
Slide 63: This slide explains How Unsupervised Machine Learning works
Slide 64: This slide explains Types of Unsupervised Learning
Slide 65: This slide shows Disadvantages of Unsupervised Learning
Slide 66: This slide depicts Reinforcement learning
Slide 67: This slide explains What is Reinforcement Learning?
Slide 68: This slide explains How Reinforcement Learning Works?
Slide 69: This slide depicts Types of Reinforcement Learning
Slide 70: This slide shows Disadvantage of Reinforcement Learning
Slide 71: This slide presents Back Propagation Neural Network in AI
Slide 72: This slide shows Back Propagation Neural Network in AI
Slide 73: This slide explains Artificial Neural Networks.
Slide 74: This slide describes Backpropagation Neural Networking
Slide 75: This slide explains Why We Need Backpropagation?
Slide 76: This slide explains Feed Forward Network.
Slide 77: This slide shows Types of Backpropagation Networks
Slide 78: This slide shows Best Practice Backpropagation
Slide 79: This slide shows Expert System in Artificial Intelligence
Slide 80: This slide depicts Types of Deep Learning Networks
Slide 81: This slide presents Examples of Expert Systems
Slide 82: This slide describes Characteristic of Expert System
Slide 83: This slide explains Components of the Expert System
Slide 84: This slide shows Conventional System vs. Expert System
Slide 85: This slide shows Human Expert vs. Expert System
Slide 86: This slide shows Benefits of Expert Systems
Slide 87: This slide explains Limitations of the Expert System
Slide 88: This slide explains Applications of Expert Systems
Slide 89: This is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning PowerPoint Presentation Slides Icons Slide
Slide 90: This slide reminds of coffee break.
Slide 91: This slide is titled as Additional Slides for moving forward.
Slide 92: This slide displays Bar Chart with products comparison.
Slide 93: This slide shows Stacked Line chart With Markers
Slide 94: This slide displays Agenda.
Slide 95: This slide shows Timeline process.
Slide 96: This slide depicts Circular Diagram
Slide 97: This is Venn slide.
Slide 98: This is Thank You slide with Contact details.

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