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3C analysis
15 Best 3C Analysis Model Templates To Give Your Project A Successful Start

15 Best 3C Analysis Model Templates To Give Your Project A Successful Start

Kritika Saini

Kritika Saini

February 26 2021

Every business organization that has envisioned itself to reach the highest peak recognizes its most critical asset - the customer, one with needs and wants. But is that enough? No! Organizations have to develop a unique competitive advantage, differentiating them from the competition and offering the customers what they do not get from others. 


Think of this as an example —Your company is fantastic at building customized software for insurance brokers. There is a large group of insurance brokers who want software to help them become more successful. And your company is the only source available. A great strategy, right? But it is not practical as such. So to deal with the non-fictional business scenarios overwhelmed with competition, there are several sophisticated strategy models. But the one that cuts to the chase is the 3C analysis model. 


What is 3C Analysis? 


The 3C analysis model was sculpted by Kenichi Ohmae, a Japanese corporate strategist. This industry model was based on the popular philosophy accepted by the Japanese business class called “Hito-Kane-Mono” which means people, money, and things. When these three vital resources are in deep sync, corporate management can be modernized efficiently. 


The focal point of the 3C model is on the company, customers, and competitors. This three-variable model is very lucrative for marketers. The variables are interlinked and tap into opportunities to create a competitive advantage while drafting a marketing plan.


Let us delve into an in-depth analysis of the constituents of the 3C model. 


1. Company: Ohmae advised creating a strategy that puts goals ahead of your competition by channeling your company’s unique strengths. And in doing this, it is paramount to understand your current reputation and position. You can apply backward integration methods; outsource work; or convince shareholders/investors. Focus on these key functional areas to make better and informed decisions. 


2. Customers: The customers are the key value drivers and an integral part of any business. In this constituent, you will have to focus on studying the market and customer segments. You can segment the target audience by objectives, customer coverage, and market factors. 


3. Competitors: Lastly, study the strength and weaknesses of the competitor’s strategies to measure their performance against yours. You can consider all possible competitive differentiation sources such as customer service experience, sales strategy, marketing, design, packaging, purchasing, engineering, and manufacturing. 


The main agenda behind the 3C model is to fulfill the requirements of customers and stakeholders in an organization. So let us explore the 15 best 3C analysis templates to strengthen your company’s strategies and create sustained competitive advantage. 

Template 1

3C analysis has been used as a strategic business model for many years. This template can be used to find the key success factor and create a viable strategy. So download this template and utilize it to lay a productive business analysis.


3c Model For Effective Business Analysis

Download 3c Model For Effective Business Analysis

Template 2

You can employ this template design to showcase the three constituents of the 3C analysis. Besides, it is easy to edit. Therefore, download it and capitalize on your organizational strengths.


Key Constituents Of 3c Business Analysis Model

Download Key Constituents Of 3c Business Analysis Model

Template 3

3C model takes the approach capabilities as an analytical framework for the design and evaluation of social innovations. This template includes three constituents - core, capability, and capacity. So download and use it to design a proactive business strategy.


3c Model For Company Capabilities Include Key Attributes

Download 3c Model For Company Capabilities Include Key Attributes 

Template 4

This well-crafted template explains the customer segment of the 3C analysis model. It is an easy-to-edit design and can be included in any presentation. Therefore, download it immediately to initiate a perennial strategy smoothly. 


Customer Management 3C Model Includes SegmentsDownload Customer Management 3c Model Includes Segments 

Template 5

In marketing, the 3C model is highly used for analysis and self-classification purposes. The template exhibits that all these elements are critical for strategic positioning in the market. So download and use it right away!


3C Of Marketing For Analysis And Self Classification

Download 3c Of Marketing For Analysis And Self Classification

Template 6

This is yet another example of the 3C framework to pay vital attention to all three Cs. The template will help you find struggle areas and the exact root cause of the problem. Therefore, download it straightaway to impress your audience.


3C Framework With Customer And Company Analysis

Download 3c Framework With Customer And Company Analysis

Template 7

Use this template to show your employees how they can generate long-term profits and experience high growth rates. This slide guarantees transparency and precision. So download it and distinguish your company from the competitors.


3C Competitor Company Customer Mediates Coordination 

Download 3c Competitor Company Customer Mediates Coordination

Template 8

Drive a profitable marketing campaign for your company by using this impressive template design. Showcase the 3 Cs of online marketing (content, context, and channel) and captivate your audience efficiently. Download and edit it conveniently.


3C Marketing Campaigns Business Management 

Download 3C Marketing Campaigns Business Management Model

Template 9

Introduce and manage change in your organization by using this business analysis template. The template is crafted by our creative team of professionals. Therefore, download to identify and articulate the change quickly.


3c Analysis Model For Business Assessment 

Download 3c Analysis Model For Business Assessment

Template 10

Pricing is the art of translating the value of a product into quantitative terms. Therefore, maximize profits and shareholder value by incorporating this 3C analysis model in your company’s product pricing presentation. Download and easily relate to your audience. 


3c Model For Product Pricing Analyzing

Download 3c Model For Product Pricing Analysing At Three Parameters

Template 11

It is a must for small business owners to develop goal-oriented business strategies. Use this 3C analysis business model to develop organization-wise strategies for different departments (such as marketing, production, and more). So download easily by clicking the link below. 


Strategic Business Model For 3c Analysis

Download Strategic Business Model For 3c Analysis

Template 12

Every business reaches a point where it demands expansion and seeks different options to generate more profits. This well-designed template will help formulate a kick-start marketing strategy. So download and edit as per your knowledge.


3c Analysis Model For Business Growth

Download 3c Analysis Model For Business Growth

Template 13

The primary objective of this 3C model template is to point out ways through which a business strategist can ensure that their business is going forward successfully. Therefore, download and use it to protect your organization from loss of communication and cooperation.


3c Model For Business Situational Analysis

Download 3c Model For Business Situational Analysis

Template 14

This 3C analysis template is designed to help the presenter share his thoughts on the competitor-based marketing strategies. This template includes a well-structured layout and can be downloaded as per your preference. 


3c Analysis Model With Customer And Competitions

Download 3c Analysis Model With Customer And Competitions

Template 15

Strategists can use this visually appealing template to create a combination of long and short-term strategies. This slide is easy to understand and acts as an ideal tool for exchanging information. 


3C Analysis Model Example Of PPT

Download 3c Analysis Model Example Of PPT

In a nutshell

Do not let your business strategies take a wrong turn! Consider 3C analysis as a holy grail towards earning success. Thousands of well-established firms and new start-ups abide by this industry model. So take advantage of the innovative templates included in the blog and achieve your business goals effortlessly. 


Did you know the 3C approach can also be used to devise a top-notch one-page marketing plan? Find out how in our blog.

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