Remember the “Ice Bucket Challenge” in 2014? All around the world, people were dumping buckets full of ice water on their heads and committing to donating money for a good cause. It went from a fundraising campaign to a viral Internet sensation in no time. Over 17 million people, including Bill Gates and former US President George W Bush, uploaded videos on YouTube. The money raised through the challenge was used to fund research and development of drugs over a two-year period. In another instance, the Concert for Ukraine gathered stars ranging from Camila Cabello to Tom Odell to raise more than £12 million in critical funds for war-torn Ukraine.


Normally, these types of gigs or fundraising events take months to plan; the better you prepare, the more successful your round of collections will be. Maintaining strict deadlines can ensure that your fundraising project runs smoothly and that you stay on track with your strategy. That is why you must identify key dates or create a Fundraiser Timeline.


Fundraiser Timelines will assist you in looking at your entire year and listing key dates for activities and gatherings that are on record. Simultaneously, these timelines also assist you in looking ahead to secure a partner (or partners) with the desire and ability to invest in your business.


This blog will assist you in taking your fundraiser to the next level. It provides you with information on how to create a fundraiser timeline to organize your tasks, adjust their lengths to reflect the amount of time allotted, and then attach milestones to track their progress. We, at SlideTeam, have compiled a list of the Top 10 Fundraiser Timeline Templates to help you identify funding opportunities, organize your time, allocate resources and ensure that deadlines are met.


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These amazing PPT Templates can be used to create a timeline of what steps to take in the months, weeks, and days leading up to and following your event.


Use SlideTeam's world-class PPTs to plan your multi-step, multi-month fundraising event!


Template 1: Roadmap for Successful Fundraiser Event Organizer PPT

Fundraising generates revenue for charitable organizations, allowing them to support a cause, inspire and raise awareness. Use this pre-made PPT Template to create a road map to guide your fundraising efforts. It outlines your fundraising goals and how you plan to achieve these. This personalized template includes stages and activities such as Set up, Promote, Remind, Inspire, Thank, and Engage to help you stay organized. This PowerPoint Presentation serves as a useful guide for everyone involved in your fundraising efforts to understand what is expected of them and the plan of action.


Roadmap for Successful Fundraiser Event Organizer


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Template 2: Timeline Investment Fundraising Post IPO Market PPT

An IPO allows a company to raise equity capital from the public rather than accredited investors (such as angel investors/venture capitalists) and/or early investors. Use this pre-made PPT Template to fast-track your company’s growth. This ready-to-use illustration can be used to specify a time frame for purchasing additional shares following the initial public offering (IPO) date. This makes acquisition deals (share conversions) easier and increases the company's exposure, prestige, and public image, which can help sales and profits.




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Template 3: Fundraising Webinar Annual Advertising Schedule Timeline

Create and stick to a solid year-end fundraising marketing plan to help your organization meet its year-end fundraising goals. Use this pre-designed PPT Template to capitalize on timing to inspire your support base, set fundraising goals, and reach campaign milestones. This customized template includes a monthly activities timeline to help you target more donors, increase event success rates, gain more sponsorship, and ensure the success of your end-of-year giving campaign. Use this fundraising annual advertising schedule with the right checklist to increase the purse you collect this season and finish the year on a strong note.


Fundraising Webinar Annual Advertising Schedule Timeline


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Template 4: Timeline Showing Fundraising Events of a Startup Template

Securing a new funding round is a watershed moment for startups. To ensure the success of your fundraising campaign, use this pre-made PPT Template to create a detailed strategic plan. This well-organized timeline depicts the process of a startup's life in stages such as Personal Funding, Pre-Seed Funding, Product Crowdfunding, Angel Investment, Series Funding, and IPO. This is an easy-to-edit and creative PowerPoint template for persuading an experienced investor that your team has the capacity to develop a next-generation product or service.


Timeline Showing Fundraising Events of a Startup


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Template 5: Chronological Timeline of Fundraising Events of a Start up

With the help of this PPT Template, assess where your startup stands and how much funding you can raise from outside sources. This template displays information on five stages of the process chronologically, including Angel Investment, Product Crowdfunding, Personal Funding, Series Funding, and Pre-Seed Funding, to demonstrate the startup’s USP, traction. Use this template to showcase how a startup gains the poise to generate positive return on investment. Use these expert tips to improve your startup fundraising strategy and timeline.


Chronological Timeline of Fundraising Events of a Start up


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Template 6: Historical Timeline of Fundraising by a Startup

Outlining funding goals and objectives is the first step in the startup funding process. Use this pre-made PPT Template to present an overview of the start-up stages the company went through to raise funds. This PowerPoint Slide will inspire the team by reflecting the company's long, arduous, and complex fundraising journey. This template will provide nuanced details on stages of types of financing, as well as the key milestones. Highlights include Undisclosed Funding, Series A, Angel Funding, Private Equity Round, and Series B. This timeline can be used to raise, engage, and leverage current or future startup funding.


Historical Timeline of Fundraising by a Startup


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Template 7: Fundraising Pitch Timeline for Electric Scooter Startup

Are you starting a business or looking for your next opportunity? Use this pre-made PPT Template to provide a summary of your company, business plan, and startup vision. This template contains information about the company’s fundraising goals and business milestones. These include application launch, additional features, and international market expansion to allow users to obtain an affordable e-vehicle. Use this slide to present a stock version of a business pitch with customizable slides.


Future Business Milestones Timeline for Electric Scooter Startup


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Template 8: Three-Month Fundraising Campaign Planning Timeline PPT

It takes time and careful planning to create a fundraising strategy that will succeed. Use this PPT Template to generate results in three months. This illustrative template will assist you in developing and presenting prospective strategies by incorporating impactful, eye-catching graphics. This PowerPoint Presentation can provide a wealth of information in a single layout to impress any viewer or higher management staff. Evaluate which fundraising approaches worked and which did not. This will provide the energy and fuel to begin the fundraising journey in the best possible way.


3 Month Fundraising Campaign Planning Timeline


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Template 9: Three-Years Non-Profit Fundraising Campaigns Planning Timeline

Your fundraising calendar serves as your nonprofit’s roadmap for successfully implementing your fundraising strategy. Use this pre-made PowerPoint Template to document all your fundraising activities over a specified time period. This slide covers timeline for activities to be carried out for NGO fundraising events and campaigns. This PowerPoint Presentation will get everyone in your organization on the same page, including staff, volunteers, and board members. It will provide your team with a clear understanding of what is expected of them over time.


Three Years Non Profit Fundraising Campaigns Planning Timeline


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Template 10: Webcast Fundraising Sponsorship Proposal Timeline Template

Fundraising webcasts help you make your case for funding by giving viewers an inside look at your organization and inspiring them to be giving. Use this pre-made PPT Template to set a timeline for using the internet and streaming media technology to raise awareness about a specific campaign. This customized template is useful for laying out a schedule for media events and maximize your reach. Use this slide to introduce an innovative new way to share your brand and connect with a younger audience.


Webcast Fundraising Sponsorship Proposal - Timeline


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The fundraising "to do" list


To pull off a large-scale fundraising event, you must spend some time planning how you will masterfully execute the event. A fundraiser timeline can assist you in accomplishing this. Remember, SlideTeam’s PPT Templates on fundraiser timeline will ensure that your event is a runaway success, allowing you to pace the event well and keep everyone organized. Your donors will reward your exceptional execution skills, and they will, of course, look forward to returning next year!


PS:  Check out our guide on how to pitch your business idea and easily build strategic partnerships for capital investment and funding.






What is fundraising and how does it work?


Fundraising is the process of collecting voluntary contributions of money or other resources by non-profit organizations — NGOs, foundations, associations, collectives, and so on — to execute projects. Depending on the situation and the organization, the gathered resources include food and water, medicines, toys, clothing, and, most importantly, money.


It was originally used to raise funds for non-profit organizations, but fundraising has evolved significantly today, and is now used to fund important causes. These can range from assisting the underprivileged to raising funds for one's own education. Traditional fundraising takes place offline, whereas modern-day crowdfunding takes place online.


The United Nations World Food Program (WFP) is one example of fundraising. It is the world’s largest humanitarian organization dedicated to fighting hunger, providing food and water to 80 million people each year through voluntary donations. These types of initiatives are gaining traction among the public, who see these as an effective way to demonstrate their commitment to society.



How long it takes to raise capital for a start-up?


It is difficult to predict the length of each fundraising process. It may vary due to the interdependence of the steps leading up to the completion of the transaction. Most fundable startup companies raise a financing round in four to eight months, and more than 95% of companies that raise a round, do so within two-ten months of starting.


Only a small percentage of companies will be able to secure funding from one of the first investors they approach, and an even smaller percentage will struggle for a year to close a deal. However, if you have been trying to raise funds for over a year without success, it is unlikely that you will be able to do so in the end — at least with the company's current perception.


In that case, you should examine the venture’s fundamentals and consider whether there are ways to make it work.


Some common factors to consider that may have an impact on your fundraising process are:


  1. Your metrics
  2. Location
  3. Type of investor
  4. Time of year
  5. The quality of your pitch and pitch materials
  6. Readiness of due diligence information


What are start-up funding rounds?


A funding round is money you get to grow your business from types of investors - usually accelerators, business angels and VC funds. Seed, Series A, Series B, Series C, and so on are all stages of startup funding. Startups should be cautious about the funding rounds they will undergo, which are based on the company’s maturity level.


  1. A Pre-seed funding round is a type of financing that aims to get a startup idea off the ground by allowing the founder to work full-time on the project, hire key team members, build a proof of concept (POC), prototype or minimum viable product (MVP), plan a go-to-market strategy, and gain some initial traction before raising the (next) seed investment round.
  2. A seed round occurs when a startup has established a proof of concept, a demo / MVP, a market entry strategy, and/or initial traction. Seed funding is used for product and team development, official market launch, customer acquisition, and testing product-market fit and a business model (revenue generation). Business angels and early-stage venture capital funds typically lead the seed round.
  3. Following seed investment, the Series A funding round (also known as Series A financing or Series A investment) is the next fundraising round. It occurs when a company has: an established product-market fit, solid unit economics, a valid and adaptable business model that can be scaled up, revenue (ideally 1M EUR in ARR), and the ability to boost market growth with additional funding.
  4. The Series B funding round occurs when the company has developed a significant user base and a proven business model. Round B aims to build on previous success and scale quickly.
  5. Series C and later funding rounds assist mature companies in their continued development and scaling. At this point, the business model is working, the user base is growing, and the company is ready to conquer new markets, develop new products, and acquire other businesses. At this point, the company’s likely valuation is €100 million or more.