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Top 10 Timeline Roadmap Templates with Examples and Samples

Top 10 Timeline Roadmap Templates with Examples and Samples

Sapna Singh

Sapna Singh

February 3 2023

Time travel through the Nestlé story helps us discover the unexplored nuggets of their history. Their website brilliantly visualizes milestones achieved from 1866 to date. Henri Nestlé’s invention of baby cereal and the company’s perseverance through economic downturns and two world wars is documented in a way that informs and persuades. The bellwether’s diversification into chocolate, pharmaceuticals, and pet care to become the largest food and beverage corporation in the world is showcased well, with facts the supreme ingredient. Fascinating, right? Other corporations also make innovative use of timelines and their history to strike a chord. Intel uses a striking timeline to showcase their never-ending habit of developing cutting-edge technology and putting it to use in everyday products.


Timeline Roadmaps are a powerful communication tool that identify an ambitious target and draw up the roadmap for taking necessary actions to achieve those. This improves corporate planning and empowers the workforce. The timeline’s dynamic nature makes it an excellent management technique with applications across sectors.

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This blog will help you create realistic roadmaps that balance business needs with the priorities of the development team. SlideTeam’s Top 10 Timeline Roadmap Templates will help you present project requirements, resource availability, workflow time frames, and deadlines. Use these templates to create an easy-to-read overview of any project.

The 100% customizable nature of the templates provides you with the desired flexibility to edit your presentations. The content ready slides give you the much-needed structure.

Let’s take a tour. 

Breakdown a complex project into bite-sized tasks with SlideTeam’s top-notch PPT Templates!

Template 1: Timeline Roadmap PPT

Roadmaps can improve team communication, collaboration, and access to everything needed to do excellent work. Use this PPT Template to create a business project management timeline. This plan assists you in making step-by-step preparations weeks or months in advance. This linear-process presentation template will explain to stakeholders the priority order of a team’s initiatives and schedules. This PowerPoint Presentation is beneficial for project managers, developers, industry analysts, team leaders, and other professionals. Use this download to manage stakeholder expectations and support your team’s commitment to quality work. Save it now!


Timeline Roadmap Presentation Powerpoint Presentation Slides


Download this template


Template 2: Project Planning Implementation Timeline Roadmap PPT

Planning is a critical function in any business. Use this PPT Template to demonstrate a project planning and implementation timeline. This template will allow everyone to stay on task and work as efficiently as possible with clear and easy-to-read overview. This slide includes project development phases, in timeframes, to follow the development of each active and upcoming projects. Use this PowerPoint Presentation to get a chronological visual list of tasks to see and comprehend project plan. Save it now!


Project planning implementation timeline roadmap powerpoint layout


Download this template


Template 3: Timeline Roadmap for Successful Product Development Process PPT

Are you planning to launch new products? Use this PPT Template to demonstrate your company’s product development process. This includes planning, testing, developing, and launching, as well as resource gathering, subcontractor selection, prototyping, and so on. This slide can help an organization define its action plan, track progress, gather feedback and create transparency within the team, and encourage stakeholder collaboration to translate an idea into clear steps. Download now!


Timeline roadmap for successful product development process strategic product planning


Download this template


Template 4: Scrum Product Development Timeline Roadmap Template

Describe a broad, strategic plan for your product development. Use this PPT Template to present information on the development timeline for new products. This is ideal for product launches, milestones, and development, among other things. This roadmap makes it easier to understand cross-functional work required to develop and market a product or enhancement. Use this download to make informed decisions, track progress, and offer greater value to customers. Download now!


Scrum certificate training in organization addressing product development timeline roadmap


Download this template


Template 5: Timeline Roadmap Agenda of Business Schedule Template

Use this PPT Template to schedule meetings for your company, employees, and more. This is a crucial tool to understand the objectives of each team and map each with business and product strategy. The template will help you establish clear timelines to establish priorities and break down business agendas into manageable tasks. Get it now!


Timeline roadmap agenda infographics of business schedule


Download this template


Template 6: Ten Steps Timeline Roadmap for Startup PPT

A start-up business timeline can help you build your vision from scratch. Use this PPT Template to describe each step in launching a business. It depicts ten key stages for a specified timeframe, such as first product launch, analyzing company, performance worldwide deployment, foreign direct, investment company, implementing artificial intelligence, improve performance, plan implement cloud storage, to prioritize what to do next in your business. Get a complete picture of your company's processes, technical elements, and people with this download.


10 step timeline roadmap for startup business


Download this template


Template 7: Weekly Timeline Roadmap on Phases of IT Project PPT

Use this PPT Template to define the technical work and deliverables needed to complete IT projects. This IT project phases timeline employs the Gantt chart to depict stages such as planning, design, development, launch, and post-launch with assessing needs, site mapping, developing framework, and so on. This tool is perfect for providing structure to determine the right flow and sequence of tasks to make sure the project runs smoothly. Save it right away!


Weekly timeline roadmap showing phases of it project


Download this template


Template 8: Monthly Timeline Roadmap for OKR Functions Template

Summarize your business plan in your Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). Use this PPT Template to construct a monthly timeline roadmap for OKR functions to attribute success to your company strategy. It incorporates measures such as entry into new markets, strengthening position by lowering churn, increasing market share, increasing proportion of new business in market, and so on to enable cross-functional teams stay focused on the organization’s aims. This slide can be used to improve product positioning, sales enablement, and to deliver a positive onboarding experience. Get it now!


Monthly timeline roadmap for okr functions


Download this template


Template 9: Six-Month Timeline Roadmap for Sales Planning PPT

Increase the level of your sales planning. Use this PPT Template to create a sales planning timeline to help you meet your sales goals. State important deliverable, actions needed, time period, workforce allocation, and much more in an easy-to-understand manner to meet your company’s sales objectives and targets. Use this PowerPoint Presentation to outline revenue goals, team roles, important dates, and milestones, as well as Directly Responsible Individuals (DRIs) to target deals and pipelines. With this download, you can capitalize on client base expansion prospects. Get it now!


Six months timeline roadmap for sales planning


Download this template


Template 10: Ten-Year Timeline Roadmap of Project Management Template

Do you need to give a final overview of your project? Use this PPT Template to visually communicate a project's objectives and key milestones. It has KPIs like finishing prototypes, staffing the project, getting funding for it, etc. to stay on schedule. This template can be used as an easy-to-read reference guide to keep track of project progress. Employ this presentation to provide an in-depth overview of the project without getting bogged down in minute details. Download now!


10 year timeline roadmap of project management


Download this template



Deliver excellent work meeting specific deadlines.

Prepare, plan, and succeed with a well-defined timeline roadmap. Break communication barriers between teams and provide a clear vision of the business plan. Use SlideTeam's PPT Templates to provide high-level, comprehensive overview of upcoming projects. Bring your business vision to life and build strong relationships with your teammates.


PS  Explore our timeline PPT templates guide to explain steps, instructions, guidelines, plans, stories, and much more.




1. What is roadmap in a project?

A roadmap is an essential visual aid in project management for outlining the course of events. It is regarded as the greatest method for compiling the what, why, and how of your project into a comprehensible document. Roadmaps can be distributed to teams and stakeholders to help understand the goals, direction, and strategy of the project. It includes the following:

a) Project goals or objectives

b) Resource allotment and budget

c) Significant milestones and high-level deadlines

d) Cross-functional teams or multiple-person tasks

e) Partner, stakeholder, or other duties

Roadmaps serve as a ready-to-use reference tool for revisiting and updating KPIs throughout the project life cycle.


2. What is timeline roadmap with milestones?

Timeline roadmaps with milestones highlight significant events. It represents achievements, benchmarks, or goals in your business journey in a visually-appealing manner. This is a tool for communicating with stakeholders and teams. A roadmap may contain milestones such as:

a) Accomplishments

b) Approvals

c) Deadlines

d) Events

e) Meetings

Product release, feature release, sales team launch, industry event, and so on are a some frequently used milestones.


3. How do I create a roadmap timeline?

Timeline roadmaps make it simple to dissect a project’s structure. The following are the steps required to construct a timeline roadmap:

a) Summarize your project tasks by breaking down your project scope. This will produce a list of project activities that must be completed.

b) List tasks for your project with their deadlines.

c) Use task dependencies to decide the sequence in which tasks must be completed.

d) Identify and track deliverables expected from each task.

e) Establish project milestones to chart your successes, etc.


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