Consistent good results may be hard to come by, but project planning is one way to achieve such business performance. For businesses of all shapes and sizes, project planning roadmaps are the bedrock of success. In this blog, we offer you 10 amazing project planning roadmap templates that outline your business goals. If your business needs a booster dose of project planning, then there is nothing better on the internet than SlideTeam’s ready-to-use templates. These PPT Templates are 100% customizable, and we have a long list of options to serve every need.


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Let us begin our exploration into this wonderful, but practical  universe of 100% customizable project planning templates.


Template 1: Project Planning Implementation Timeline Roadmap PowerPoint Layout

One of the most important aspects of project planning is the timeline towards execution. Each step of needs to be clearly defined and highlighted. This project planning implementation timeline template with vibrant visuals can help you grab the attention of your audience. You can use it if you want better integration of your business with technology.


Project Planning Implementation Timeline


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Template 2: Six-Month roadmap to SAAS ERP Implementation with Project Planning

Good planning is the first step towards successful implementation. Highlighting the required timeline and milestones help you track things and manage deliverables after categorizing your activities into six phases. This six-month roadmap to SAAS ERP implementation template helps you win clients based on a  demonstration of your peerless expertise in software integration and development.


Six Months Roadmap to SaaS ERP Implementation with Project Planning


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Template 3: Five-Year Roadmap to SAAS ERP Implementation with Project Planning

Short-term project planning can be good, a long-term perspective is always preferable. This Five-Yearly Roadmap to SAAS ERP implementation template makes your futuristic plan stand out with the help of color coding. You can minimize time lag and increase efficiency, when you have your project goals and project scope planned with the use of this presentation template.


Five Yearly Roadmap to SaaS ERP Implementation with Project Planning


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Template 4: Quarterly Roadmap for Product Development Project Planning

Your business plan needs to be streamlined for a new product launch. Divide your goals into a quarterly roadmaps to understand milestones and requirements from a project planning and development perspective. This presentation template divides tasks into planning, marketing or execution. This is a brilliant planner that a good manager will find indispensable. Present it to your boss and make your point.


Quarterly Roadmap for Product Development Project Planning


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Template 5: Six-Months Project Planning To-Do-List roadmap with timeline

With the use of the project planning tool, you can get an understanding of the budgets, deliverables, and deadlines. This can be used to plan your project six months down the line. Even better is the addition of To-Do Lists in the form of a roadmap with consistent timelines. You this slide to present your content planning strategy in front of your audience with confidence.


Six Months Project Planning To Do List Roadmap with Timeline


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Template 6: Vertical Roadmap for Detailed Project Planning

Data presented in the vertical format is easier to grip than in any other design. This vertical roadmap for detailed project planning PPT Template help you outline milestones, processes and analyze goals. Categorize and segregate your monthly goals on urgency and need. This template is has the perfect design to manage content. Your creation of a project structure and its presentation before relevant audience will give you tremendous recall value.


Vertical Roadmap for Detailed Project Planning


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Template 7: Quarterly Roadmap to SAAS ERP implementation with Project Planning

Here is another quarterly roadmap to SAAS ERP implementation template for project planning. What’s unique about this template is that you can include all work-related information, plan your budgets, put forth timeframes and action taken toward key deliverables. This PPT Template also summarizes your quarterly goals and makes your targets achievable.


Quarterly Roadmap to SaaS ERP Implementation with Project Planning


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Template 8: Half-yearly Agile Roadmap Template for Project Planning

Agility is no longer an added skill but a pre-requisite for success and delivery of projects. With our half-yearly agile roadmap template for project planning, you can manage requirements through a single slide. This template is available in ratios of 4:3 and 16:9, and can also be accessed through Google Slides.


Half Yearly Agile Roadmap Template for Project Planning


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Template 9: Five-Yearly Teamwork Partnership Strategy Roadmap with Project Planning

Your team forms the crux of success and failure of your business; it also forms the most important part of your project planning. With this five-yearly teamwork partnership roadmap template, you can assign responsibilities and highlight deliverables from teams. Your content can be presented to the audience in a structured manner. Prioritize tasks and assign responsibilities to teams with the right strategy and plan.


Five Yearly Teamwork Partnership Strategy Roadmap with Project Planning


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Template 10: Six-month Agile Roadmap Template for Project Planning

Setting targets can be a one-time thing, however planning your project with the right amount of agility (ability to respond to events in real-time) is important. Use this six-month agile roadmap template for your project planning needs and communicate your plan to the audiences. Track your milestones, budgets, deliverables and timelines with this presentation template. Maximize your team efficiency and align multiple stakeholder requirements with this presentation template.  Color coding helps you assign importance to individual tasks and keep the status of your project handy.


Six Months Agile Roadmap Template for Project Planning


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Template 11: IT Department Quarterly Roadmap for Project Planning

This super-useful project planning PPT Template is the backbone of the IT department project. With this presentation template on planning, you can get information that is customized to IT requirements. Right from assessing the timeframe to understanding individual requirements, this template has it all.


IT Department Quarterly Roadmap for Project Planning


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Template 12: Quarterly Agile Roadmap Template for Project Planning

Agility plays a crucial role in the success of a project. Explore this quarterly agile roadmap template for project planning. Discuss it with your teams on the deliverables and assess your project plan readiness with this presentation template. You can create multiple quarterly plans that are agile and streamline your processes.


Quarterly Agile Roadmap Template for Project Planning


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Template 13: Project Plan Analytics Roadmap with Multiple Stages

With this four-stage project plan analytics roadmap template, you can plan deliverables. The stages in this template are Business Stage, Analytical Stage, Capability Stage, Technological Stage. You can re-arrange the order of the stages or assign multiple sub-tasks to existing stages. You can also streamline content with the addition of responsibility parameters.


Project Plan Analytics Roadmap with Multiple Stages


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Template 14: Quarterly Real-Time Project Plan Tracking Roadmap

Here is another awesome quarterly real time project plan tracking template. Your project may span for a longer duration and hence tracking the success or issues at each stage is of paramount importance to get a strategic plan.


Quarterly Real Time Project Plan Tracking Roadmap


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Project planning is a long-term process with multiple points to cover up and consider. These points can be presented using SlideTeam’s PPT Template designs. Grab these project planning templates to impress your audiences.


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We hope this blog has helped you understand the importance of having the right project planning templates in place to make a lasting impression and indulge in informed decision-making. Go ahead and explore the wide range of templates available on the SlideTeam website and choose the one that suits your requirements!



FAQs on Project Planning


What is meant by Project Planning?


Project planning can be described as a part of project management which helps in orderly management of processes using software or through manual means. The way a particular project needs to be done is mentioned in project planning using steps and resources. The project objective is fixed.


What are the five stages of project planning?

Project management or planning can be done in five simple steps which includes initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and control and closure. Such an organized step-wise process helps to determine the right flow and functioning of operations to complete the project in a professional manner.



What are the seven steps of project planning?


Seven important steps make for successful project planning. All of it starts with defining and fixing a clear goal for the project. In the next step, expectations are set and risks are identified. Solutions, or mitigating factors, are defibbed next. A meeting must be conducted to divide work and to outline a procedure. Number of meetings must be minimized but reports must be made at regular intervals along with use of apt tools.



What is the importance of project planning?

Project planning is essential for any project as it boosts the overall performance of your CRM project along with success rate of the same. It helps in enhanced communication and interaction within the team, ensuring better accountability. It also becomes easy to identify the main goal, issues, solutions etc. of the project.



How do you write a project plan roadmap?


A project plan roadmap which is made before project planning helps to visualize the project better and gives an idea about the project progress. In the initial step, the right project management software must be identified after which the objectives, data points, project timeline etc. need to be defined and created. A mock-up of a  roadmap must be made and reviewed before creating the final roadmap as per needs of project manager.



Why do you need a project roadmap?


A roadmap is made using simple steps in which the objectives, milestones, resources, outcomes, planned timeline and so on needs to be mentioned. The data obtained from a project is simplified and analyzed for better understanding and decision making. It helps in better communication with stakeholders and can be used as a reference guide to understand the way in which the project is developing.