Planning and handling an event is challenging. Even organizing a small birthday party well can make your head spin. An event planner’s thoughts are like a maze of tasks, the major ones being whether to book a venue, plan a budget, contact vendors, or arrange the DJ. 


The ultimate antidote to avoid this (entirely avoidable) chaos and confusion is — event planning. And as an event planner, the first input you need right is designing an event timeline. 


Why Event Timelines First?


Event timelines are a checklist of all things and activities (in chronological order) needed to be done to make an event successful. The timeframe may vary depending on the type of event. An event timeline can be as long as 12 months or as short as one week prior to the event. The other classification is based on the timeline’s purpose (or period of use). These can be: 


  1. Before-event or pre-event timeline: Designed to keep a record of things to be done before the event, like finalizing the venue, catering order, gathering types of equipment, etc.
  2. Event-day timeline: It is the plan for the event day and rules out how things should be done on D-day. For example, the event starting time, guest arrival, snacks distribution, and event closing time. It also includes an emergency control and exit plan (in case things go haywire).
  3. Post-event timeline: The timeline or planning did not end with the event or when the guest went home. Things like cleaning up, packing, storing things for the next event, and analyzing the budget remain. A closure meeting is necessary post-event to celebrate and applaud your team’s effort. 

Event timelines help you keep track of events, see patterns & trends, and tackle obstacles. You can use them to plan future events, visualize the goal and motivate the team. 


Pre-designed Event Timeline Templates


There are a lot of ways to create an event timeline. You can use a simple spreadsheet, create a timeline in a word processing program, or use dedicated event planning software.


Before choosing a method to create a timeline for your upcoming event, you must keep in mind that it is a living document. You need to change it frequently. The ideal option must be: 


  • Pocket-friendly
  • Easy-to-customize.
  • Hassle-free to store and low-maintenance.
  • Do not need repeated purchases.  


The perfect solution that checks all the requirements mentioned above is our illustrative and 100% editable event timeline templates. These templates have all elements pre-included for creating a splendid and helpful event timeline. Let’s explore these PPT designs now!


1. Upcoming Event Planning And Timeline Presentation Deck


Drafting a timeline can be nerve-racking, especially under deadline pressure. At that moment of stress, these plug-and-play templates will be your aspirin. This event timeline mini-deck has 12 PPT slides with timelines from a quarter to 1 month and stretching up to two years. Get it now!


Upcoming Event Planning And Timeline Presentation Deck


Download this template


Planning an event requires a hefty amount of funding, and sponsors are your way out of this trouble. Use these one-page sponsorship sell sheet templates to win sponsors for your events.


2. Comprehensive Event Timeline Presentation Template


An event timeline is like a map to navigate your team through confusion, and it needs to be as detailed as possible. This illustrative event timeline template will help you to achieve this. It has pre-designed spaces to plan activities from two-month prior to one-week post-event.


Comprehensive Event Timeline Presentation Template


Download this template


3. Event Timeline And Roadmap For A Year Sample Template


Looking for a perfect template to display metrics and insights for your upcoming event? This template is the best choice. The design of this PowerPoint graphic is inspired by the Ishikawa diagram or Fishbone diagram, one of the seven major quality control tools businesses use. This eye-catching timeline layout is perfect for planning an event with standards that match the best in the world. The most significant advantage of this PPT set is that it can be molded to your unique event or requirement. Grab it now!


Event Timeline And Roadmap For A Year Sample Template


Download this template


4. Event Timeline With Staging Prep And Budget Sample Template


Budgeting and stage preparation for a live event needs elaborate planning with no room for error. A single mistake in budget planning will create an uproar among the planning committee, while if stage preparation goes wrong at any time, it will blow up the whole event. Use this lifesaver template to help you plan a timeline for these sensitive and crucial elements of a successful event. Grab it now!


Event Timeline With Staging Prep And Budget Sample Template


Download this template


5. Event Management Timeline PPT Sample Template


Planning an event is a long road to travel. It takes a collective team effort, from brainstorming a mind-blowing theme/idea to finalizing a top-notch venue. This sample PPT design will assist you from the first step of briefing the crew to complete the execution of a heart-winning event. 


Event Management Timeline PPT Sample Template


Download this template


6. Event Timeline Before Four Months PPT Template


The duration of planning an event depends on factors like the type of event and the number of attendees. A small event like an unofficial team gathering can be handled with 2-3 weeks of planning, while professional events like a management treat might need a planning two-four months of planning. This sample event timeline is designed to complete before the event mid-range period planning. Get it now!


Event Timeline Before Four Months PPT Template


Download this template


7. Event Timeline For The Day of Event Presentation Template


“There are dreamers, and there are planners; the planners make their dream come true.” On D-day, your plans will be tested to their finest. Use this event timeline template to plan your big day and shine as an event planner. It will help you brief your team about the best practices of event day, like early arrival at the venue, documenting activities, welcoming guests, etc. Download now!


Event Timeline For The Day of Event Presentation Template


Download this template


8Hourly Timeline Schedule of Event Sample Template


On event day, every passing minute is a stress-relief cycle, and every mistake counts. Thorough planning is necessary to sit, relax and execute like a pro. This sample template allows you to create a timeline detailing every hour’s activities. It will help in planning dynamic events, including multiple activities like weddings, freshers, or prom parties. Get it now!


Hourly Timeline Schedule of Event Sample Template


Download this template


9. Event Timeline For After-Event Activities PPT Template


For guests, an event starts on arrival and ends when they set off, exhausted, toward their residence. For the event planner, the real struggle begins post-event. They have to analyze and calculate things like the expense and how things went. This after-event timeline template will help you plan activities like debriefing volunteers, reviewing feedback forms, thanking or reporting back to guests, and, most important updating social media. Download now!


Event Timeline For After-Event Activities PPT Template


Download this template


10. Ten-Day Timeline For Business Event Planning Sample Template


Business events need solid planning with client relationships, brand image, integrity, and investment at stake. It calls for flawless planning and execution. This event timeline template allows you to review and visualize things from 10 days before to the 11th hour. Download now!


Ten Days Timeline For Business Event Planning Sample Template


Download this template


Make Time For Your Best Friend


Timelines are your best friend and path navigator when you are planning an event (no matter what size or type). Crafting an event timeline in advance will save your strategy from derailing, keep the team on track, and save you from headaches.


To help you draft an easy-to-handle and comprehensive timeline, we have offered you these sample PPT designs (out of our extensive collection). Download these hypnotic event timeline templates from the links shared above, or visit our website (or this page) to explore more such graceful templates.


FAQs on Event Timelines


1. How do I write a timeline for an event?


A critical factor in event planning is creating a timeline. This will help you keep track of elements that need to come together for your event to be successful. Here are some tips on writing a timeline for an event: 


1. Identify the key components: What are the main things that need to happen for your event to be successful? Make a list of these elements and assign each one a start and end date.

2. Create a timeline for each element: This will help you track all tasks that need to be completed for that element to succeed.

3. Assemble all short timelines: This will help you see the overall picture and ensure that everything proceeds according to plan.


Following these steps will help you create a timeline for your event and make it a success.


2. What is the importance of an event timeline?


Event timelines play a significant role in the successful and tireless execution of the event. These documents carry information about best practices and steps, in chronological order, to conduct the event. They help keep things on track, ease communication, and motivate all participants. Event timelines are wonderful tools to visualize things and reduce the chances of mistakes in event planning. Remember, your effort is of no consequence to the guests and the other stakeholders. They are looking for their own comfort and convenience, which they think is easy enough to arrange!  


3. Why do you need an event timeline?


Planning an event is not a one-person job. It needs communication between stakeholders like venue owners, vendors, volunteers, etc. An event timeline will serve as a guiding document, communication plan, and checklist for participants. It will also help record steps or things you can use for future events.


4. What are the seven stages of event planning?


The seven stages of event planning are:


  1. Define objectives: What is the purpose and type of the event?
  2. Find Venue: Choose a suitable venue based on objectives, type, and the number of people.
  3. Date and time: Decide a date and time for the event. Prepare accordingly.
  4. Event planning: Create a timeline for the event. Prioritize activities and set a budget.
  5. Issuing invitations: After finalizing everything, send invitations at least a week or month before the event.
  6. The day of the event: Create a separate hour-by-hour timeline for the day of the event. Prepare your team for the final day.
  7. Post-event: Finalize, execute and analyze how things went. Calculate the budget. Learn from your mistakes and evaluate them.


5. What are the key elements of the event timeline?


No matter how you create your timeline, there are a few key elements that you’ll want to include. Here are the top 10 must-have elements on your event timeline template:


  1. Event Name.
  2. Event Date.
  3. Start time.
  4. End Time.
  5.  Location.
  6. Event Description – Highlight the show of the day or the personality of the day. 
  7. Event Type – This is the type of event. For example, it could be a conference, workshop, or networking event.
  8. Event Goals – This is a list of goals for the event; these could be increased awareness or the generation of new leads.
  9. Event Budget. 
  10. Event Timeline It should include a list and timing of tasks that need to be completed.