If you are planning to host a big corporate event, you must be worried about the ways to raise fund for this grand event. Doesn’t matter if your company is established or a relatively smaller one, everybody needs a great financing option and that is to seek out sponsors. This is when everyone needs a one-page sponsorship sell sheet.


Sponsorship is the key to powerful marketing. Besides getting funds, hiring one or more sponsors can also open doors for building brand awareness and increasing sales numbers. To be precise, a lot can be gained from a strategic collaboration.


The question that arises now is how to get the sponsors? The simple way is to write an effective sponsorship proposal. Securing sponsors for an event is the most challenging task but with a stand-out sponsorship proposal, you can surely gain relevant sponsors for your event.


If you are worried about creating a sponsorship proposal for your upcoming event, leave your worries behind as we are going to introduce you to the most powerful and creative way of writing sponsorship proposals.


This blog contains a list of TOP 10 Sponsorship proposals PowerPoint templates that will let you present your proposal to your relevant sponsors in the best possible manner. Visually-captivating designs and persuasive content are the key ingredients of our templates.


These PowerPoint templates can be easily edited to suit your event needs and communicate your event as worth sponsoring. Grab them now to create a mind-blowing sponsorship proposal for your big event.


Template 1


The PowerPoint template featured here is the One-Page Corporate Sponsorship Event Sell sheet. This crisp and visually-appealing one-pager is of great significance for companies and organizations to attract sponsors for their corporate events. The template showcases the sponsorship event agenda, sponsorship opportunities, benefits, reasons to sponsor, and event details. It also highlights various sponsorship packages offered by the company and registration contact details. This template is completely editable and can be altered as per your specific needs.


One Page Corporate Sponsorship Event Sell Sheet

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Template 2


Getting sponsors for a corporate event is very important for a business organization. Take help of our attractive and professionally-curated One-Page Sponsorship sell sheet Sample Powerpoint template to attract sponsors for your upcoming events. Personalize this one-pager by adding your company's logo and event details. Highlight the details of your sponsorship package and the template also covers details of banner advertisement and social media packages. Modify the contact details to create a pro-sponsorship fact sheet.


One Page Sponsorship Fact Sheet

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Template 3 


The attractive and amazingly designed one-pager featured here is our One-pager Event Sponsorship Valuation Sales Sheet PowerPoint template. It depicts the valuation sales sheet for various sponsors and determines traffic, cost per view, brand value, etc.


One Pager Event Sponsorship Valuation Sales Template

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Template 4


Use this visually-appealing One-Page Sponsorship Packages PowerPoint template to grab the attention of sponsors by highlighting various sponsorship packages offered by your company. Take advantage of this creatively-designed template to make a standout proposal for the sponsors by including all the details of sponsorship packages. The template can be edited and modified easily as per requirements.


Example of One Page Sponsorship Packages Template

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Template 5


A sponsorship proposal should be easily understood by the potential sponsors and it should have clear and detailed information of what is being offered. Our amazing Charity Ball Concert One-Page Sponsorship proposal does exactly the same. Give an overview to the sponsors about the benefits they can get by participating in the charity ball event, details of the event, and principles on which it is based. Make it visually attractive by adding your company logo and your sponsorship proposal is ready with almost no extraneous efforts.


Charity Ball Concert PowerPoint Template

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Template 6 


To stand out in the market, one needs to have an effective marketing program and that is when you can use this stunningly designed One-Page API Sponsorship Package PowerPoint template. The template touches upon every detail required to initiate a collaboration. It covers all the necessary details like package criteria, package costing details, custom sponsorship details, and other sponsorship details. With this fully-editable template, you can surely get sponsors for your upcoming events.


One Page API Sponsorship Package Presentation

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Template 7


Create a standout proposal for sponsors using this One-Page Event Sponsorship Proposal PowerPoint template. Provide a brief description of your company along with the types of events your company has been organizing. List all the necessary event details and various ways that you would be using to promote your event. With this handy and powerful one-pager, your sponsorship proposal can surely grab some eyeballs.


One Page Event Sponsorship PowerPoint Template

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Template 8 


Featured here is the One-Page Network Operator Sponsorship Package Powerpoint template that will highlight an array of sponsorship plans available with you. It incorporates various details like sponsorship benefits and sponsorship categories. Along with that, you can include sponsorship price details, network operator details, and event details. Once you decide to use this crisp and precise PowerPoint template, you can edit both text and graphics as per your requirements.


One Page Network Operator Sponsorship Package

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Template 9 


Here we present our One-Page Sports event sponsorship package PowerPoint template. The template aims to create a win-win situation for both the sports company and the sponsor. It touches upon various details like available packages, price structure, level of sponsorship, package level details with cost details, advertising specification, advertiser details, etc.


One Page Sports Event Sponsorship Package

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Template 10 


If you wish to offer a quick view of all your sponsorship packages to your potential sponsors, you can use our sample Sponsorship Package One-Page template. It covers information related to various sponsorship opportunities along with benefits offered under each category. It also highlights the event and the conference details so that the sponsors can get a clear idea about the event.


Sample of Sponsorship Packages Template

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All said and done, we know know that a sponsorship proposal is a pre-requisite that anyone would need before hosting any event. With these creative and beautifully-designed templates, you will surely strike a deal with your sponsors.