According to a LinkedIn study, 80% of companies that use market segmentation have reported an increase in sales. This strategy is even more important in a B2B scenario, as it is more complex. Market segmentation can help B2B companies create targeted marketing strategies, develop products that meet customer requirements, and establish strong relationships with clients. 


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Market segmentation helps B2B companies identify the needs of their target audience and curate specific marketing strategies to meet those customer demands. With market segmentation, companies can better understand their customers and focus their efforts on achieving the best outcomes. With market segmentation, B2B marketers can reach a wider audience and sell their products to the right audience. Market segmentation strategies are of five types- behavioral segmentation, psychographic segmentation, demographic segmentation, geographic segmentation, and firmographic segmentation. Revisit these strategies from time to time to find the best fit for your organization.


Here are the reasons why B2B market segmentation is so valuable:


  • Boosts revenue
  • Improves product development
  • Reduces cost of sales and marketing campaigns
  • Improves customer experience
  • Improves customer retention and loyalty
  • Develops customer insights
  • Helps win high-quality leads


As author and entrepreneur Set Godin says, “The only way to consistently grow in B2B is to be better than very good”. 


B2B companies should employ a market segmentation template to track customer behavior, and customer activity, develop marketing experiences, and boost revenue. SlideTeam presents our content-ready templates that act as a roadmap to help you better understand your target customers. You can use these templates to segment your target audience according to needs and develop products that suit their requirements. Our templates are best suited for businesses that are looking for ways to analyze customer behavior and segment target markets. 


Our ready-to-templates are 100% customizable and editable. You have the freedom to edit and add details to the slides to make the template more suited for your business. With our vast range of templates, you can deploy market segmentation strategies to drive growth. Grab it now to target the right prospects!


You can also check our advanced customer segmentation templates to reach out to your customers in an effective way. 


Template 1: B2B Market Segment PowerPoint Ppt Template Bundle

This professionally designed PPT design will help you target the proper audience by giving a complete understanding of your clients and their needs. Incorporate this PowerPoint template to develop long-lasting marketing experiences. Download this customizable PPT and increase your growth potential. Download it today!



Template 2: Segmentation Criteria for Targeting B2B Market

This flexible PowerPoint presentation design helps you better understand your target audience and their needs. This template covers the segmentation criteria for targeting the B2B market. It includes demographics, operating variables, purchasing approaches, situational factors, and personal characteristics. For example, purchasing approach segmentation is essential for a company’s long-term competitiveness. Grab this PPT slide and enhance your marketing efforts and business efficiency. 


Segmentation Criteria for Targeting B2B Market


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Template 3: Four Factors for B2B Market Segmentation

The slide highlights the four factors essential for B2B market segmentation- focused segments, margin, strategic importance, and segment size. Level up your marketing strategies. By leveraging this template, you can align your product with the audience’s needs. Download the template now!


Four factors for b2b market segmentation


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Template 4: Strategies to Conduct B2B Market Segmentation

List the critical strategies for conducting B2B market segmentation with the help of this visually appealing PPT template. This professionally designed slide covers the techniques that can be used to perform market segmentation with the purpose of driving positive business outcomes. The slide includes strategies such as creating a flexible approach, engaging internal stakeholders, using existing data, interviewing prospects, not just customers, etc. Market mapping can help you understand if a particular strategy is suitable for your business. Download this attention-grabbing template today to convert more sales.


Strategies to conduct B2B market segmentation2


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Template 5: B2B Market Segmentation Dashboard

This is another ready-to-use market segmentation dashboard for B2B to better identify your target customers. The slide includes segmentation based on company size and different industries in the B2B market. By leveraging this slide, B2B marketers can boost the revenue of their organization. Use this actionable template and take your company’s sales a notch higher. Grab now!


B2B market segmentation dashboard


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Template 6: Five B2B Market Segmentation Techniques

Here is another PPT template covering the five B2B market segmentation techniques. This ready-to-use template covers the top segmentation methods for B2B markets based on similar traits and characteristics. It includes strategies such as firmographic, technographic, need and value-based, and behavioral strategies. The purpose of this slide is to help you make an informed decision about the best segmentation technique for your business setting. Download now!


Five B2B market segmentation techniques


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Template 7: Seven-Step Process of B2B Market Segmentation

This professionally designed PPT template will help you highlight the seven-step process of B2B market segmentation. The slide includes steps such as defining the target market, analyzing existing customers, creating buyer persona, comparison, identify gaps, defining segments, etc. This template will help B2B marketers curate a marketing experience that can boost conversion rates. Download this customizable template to find accurate target customers. 


Seven step process of B2B market segmentation


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Template 8: Four Benefits of B2B Market Segmentation

Deploy this content-ready PPT template to sharpen your business strategy. The slide highlights the advantages of segmenting B2B markets to generate high revenue and expand market reach. The template covers benefits such as improved business focus, boosted revenue, improved brand identity, and expanded market reach. By leveraging this template, you can tailor your marketing approach for maximum efficiency. Download now! 


Four Benefits of B2B Market Segmentation


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Template 9: Market Segmentation in B2B Market Analysis

Incorporate this professionally designed PowerPoint template to understand customer needs and interests, B2B market dynamics, competitive environment, and the target audience. Grab this actionable PPT slide and enable your company to make informed decisions based on insights rather than guesswork. Using this market analysis template, your company can adjust the messaging to suit the changing needs of your target customers. 


Market Segmentation In B2B Market Analysis


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Template 10: B2B Market Segmentation Based on Demographics and Situational Factors

This well-structured PPT template covers the two segmentation methods for B2B markets. This comprehensive slide with demographic and situational factors segmentation methods will help you focus more on high-value customers. The purpose of this slide is to help you increase sales and select target business markets. This template captures the important variables for the segmentation of B2B markets to help you determine which segments and customers to serve. 


B2B Market Segmentation Based on Demographics and Situational Factors


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Remember, one marketing strategy won’t work for all. As a B2B marketer, it is essential for you to truly understand your customers. By market segmentation into different groups, you can update your products to suit their needs and choices. Make use of our expert-designed B2B market segmentation templates to identify and reach your customers, enabling you to tailor your marketing strategies and efforts to their unique preferences. With B2B market segmentation, you can achieve high conversion rates and customer retention.  


PS: Do not forget to check our custom-made target market profile PPT templates to understand the needs of your target audience.