You are aiming for huge, lofty ambitions for your business, which involves scaling it up. As you get engrossed in the nitty gritty of this endeavor, these is danger that you will not execute other important tasks. You need to remember to  take out the garbage on Fridays, connect with Grandma on her birthday, and arrange that doctor’s appointment you've been delaying for months. Retaining all that in the mind is a recipe for tension and frustration. Avoid this unnecessary stress, with SlideTeam’s task checklists.


Task checklists enable you to manage your daily or weekly calendar, coordinate complicated projects, and organize team responsibilities. It assists you in tracking tasks and completing critical tasks on time, fostering accountability and transparency.


The templates are 100% editable and customizable, meaning that these can be customized to meet your individual needs, whether you're managing a client project or planning a birthday party.


SlideTeam provides a range of employee onboarding checklist templates that you can use to make the hiring process smooth and efficient.


Task Checklist Templates


There is no one-size-fits-all method for creating a task checklist. However, it would help if you made sure that your checklist template meets the following characteristics:


  • Clarity: Task titles and descriptions must be brief and explicit.
  • Organization: A task list offers a logical framework for frequently-listed tasks in sequential or prioritized order.
  • Flexibility: You should be able to customize it to meet personal or business objectives. 
  • Due date management:  define due dates or deadlines to keep track of time-sensitive tasks and prioritize work.
  • Status tracking checkboxes: Good templates feature status indicators or checkboxes that allow you to mark jobs as unfinished or completed.


You can use SlideTeam's Task Checklist PowerPoint Templates to speed up the process. These templates are helpful resources that provide a structured approach to tracking and analyzing daily tasks and objectives. They assist in making sure that the targets are met. These templates streamline the process, offering a concise and easily understood overview of the tasks, from daily meetings to chores.


Let’s explore these templates now!


Template 1: To Do Checklist Slides with Tasks Template

This PowerPoint Template offers an outline with checkboxes for each item on your to-do list. It helps your team stay organized and prioritize what is essential. This template is curated for project management and can be used in a business or personal setting.


To Do Checklist Slides With Various Tasks


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Template 2: Strategic Human Resource Management Task Checklist Template

Human Resource Management tasks play a crucial role in the functioning of any business. This PowerPoint Template showcases the best HR management practices conducted to provide a framework and refine the process. Factors such as a plan to define strategic objectives, monitoring key metrics based on a plan, removing differences and obstacles between team members, training employees through technology, and inventing new processes are included in this informative template.


Strategic Human Resource Management Task Checklist


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Template 3: Project Management Plan with Task Checklist Template

Use this PowerPoint Slide to highlight a checklist to ensure completion of tasks on time. It includes the name of the task assigned, the starting date of the task, the ending date of the task, the name of the employee to whom the task has been assigned, and the status report by the employee of the task.


Project Management Plan With Task Checklist


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Template 4: Task Checklist for the First Cadence Call Template

This PowerPoint Slide showcases a checklist for customer executives, covering tasks to be conducted before that initial call with the clients. It includes creating a backup strategy for a disaster recovery plan, determining 60 days' problem areas training requirements, and discussing monthly release and upgrade plans.


Task Checklist for The First Cadence Call


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Template 5: Priority Task Checklist for Better Decision- Making Training Template

The priority task checklist presented on this PowerPoint Slide illustrates factors to consider when developing a priority list. The factors considered are the task's importance, individual attention spans, the extent of customer satisfaction assured, the financial rewards offered, and the required work. The idea is to ensure the list is as close to being practical as possible.


Priority Task Checklist


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Template 6: Launch Event Day Task Checklist Template

This PowerPoint Slide showcases tasks to be conducted to ensure the success of the event day. This presentation template includes checking the audio-video equipment, venue preparations, checking safety equipment, greeting all the attendees, etc.; it displays the tasks, their status, and additional comments related to them.


Launch event day task checklist


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Template 7: Post-Launch Event Task Checklist Template

Once the launch is done, business owners still need to ensure that a slew of actions are executed well. This PPT Slide illustrates those tasks that start after an event ends. Conducting a post-event survey, identifying the challenges faced during the event, sharing the event videos and images on social media platforms, thanking the chief guests and speakers, and sending a thank you email are included in this template.


Post launch event task checklist


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Template 8: Cafe Launch and Promotion Basic Task Checklist Template

Starting a new venture includes being aware of, and executing, a plethora of tasks. Remembering each one of these is difficult if you don't make a checklist for the same. This slide contains information on the essential elements to remember while launching and promoting a cafe. Curating a list of key objectives and motives of the cafe to be promoted, selecting a location best suited, deciding the menu offered, obtaining necessary food and beverage licenses, and recruiting employees are also depicted through the template.


Café launch and promotion basic task checklist


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Template 9: Event Management Checklist Showing Key Tasks Template

This PowerPoint Slide illustrates critical tasks that the management has to execute for better control over team activities. These tasks can be split into three parts, that is before the event, during the event, and after the event. A targeted audience, finalized event budget, ensuring audience engagement, answering the queries of participants, etc, are also included.


Event management checklist showing key tasks


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Template 10: Weekly Sales Management Task Checklist Template

This PowerPoint Slide illustrates tasks of the sales team, which need to be done on a daily basis to maintain a record of the smooth functioning of an organization. Tasks such as setting sales goals, assigning tasks to the employees, developing sales strategy, etc, are showcased through this slide. It also comprises a sales training program, ensuring coordination in a team, onboarding recruits, conducting sales training programs and team management, etc.


Weekly sales management task checklist


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You can establish where you should focus your efforts with the correct task checklist. It may additionally share how to allocate your resources in the optimal manner. SlideTeam’s PowerPoint Template for the Task Checklist is essential for presentation consistency and professionalism. It ensures that all the information is cohesive, making it easier to comprehend and follow. Our templates also save time due to pre-designed layouts and graphics, improving efficiency. Get these PowerPoint Templates today!