Trying to manage a project without using project management tools is akin to playing football with your feet tied. This holds true for even the smallest of the projects that a business undertakes. 


Project management is the art of getting things done. It involves many trade-offs to ensure that the project gets implemented and executed in the right manner. Successful project management involves a myriad of processes. These are communication, influencing with authority, leading a team, tracking and reporting status and allocating resources etc. A checklist must always be maintained to ensure that the project is on the right track and any issue can be tackled in real-time. 


To give you checklists of every facet of project management, SlideTeam brings you best-in-class PPT templates. These are content-ready, come with attractive images and visuals and help a project manager and an organization stay within sight of project goals and objectives. 


Let’s explore our project management ppt templates!


Template 1: Project Management Integration Activity Checklists

If you want to track your project by analyzing activities that go into its completion, this PPT template is for you. Enter details like project name, the starting date, date of completion as well as the name of the project manager in the placeholder provided. Use this presentation template to list activities or tasks that need to be completed with deadlines mentioned against. Project managers who want to achieve 100% success rate, must download this PPT Template now.


Project Management Integration Activity Checklists


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Template 2: Project Evaluation Checklist Project Management Professional Tools

Check the quality of a contractor’s work in charge of a specific project with the use of this slide.  The tabular format and infographics make it easy for an organization to ensure that contractors are sticking to the contract, as well as the project schedule. With a check on all these facets, an organization can really check all boxes on its way to successful project execution, giving it a reputation for professionalism that being tremendous brand recall.


Project Evaluation Checklist


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Template 3: Business Project Schedule Management Checklist

This PPT Template comes with attractive infographics that help a project manager identify activities that need to be undertaken in it. With the help of this easy-to-use template, a project manager can define characteristics like the project source of funds, the outcome needed, the success factor, people responsible, and the level of involvement of stakeholders. Project managers wanting to start off their project with a successful note, download the template now.


Business project schedule management checklist


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Template 4: Project Management Practices Checklist with Status

This is a creatively and innovatively designed PPT template that helps a business define tasks, individuals in-charge and job status. Businesses ensure that all resources in place before a project commences. Use this hands-on presentation template to clearly describe project deliverables, its budget and milestones you wish to achieve.


Project Management Practices Checklist with Status


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Template 5: Project Management Plan with Task Checklist

A project is heavily dependent on the team that is executing it. An organization can maintain a list of all tasks of a project, deadline and the team heads with this simple, yet elegant presentation. A tabular format provides all information on project tasks, including the status in a clear and crisp manner. In particular, the state date and end date columns act as clear markers to the efficiency of the project teams. 


Project Management Plan With Task Checklist


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Template 6: Project Management Checklist for Deliverable Tracking

Monitor stages of a project like initiation, planning, executing, controlling and monitoring using this well-designed template. For instance, the initiation stage has three points that will need a tick; have you taken the client requirement, is a project charter in place. On similar lines, each of the stages has at least three more points you want to have ticked, as part of the checklist format. Download this checklist template now to master the start of a project!  


Project Management Checklist for Deliverable Tracking


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Template 7: Consulting project management and assessment checklist

This is a simply and creatively designed PPT template that enables an organization to execute and manage a project in an effective manner. The simple grid format provides the organization space to define the project charter, design its project communication plan, documents required as well put a staffing plan in place. For each of these activities, the person in charge as well as the timeline can be defined in this wonderful checklist format. The comments section enables the project manager or the person in charge of the activity to add essential details and insights into the project.


Consulting Project Management and Assessment Checklist


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Template 8: Agile Engagement Project Management Checklist

Collaboration is the key to successful project execution and agile engagement enables an organization to ensure that changes and updates are carried out, without impacting the deliverables. To make the task of agile engagement easy for scrum teams, this editable and visually attractive PPT template enables any business to manage activities like development of scrum teams, availability of tools and infrastructure, executing sprint planning etc. for the successful completion of a project. The deadlines of the project activities as well as the status can also be tracked using a simple table structure.


Agile Engagement Project Management Checklist


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Template 9: Dev ops Project Management Checklist

This PPT template is an effective means to manage Dev ops or developer operations projects. The presentation template, with placeholders for attractive images, helps any organization to present Dev ops project management with clarity and professionalism. The matric-like format is content-ready and helps an organization answer simple questions related to Dev ops like prioritization of tasks, goals and sustainability options, volunteers for project, automation involved, audit details of the project etc. The notes section also enables the project manager to include additional details for the project’s smooth execution. 


DevOps project management checklist


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Template 10: Stakeholder Project Management Communication Checklist

This PPT template is aimed at managing stakeholders involved in a project. The matrix format enables a business to define the type of stakeholder and design nuanced communication required for every stakeholder. The presentation template maps each stakeholder to progress report update, organizational updates, daily updates, invites for virtual meetings etc. to ensure that they are always in the know of the project progress. Project managers wanting to enhance stakeholder engagement in a project, download the template now.


Stakeholder Project Management Communication Checklist


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Get a Project Right with the Right To-Dos


Managing a project requires well-designed allocation of time, effort and resources. Even with this, projects often tend to fail or are not executed in the right manner. To avoid project failure, a to-do checklist comes in handy. These checklists help businesses manage a project in the most effective manner, as each item is specific to the tasks and projects at hand. 


For more information on project management checklists, read the blog.



FAQs on Project Management Checklist



How do you create a checklist for project management?


A project management checklist lists down important tasks and activities that need to be carried out for its successful completion. To create a checklist for project management, the following need to be known:


  • The vision and goals of the project
  • Main stakeholders and project requirements
  • Project deliverables or outcomes
  • Project budget
  • Resources required 
  • The project schedule and activities
  • The communication plan


Once these are known, the checklist can be created by using any software or by brainstorming and putting down the important activities that need to be carried out. For each of these activities in the checklist, a deadline, resources and person in-charge is specified. A project management checklist template can also be used to develop a checklist for a project.


What is a project implementation checklist?


A project implementation checklist lists tasks and steps that need to be undertaken for the successful execution of a project and achievement of its goals. With the help of this checklist, a project manager cannot miss out on any important task and is able to get the project completed in time and without any major tweaks to the original vision. Moreover, with the help of this checklist, a project can be monitored and tracked during its execution and any issues can be resolved without adversely impacting the project in any manner. 


What is the checklist model? 


A checklist model is a simple model that helps to define criteria for project evaluation. A checklist model helps in the development of important tasks and criteria that a project needs to meet. If the project is unable to meet any of the defined criteria or any of the tasks of the checklist model are not executed, a project is deemed to be a failure. The checklist model in theory and application is the means that ensures the success of a project.