Humanity has displayed a mastery of project management, and the capacity to exercise it, all the way back to the very dawn of civilization. In the pyramids, the Stonehenge and even with the ancient hunter gatherers, who fashioned tools and hunted in packs to survive in the wild, we see vision and management. In these structures and remnants, both huge and small, we exhibit the hallmarks of a species that planned out a vision with many moving parts, and then executed those plans. 


Cut to the modern day. Businesses across industries strive to master this domain, to better organize themselves, advance their internal decision-making processes and optimise their revenue streams. Every corporations, large or small, require good managers at the helm, who are capable of holding together an enterprise with limited resources and set boundaries for time, money and scope.


In this blog, we’re going to be study ten world-class project management templates. You can use these PPT Presentations to derive a better comprehension of this area of business, and to expand your own management resources within your department and over whatever processes you command.


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The 100% customizable nature of the templates provides you with the desired flexibility to edit your presentations. The content ready slides give you the much-needed structure.


Let’s take a tour. 


Template 1: Project Management Bundle PowerPoint Presentation Slides

This PPT Presentation, a complete deck in 93 slides, boasts impeccable aesthetics and an intensive coverage for managers looking to overview their projects. Use this PPT to map out action plans and assign responsibilities within your teams. One of the initial slides sets the stage with details of the project, ranging from the name, funding, and duration, while also covering objectives and expected outcomes. Later slides delve into your strategies with project overview, project milestone, project budget, project gains, project management and many more resourceful metrics. Impart vision onto your workload by defining the purpose and overview, along with the scope, corrective action plan as well as roles and responsibilities within the process at play.


Project Management Bundle


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Template 2: Project Management Controlling And Monitoring PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Presenting another exhaustive PPT Presentation, geared with the right tools to ensure smooth functioning of the project. Use this to help curate your vision for your audience and the teams looking up to you. Set a clear process within the management strategy in one of the later slides with a range of useful metrics, including project charter, scope, project communication, project risk, project quality, project resource, and budgetary details as well. Also present is a project plan development, a measurement of project lifecycle, a project planner and other helpful tools scattered through the length of the 77-slide slide presentation. 


Project Management Controlling and Monitoring


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Template 3 – Project Management Professional Tools PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Colorfully rendered and loaded with useful metrics, this 76-slide PPT Presentation sets out data gathering techniques that will prove insightful for any organization's management hierarchy. Present alongside this are benchmark analysis tools for project management, a business brainstorming tool for financial statements, a project mind mapping tool, a management daily check sheet, a project evaluation checklist, a focus group methodology, and interview methods for project research. 


Project Management Professional Tools


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Template 4: Project Management Steps And Process PowerPoint Presentation Slide

Equip yourself with the right techniques for successful management by getting this PPT, which comprises 74 slides. Laid out in an animated format across the presentation are slides for setting an agenda, defining a project planning process, laying out project lifecycle phases and project planners as well. Set the objectives of the project with the intricacies of the quality, money, time and the scope, while drafting a critical path method in another. Elevate management standards within your business domain with the added benefit of a week scheduler, an active planning chart, a yearly scheduler, a project tasks status dashboard and more. 


Project Management Steps & Process


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Template 5: Project Management Life Cycle Methodology PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Like the other templates discussed in this blog, this PPT is intensive in nature and covers a range of project management techniques. Set well defined goals with the aid of this template, which allows you to break down the types of project, while setting the objectives along with the scope and the timeline in another. The presentation stands out with its blend of red and blue hues applied consistently across all slides.


Project Management Life Cycle Methodology


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Template 6: Project Management PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Armed with multiple tools and data evaluation techniques for improved management, this PowerPoint presentation is sure to make its mark on your business. A project brief is covered with objectives, status and expected outcome explained in detail. A project management lifecycles is also laid out, with multiple phases for you to customize as per your requirements. Our project management ppt Slides covering project scope management, risk identification and management budgeting make for a more extraordinary and comprehensive tool for anyone in the managerial sphere. 


Project Management


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Template 7: Project Management Plan Playbook PowerPoint Presentation Slides

This presentation opens with a project management plan playbook with multiple steps to devise your project vision. Also present is a slide detailing the best practices for highly productive managers, followed closely by the role of project manager in managing information flow and project manager’s guideline for strategic planning.  The PPT is also endowed with a helpful checklist to track project lifecycle management activities and graphs for managing feasibility during project initiation.


Project Management Plan Playbook


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Template 8: How Firm Improve Project Management Communication Strategies Complete Deck

The presentation covers a broad range of subjects with a focus on communication strategies at the heart of project management. Use it to lay out a comparative analysis of project communication standards, while the next covers statistics associated with organizational communication. Also covered in the presentation is a slide discussing the essential parameters for effective communication and more. 


How Firm Improve Project Management Communication Strategies


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Template 9: Project Management Kick-off Meeting Template PPT Presentation Slides

Maintain your objectives in a business environment with the aid of this effective PPT, layered with data and refined with the right tools for good management. It comprises 23 slides and begins with a meeting agenda with customizable phases. The presentation dives into the project description, project scope, project management cycle, etc. Expand on the management hierarchy and the core team in one of the slides, and cultivate a better vision of management with a ‘responsibility assignment matrix’. Also incorporated through the PPT are other tools like a project cost estimate, a work breakdown structure, a project communication plan and tools for work priority allocation as well.


Project Management Kickoff Meeting Template


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Template 10: Project Management Timeline Gantt Chart

Businesses succeed by mastering the art of time management. Keep a keen eye on targets and deadlines with the help of this dashboard, which has been designed for timeline management. The slide presents a yearly and quarterly breakdown alongside a list of projects and the smaller sub-tasks within these. Empower your business with the right strategies for time management with a download of this animated dashboard.


Project Management Timeline Gantt Chart


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Professionalism is the vital key to success in the realm of business. Our project management templates have been made to capture both aesthetic looks and a meticulous level of professionalism. Take advantage of these finely curated PPTs to make an audacious statement in your corporate space while gaining an edge in whatever sphere of business you command.






What are the five stages of project management?


  1. Initiation phase: This is where the entire process begins, and this is where you evaluate the project from the outside, determining any issues. A project mandate which describes the intricacies of the project can usually be part of this stage. 
  2. Planning phase: This stage begins with you defining the goals of the project, while also laying out its broad scope and a work breakdown schedule to things in line. You identify the resources at your disposal, the time, costs and the responsibilities that are to be allocated to the respective team members.
  3. Execution phase: This is the part of the entire process where you put your plan into work. In this phase, you carry out tasks and activities prescribed to the project by overseeing the team and communicating with key executives. 
  4. Monitoring and control phase: This phase, sometimes, overlaps with the execution phase. This is where you keep track progress, and measure the outcome that arise across a day-to-day framework. 
  5. Closure: When the process is over, there are things that an efficient manager would need to handle such as releasing employees and winding down resources. A review of the project is sometimes carried out after the closure of the project, where managers get to assess what worked and what didn’t. 


What are the four types of project management?


There are divergent styles and methods of management that leading industry figures employ. There are primarily four types that define this business:


  1. The executor style: This style of management is one where the company’s strategies and goals are given prime importance, and no deviance from the set path comes about. 
  2. The prophet style: With this style of management, one doesn’t priorities the company’s strategies, but instead has a long-term vision that that might unearth new avenues for growth. 
  3. The expert style: A manager who employs this style of management is professional, analytical and calculating. They rely solely upon business expertise in decision-making.
  4. The gambler style: Perhaps the most common type of manager in the industry, this is the kind of manager that refuses to stick to a set path and chases new opportunities often without the backing of market analysis.


What are the seven principles of project management?


  1. Every project must have a sound market-driven justification
  2. Every stage of the process offers learning potential for the teams
  3. Clearly define duties and responsibilities within the project architecture
  4. Plan the work out in stages
  5. Board members oversee the ‘exceptions’
  6. Every team must set its focus on controlling quality
  7. Adopt separate strategies for each project