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Top 5 Workflow Templates with Examples and Samples

Top 5 Workflow Templates with Examples and Samples

Hanisha Kapoor

Hanisha Kapoor

February 3 2023

Developing a product requires idea generation, filtering the best option, screening, outlining procedures, testing, and marketing to launch it in the marketplace. A glitch in any one of these steps can lead to a project failure.


The same analogy applies to our personal lives. We need to attend to basic instructional classes to learn to drive a car. Or we must go through a professional course to be able to apply the skills. It is imperative to be methodical and maintain a workflow to reach the desired result.


A workflow streamlines complex processes and allows you to accomplish milestones. It keeps you in sync with the processes and helps you manage tasks. It also highlights gaps and shortcomings in business functions to warn you about delays and setbacks. Having an organized workflow in the system helps you automate the process and smoothen company operations. It is, therefore, important for managers to create and maintain a workflow that leads to increased productivity and improved quality of work.


Workflow Templates to Coordinate Task and Other Processes


SlideTeam brings you a collection of ready-made and customizable workflow templates for introducing a well-structured plan that showcase roles and responsibilities of every individual. You can elaborate processes and functions in a crisp and concise manner to equip your employees with the required knowledge and skills and give them functional autonomy.


Use these PowerPoint Templates to reduce duplicity and redundant work. Deploy these actionable workflow PowerPoint Slides for emphasizing tasks that help you complete the project with a 100% success ratio.


The customizable nature of the templates provides you with the desired flexibility to edit your presentations. The content ready Slides give you the much-needed structure.


Let’s walk you through the collection below and help you reach your goals within the desired time-frame.


Let’s begin!


Template 1: Team Project Workflow PPT Template

This is a ready-made PowerPoint Template to outline a project workflow process. It is a general outline useful for project managers to initiate and execute the business operations right. Use this actionable PPT Diagram and highlight each step of the workflow to help your team understand roles and responsibilities. It is a clean and crisp PowerPoint Slide which will help you identify glitches in case some gaps occur. Download now!


Team Project Proposal PowerPoint Template


Download this template


Template 2: Professional Consulting Service Process Workflow PowerPoint Template

Wish to create a simplified workflow for your company to complete tasks on time? Grab this content-ready PowerPoint Template and lay out a professional and easy to understand process for your employees. This actionable PowerPoint Template highlights four major sections of a workflow which exhibit steps to help you reach your milestones. Deploy this predesigned PowerPoint Diagram and use it for high-quality process delivery. Download now!


Professional Consulting Workflow Process


Download this slide


Template 3: Training Management Workflow HR Department PowerPoint Slide

Are you an HR manager looking to create a workflow to train your team? This is a top-notch PowerPoint Template to help you guide your employees and encourage them to conduct engaging orientations and seminars. It is a ready to use PowerPoint Slide showcasing a systematic workflow that starts from training summary and feedback. It also walks your audience through the hierarchy of line managers, requesters, approvers, to help them make informed hiring decisions. Download this presentation template and use it to chart an action plan for onboarding promising candidates.


Training Management Workflow PPT Template


Download this template


Template 4: HR Recruitment Process Workflow Chart PowerPoint Template

Here is another PowerPoint Template for the HR manager to streamline hiring process. This predesigned PowerPoint Slide highlights steps to shortlist deserving employees. The process starts with filing requirements from every department and moving to the HR department for creating a recruitment plan. This workflow highlights approval from managers and finally spotting the right candidate. It is a clean and crisp PowerPoint Template helping you outline a perfect recruitment workflow automation process. Download now!


HR Recruitment Process PPT Template


Grab this slide


Template 5: Process Workflow Example PPT Template

Last but not the least is this professional and appealing process workflow PowerPoint Template applicable across industries and sectors. Use this predesigned PowerPoint Diagram and create a well-structured workflow to help your team meet goals and daily objectives. It is a predesigned PowerPoint Slide showcasing interlinked steps for completing the project or business operation. Deploy this ready to use PowerPoint Template and provide an organized workflow to your employees to avoid confusion and gaps. Download now!


Process Workflow PowerPoint Template


Download now

Automate, and Do It Well


Having an automated workflow in the system saves time and reduces errors. Therefore, create a process that is easy to follow and execute to scale up your business operations and deliver desired results. Use SlideTeam’s content-ready and custom-made PowerPoint Templates to develop an actionable workflow for your business. These premium PPT Slides are designed with appealing graphics and colors to help you engage your audience. Download these ready-made PowerPoint Templates from the above collection or here.


PS: Are you a project manager looking to track progress? Grab this exclusive guide showcasing project workflow PPT Templates for outlining tasks, priority, dependencies, etc., to meet your goals.


FAQs on Workflow

What is a workflow template?


A workflow template is a tool that helps you get a panoramic view of your workflow process. It showcases the steps and people involved in a process. A workflow template can be in the form of a flowchart, activity diagram, or business process model. It illustrates steps in a project and how they fit together for a successful implementation of tasks. A workflow is a sequential series of activities that should be completed to reach your goals. It acts as a blueprint to clarify priority tasks or other activities.


What is the purpose of a workflow?


A workflow is a detailed description of a business process to help employees be more efficient. It is a repeatable process comprising series of tasks that need to be completed in a specific sequence. Workflows ensure that important processes are done in a proper manner every time. Having a workflow in the system makes it easier to comprehend information and streamlines processes for employees. There are other reasons to have a workflow in place such as,


  • Improving business operations
  • Eliminating redundant processes and tasks
  • Reducing operational expenses
  • Responding to issues with efficiency
  • Automating processes


What are the key elements of a workflow?


  • Inputs: The data, materials, or information required to start the workflow.
  • Tasks: The individual steps or actions required to complete the workflow.
  • Processes: The series of tasks that make up the workflow and the relationships between them.
  • Outputs: The results or deliverables that the workflow produces.
  • Roles: Individuals or teams responsible for performing tasks in the workflow.
  • Decision points: Points in the workflow where decisions must be made based on output from previous tasks.
  • Timelines: The expected start and end times for each task, and timeline for the workflow.
  • Workflow management system: The software or platform used to manage the workflow, such as task assignments, progress tracking, and reporting.

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