Have you ever found yourself swamped by the number of tasks that need to be completed? Imagine a situation where you have an important meeting on a given day but forget about it because of the everyday bustle. The result? You find yourself unprepared, scrambling to gather your thoughts and materials at the last minute. We've all been taken aback by an unfulfilled commitment. It could be challenging to remain on track when deadlines and priorities continually shift. Here, just diligently maintaining a Task Calendar and noting down the date of the meeting well in advance can make a world of difference in managing your responsibilities.


Whether you're a professional with a hectic schedule juggling many tasks, a student facing packed schedules and examinations, or an entrepreneur attempting to balance work and life, the problem is universal. When regulating one's time and improving performance, we use plenty of approaches and techniques, but a Task Calendar is the most straightforward and effective solution. Having your work stretched out systematically over not just a day but an entire week or a month can ensure that you maintain attention in your daily tasks.


In addition to improving your time management, a task calendar provides a bird’s eye perspective of the upcoming tasks and meetings, guiding you toward everything that needs to be done.


Hosting an event requires thorough planning, which can be time-consuming and tedious. Slide Team brings to you the Top 10 Event Planning Calendar Templates with all the required elements for planning an event.


Task Calendar Templates


Creating a task calendar that suits your needs is THE challenge. Complexity, a lack of customization, or just not knowing where to start are common concerns for people. Creating a task calendar shouldn't add to your stress but alleviate it. Keeping that in mind, SlideTeam gives you a selection of ready-to-use top 10 task calendar PPT Templates to help you minimize the agony of last-minute deadlines and gain control over the tasks at hand. These slides on the Task calendar are user-friendly and 100% editable, allowing you to customize them effortlessly with your details, skills, and experiences.


Let’s explore the Top 10 Task Calendar Templates now!


Template 1: Quarterly Task List Calendar Template

We are bound to miss some essential tasks when juggling 100 tasks every day and reaching the deadlines. Considering that crafting a list of tasks beforehand can be very beneficial. This PowerPoint Slide showcases a calendar that marks a list of quarterly tasks each month. You can add tasks based on their priority, which would assist in adequately allocating your time and resources.


Quarterly Task List Calendar 2019


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Template 2: Content Marketing Task Calendar Template

If you run a marketing company, time is your most valuable asset. Scheduling and staying organized are the keys to hassle-free allocation of tasks. This PowerPoint Slide showcases a content marketing task calendar that provides task details to be accomplished every week. Tasks mentioned in this slide include blog posts for the company, guest blogging, articles for LinkedIn publishing, and more, along with the week when they’re supposed to be done. Employee this PPT template today!


Content Marketing Task Calendar 2019


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Template 3: Monthly Business Calendar with Tasks Template

A monthly business calendar is invaluable for planning a project and providing a clear roadmap. It allows for effective task management and ensures that the progress is tracked. Along with mentioning the dates for important meetings, you can add other essential dates like client calls, significant birthdays, and team reviews. Download this slide and stay ahead of your planning game.


Monthly Business Calendar 2019 with Tasks


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Template 4: Monthly Digital Marketing Team Tasks Calendar Template

A monthly calendar that functions these tasks can be a game changer for a digital marketing company. It provides an organized approach to planning and executing important content. This PowerPoint Slide depicts the digital marketing team's monthly tasks calendar. This slide includes tasks like social media updates, case studies of software clients, client surveys, client presentations, etc. Employ this content-ready template to have a clear overview of all necessary tasks and achieve deadlines smoothly. It assists in practical teamwork, avoiding miscommunication and duplication of work.


Monthly Digital Marketing Team Tasks Calendar


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Template 5: Organizational Monthly Task Calendar Template

This PowerPoint Slide illustrates the monthly tasks to be achieved by the organization. These tasks include cleaning email lists, updating product pages, creating bulk content, drafting social media posts, evaluating monthly expenses, creating budgets, etc. The months are presented in tricolor, green, orange, and blue, which makes it visually appealing. Each month has an icon that denotes the tasks to be done that month.


Organizational Monthly Task Calendar Slides


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Template 6: Weekly Calendar of Businessman with Tasks to be Done Template

A few essential tasks can slip from your mind as a businessman with hundreds of things to focus on. To avoid such a situation, employ this weekly calendar specially curated for businessmen with tasks to be accomplished. Each day of the week is color-coded for visual appeal. Download this efficient PowerPoint Template design today!


Weekly Calendar of Businessman with Tasks to be Done


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Template 7: Multiple Monthly Marketing Task Deliverables Calendar Template

This PowerPoint Template design highlights the marketing task deliverables in a month and their deadlines. For example, TV advertisement planning in January should be completed between the 4th and 13th, and sponsorship partnership building should be completed between the 19th and 29th. Similarly, this slide showcases tasks like print advertising, launch marketing campaigns, pricing planning, direct marketing, etc. Get this productive PowerPoint Slide today!


Multiple Monthly Marketing Task Deliverables Calendar


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Template 8: Monthly Calendar Chart Presentation Template 

This One-page PowerPoint template showcases a monthly calendar task chart. It includes details such as the monthly agenda, tasks to be done on a daily basis in a complete month, and a list of some essential tasks such as business meetings, client meetings, team overview sessions, appraisal meetings, and more.


Monthly Calendar Task Chart


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Template 9: Monthly Calendar Sample Task Presentation Template

This PowerPoint Slide illustrates a monthly calendar tasks table. It depicts all the details, such as tasks to be completed daily, agenda, etc. Furthermore, essential tasks like client meetings, internal review sessions, team outings, etc., are also included in this PPT slide.


Monthly Calendar Sample Task


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Template 10: Single Pager for Daily Schedule Tasks by Employee Template

This One-page PowerPoint slide illustrates the daily work status of an employee for one month. It showcases details regarding any urgent work to be submitted by the end of the day, product launch details, and upcoming conferences. Get this template now and never miss an important task at hand. You can plan, prioritize, and set realistic deadlines using this daily schedule tasks PPT design.


Single Pager for Daily Schedule Tasks by Employee on Monthly Calendar


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Staying organized is important for success in today's fast-paced corporate environment, and a task calendar Template is your safe bet. A task calendar gives a planned approach to task management, schedule monitoring, and team communication, whether you're managing a team or preparing an event. From project management to event promotion, implementing a task calendar template into your company strategy may boost productivity, enhance communication, and ensure profitability. Use these templates to highlight the primary tasks and stay ahead. Our templates also save time due to the pre-designed layouts and graphics, improving efficiency. Get these PowerPoint Templates today!