Presentations are meant to inform, educate, and motivate audiences. People pay more attention to presentations when they are story-driven. Likewise, videos, statistics, and even images are essential elements of any presentation.


Keeping all these points in mind, we came up with the top 5 service-based presentations that work like a guided tour of your offerings. One of the most prominent examples of service presentations is Apple's WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) event. In this event, Apple shares what their engineers have been doing in past years to make app development easier for developers on their operating systems.


In the same way, Slideteam's presentations give you an ample amount of flexibility and label-free images that can be molded according to your requirements. These presentations use the power of words and pictures in order to keep their audience engaged for longer. With the help of our service presentation templates, you will reinforce the organization's corporate image, focus on the essential things that need to be done, and more.


This will lead you to nab the right type of employees, customers, and even investors if you are careful in using these. 

SlideTeam's PowerPoint Templates are content-ready and 100% editable. This means that you will get readymade slides that give you a starting point when advertising your services and the flexibility to alter the slides to your needs. Let's begin.


Template 1: Soft Skills Team Leadership Customer Service Presentation

Without a doubt, soft skills are crucial to succeed in a professional workspace; this is true for both the employees and the employers. With the use of this soft skills presentation template, companies and team leaders will be able to showcase how the team needs to communicate with customers effectively so their problems can be solved as soon as possible.


In this presentation, you will get to showcase the use of different soft skills such as team skills, leadership skills, customer service, management, job interview skills, and more. Likewise, these slides come with a number of editable icons that you can use to denote and describe the use of every individual soft skill.


With this presentation template, team leaders in HR, call centers, and sales teams can know how they should handle their emotions in the workplace as well as with customers. Download this template from the link below.


Soft Skills Team Leadership Customer Service Presentation


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Template 2: Process Flow of Customer Service Presentation PowerPoint

With effective communication training, your team members will learn how to listen and respond empathetically. Moreover, they will be able to represent the information clearly and concisely. The slides depict a proper response along with the steps that businesses take when a customer comes with a query.


Furthermore, these editable presentations have a bar graph that shows the number of sales for the last four fiscal years, along with a separate slide for team members.


In this slide, viewers get to know the proper flow of a customer query and how it should be properly handled. The flow chart includes information gathering questions, when to register a complaint, analyzing and diagnosing the query, how to deliver a solution, and finally, taking a satisfaction survey from the customer. Furthermore, you will also get slides on the customer service process, customer service process improvement, customer service strategy, and more.


Likewise, using process flow presentation, companies will enjoy improved departmental productivity in terms of issue resolution, outreach, and customer engagement. Download this template from the link below.


Customer Service Process Flow


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Template 3: One-Page Manual for Effective Management of Public Service Presentation Report

This presentation showcases various products that the company provides to its customers. The most significant use case of this slide is that it smoothes out the learning curve that customers have to go through after buying a new product.


You can add the logo of your brand, a description of the document's purpose, and a summary of procedures and policies that are necessary to understand the task. It is one of those presentation templates that government officials and corporations alike can use. For example, this one-page editable slide can be used to represent a guide on how to board the metro train for the first time. Government bodies such as the local Municipal Corporation can showcase six different methods on how to save drinking at home.


This template will give you the power to create a single reference point that will teach both employees and customers how to properly use the product and overcome any potential setbacks during its usage. Download this template from the link below.


One Page Manual for Effective Management of Public Service


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Template 4: After-Sales Service Presentation Visuals

Fine-tuning your after-sales service is one of the most important things you need to tick off on your never-ending to-do list. After the sales, maintaining a good relationship with the new client is critical.


In this editable presentation template, you will be sharing knowledge of benchmarking, how to find KPIs and use them in reporting systems, maintenance, and distribution, along with the network design and how to plan or forecast inventory management.


You will help team members to push forward high-quality after-sales activity. This includes answering customer queries, providing set-up for the client onboarding support, and even writing personalized thank-you notes to elevate the overall experience.


One of the use cases of this customizable slide can be found in product-based companies like Samsung mobiles, LG Smart TV, and others who are working in similar tech industries. With these slides, team leaders can provide training on collaboration with other teams, service marketing, managing supply chain event management, using reverse logistics, and more.


Download this template to make your clients happy and give them something to look forward to when they are working with you.


After Sales Service Presentation Visuals


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Template 5: Next steps for e-Commerce Website Designing Service Presentation Slides

Every designer wants to wow their clients by creating a tempting website that brings in tons of online business. But in order to do that, designers first need to take in all the necessary inputs from the client for developing an ace site design.


Here, you will find a template that comes with the contract requirements, along with the signatures of both parties involved in the project. These slides have plenty of space where you can mention the desired changes that the client asked for and the terms on which you have accepted the proposal.


Likewise, this website design template also shows clients that they must make 50% of the advance payment before the start of the work. Some extra space is also left for designers to add their clauses if needed.


From this presentation template, designers get to thoroughly ask and describe questions such as the targeted audience for the website, the short-term and long-term business plan, and what type of marketing strategies they want to implement after the website is complete.


Download this template from the link below.


Next Steps for Ecommerce Website Designing Service


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Template 6: Your investment in ecommerce website designing service presentation slides

Ecommerce requires a proper investment strategy as online business involves a number of necessary features along with the implementation of enterprise solutions. From this editable presentation template, you will quickly share the cost of expenses like domain fees, hosting fees, maintenance costs, app development costs, and others.


In this presentation, website designers will showcase different services, such as planning, web design, back-end development, quality assurance, and others, along with their pricing. There’s a separate table for additional services like inbound marketing, copywriting, web support retainer, and others.


This template is quite helpful for freelancers and for those who are working on a per-project basis as this template will help them charge money for all small and big services they do separately in addition to building a website.


Likewise, the presentation will also clarify the type of security present on your website, the additional cost of the SSL certificate, and what different types of firewalls are currently.


Download this template from the link below.


Your Investment for Ecommerce Website Designing Service (1/2)


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Wrapping Up


Now that we have come to an end, we hope you are feeling more relaxed and confident about your upcoming presentation on various services. The need to be creative and provide engaging content is always going to increase with time. With our ready-to-use templates, you can easily create excellent presentations with fresh designs to elevate your upcoming pitch, discussion, and meeting.


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