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Top 10 Payroll Reports Templates with Samples and Examples (Free PDF Attached)

Top 10 Payroll Reports Templates with Samples and Examples (Free PDF Attached)

Hanisha Kapoor

Hanisha Kapoor

September 29 2022

Do you check your bill when you purchase routine household necessities, or do you pay without even a glance at the invoice?


As a key part of your duties as a house manager, you double-check the goods you bought, the quantities you purchased and calculate the money you owe to the seller; once satisfied, you clear the check. This is a methodical approach to measuring and analyzing the purchased items to manage your expenses.


This attention to detail is needed in business too. Keeping in mind your company's budget, you have to keep tabs on employees’ wages, taxes, and deductions to ensure that you are paying them the correct salaries. This is the essence of payroll management, and a payroll report is a document that employers use to verify pay rate, hours worked, tax liabilities, and other activities of employees that have any financial implication on business.


Business owners began to deploy payroll systems at the beginning of the 20th century; before this, it was outsourced. In the 1980s, payroll automation was introduced to spare employers and human resource managers the tedium of working with numbers and figures.


Payroll evolved from entries in clay tablets, copper plates to paper parchments, paper scrolls, ledgers, and payroll software to payroll PPT Templates.


To manage every aspect of your payroll process, check out the actionable PPT templates featured in the blog.


Verifying your company’s taxes, fair compensation packages, accounting data, etc., is a part of creating an extensive payroll report. To help ease this labor-intensive work, deploy SlideTeam’s ready-to-use PowerPoint Slides and create exclusive reports for lenders, stakeholders, authorities, and more.


Incorporate these customizable PowerPoint Templates to automate payroll processing and reduce the level of complexities in calculations.


These PowerPoint Diagrams are easy-to-use, save your time, and are easily downloadable. Browse the collection below on payroll PPT Templates and keep track of employee pay type, overtime, employee loan, salary analysis, etc.


Let's begin!


Template 1: Payroll Management PowerPoint Template

This is a content-ready PowerPoint Template to help you accurately process pay salaries. This PPT presentation covers different aspects of payroll management, such as employee information, loan management, claim management, exit clearance tracker, and more, to streamline bonuses, deductions, taxes, etc. Deploy this ready-to-use PowerPoint design and ensure your employees receive their salaries on time with the proper assessment of the time clock and total hours worked. Download now!


Payroll Management PowerPoint Diagram


Download this template


Template 2: Payroll Reports PPT Slide

Help your HR team comprehend different types of payroll reports with this actionable PowerPoint Template. Discuss and highlight the benefits of each payroll report by incorporating this ready-made PPT slide. Showcase ways to outline these reports and persuade your team to create detailed payroll reports using this predesigned preset. Grab this template now!


Payroll Reports PowerPoint Slide


Grab this slide


Template 3: Payroll Reporting Requirements PowerPoint Design

Here is another easy-to-use PowerPoint Template to simplify your complex payroll processes. List the requirements to create payroll reports on this PPT slide and educate your team about the payroll journal. This PowerPoint diagram demonstrates tax liabilities, workers' compensation, retirement contributions, and more. Provide HR managers with all the relevant details about payroll management using this flexible PPT slide to draft a well-structured payroll report. Download now!


Payroll Reporting Management PPT Template


Download this template

Template 4: Quarterly Payroll Reports PPT Slide

This is a predesigned PowerPoint Slide to help you manage quarterly payroll reports. This flexible preset will outline payroll reports and manage labor expenses, overhead costs, profit margins, etc. Optimize employees' costs, stay on budget, and assess your business better by developing comprehensive payroll reports. This PPT diagram is suitable to differentiate among quarterly payroll reports to create the one that suits your requirements. Download now!


Payroll Report Template


Download this template


Template 5: Payroll Report PowerPoint Template

Looking for ways to craft an extensive payroll report? Grab this illustration and pen down your assessment on employee summaries, attendance, pay rate, etc., to give your stakeholder a panoramic view of the payroll report. Deploy this well-structured PPT slide and use it to present your management federal payroll tax reports. Click the link below to download this template.


Payroll Report PPT Templates


Download this template


Template 6: Payroll Report PPT Example

Get an insight into your employees' hours worked, time theft, absenteeism, and more with this ready-to-use PowerPoint Template. Produce payroll reports as often as possible and analyze the company's expenses using this content-ready PowerPoint diagram. Keep tabs on employee productivity, crunch the numbers, and compile a well-crafted payroll report by incorporating this PPT design. Download now!


Payroll Report PPT Graphic


Grab this slide

Template 7: Payroll Reports PowerPoint Graphic

Wish to keep your expenses under control? Develop a payroll report and calculate your company budget and expenditure. Use this ready-made PowerPoint template to streamline the payroll management system in your organization. Simplify handling and managing salaries and deductions with this predesigned PowerPoint diagram. Download now!


Payroll Report PPT Layout


Download this template


Template 8: Payroll Reporting PowerPoint Template

Here is another ready-to-use PowerPoint Template to help you monitor financial data such as labor costs, budget for additional expenses, recurring paychecks, deductions, and benefits. Whether you want to create company-wide payroll, employee-specific, or cash requirement reports, this PPT diagram is handy and easy to use. Download the link below and use it to make a detailed payroll report showcasing essential aspects of payroll management.


Payroll Reporting PPT Slide


Download this slide


Template 9: One-pager Payroll Report PowerPoint Diagram

This is a professional and well-crafted PowerPoint Template to develop an annual payroll report for your organization. This content-ready PowerPoint diagram will help you present an extensive payroll report to your management, covering processes such as total payments made by an organization, on-cycle payments, department-wise payments, etc. Prepare an actionable payroll report and summarize your company's finances using this PPT slide. Download now!


One-pager Payroll Annual Report PPT Templates


Grab this slide


Template 10: Payroll Annual Report PowerPoint Template

Wish to create a full-fledged payroll report for your company? Deploy this ready-made PowerPoint Template and use it to assess your organization's funds. Allocate resources and budget with thorough scrutiny and present a complete payroll report. This PPT diagram highlights different payroll management features to help simplify payroll processes. Click the link below and get access to this predesigned PowerPoint template. Download now!


Payroll Annual Report PPT Slide


Download this template


Payroll reporting highlights employees' work habits and the business's overall labor costs. Report your company's liabilities, taxes, and employees' wages to keep the discrepancy between you and government agencies. Grab content-ready payroll PowerPoint templates and summarize payroll data with ease.


Because let's admit, these payroll reports are going to keep coming!


Download these premium PPT slides from these premium PowerPoint slides from our monthly, semi-annual, annual, annual + custom design subscriptions here.


PS: If you want to check the regularity of your employees and other staff members, explore these PPT templates featured in the blog.


Payroll Reports FAQs




What are payroll reports and their types?


A payroll report is a document extracted from a company's payroll system. It provides you with a total sum of compensation a business must pay to its employees for a given period. A payroll report is also called a payroll journal or payroll register. Payroll reports must be submitted quarterly or annually, depending on your requirements. Payroll reports must cover comparative data, year-to-date data and pay periods covered. There are different types of payroll reports. These are as follows:


Company payroll reports: The company payroll reports offer company-wide payroll information. It calculates the taxes and other levies the company owes to the government. It breaks down the payment into different components of additions, deductions, and taxes.


Employee payroll reports: This type of payroll reporting gives the payroll details of each employee. It provides a comprehensive view of employees' wages, taxes, and deductions.


Certified payroll reports: This payroll report needs to be submitted weekly by government contractors.


Time-tracking reports: A time-tracking payroll reporting allow you to calculate employees' wages and analyze time attendance metrics. It answers questions such as average time worked by the employees, overtime, pay rate, etc.


What is included in payroll summary?


A payroll summary provides an overview of a business's payroll obligations during a specific timeframe. A payroll summary includes details on wage earnings, tax withholdings, benefit deductions, and taxes owed by employees. 


What does payroll mean in business? 


Payroll is the process of paying a company's employees. Payroll reporting highlights the list of employees to be paid, hours worked, calculating employees' wages, distributing the salary, and recording the payroll expense.


What are payroll taxes?


Payroll taxes are imposed on employers or employees and are calculated as a percentage of salaries that employers pay to their workforce. Payroll taxes affect wages exclusively and not on financial or physical investment returns. Payroll taxes contribute to underinvestment in human capital, such as higher education.


Download the free Payroll Reports Templates PDF.

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