If not all, most of us start our PowerPoint presentation thinking that this time I am going to add something new to my presentation and bring in the wow factor. Sadly, that thought ends only as a thought since we keep struggling with the basic shapes given as default in PowerPoint. But what if you knew tricks that would lead to awesome graphics in less than 5 minutes and which can do wonders to your presentation!


Arrows are one the most widely used graphics in PowerPoint presentation. They are frequently used in presentations to show different processes, steps, hierarchy of an organization, flow of communication and primarily in business diagrams. While there are options available by default, it would also be great to add a customized arrow which the audience has never seen before and will also help you and your content stand out from the rest.


3D Arrows Diagrams you may like
3D Arrows

The following colorful 3-D arrow is one such design that will grab immediate attention of the audience. The figure looks attractive but complex at the same time. But once you go through this tutorial, you would be able to make the same arrow in less than 2 minutes in PowerPoint 2013.


Four steps to grow a business


Steps to Create Customized 3D Arrow in PowerPoint 2013


1. Insert a ‘Right Arrow’ from the auto shapes menu (Home tab).

Insert Right Arrow



2. Now take a rectangle from the auto shapes menu and place four rectangles over the created arrow as shown below (the first rectangle starting from the corner of the arrow).

Distribute rectangles across the arrow


3. Distribute all 4 rectangles horizontally on the Right Arrow. To do so select all rectangles and go to the Format tab. Click on Arrange – Align – Distribute Horizontally.

Distribute rectangles horizontally over the arrow


4. Now delete the first rectangle from the left. Select the arrow and rest of the three rectangles. Click Format- Merge Shapes- Fragment.

Fragment the Shapes


The image has been fragmented into multiple parts. Delete all rectangles from the image to get the result as shown below:

The fragmented arrow


5. Remove the outlines from the shapes and give the figure color of your own choice. To do so select all present figures – Right Click – Outlines - No Outline. To change the color of the boxes, right click and under Fill, select the color of your choice.


Change the colors as per your preference


6. Select all the present figures and group them together by pressing Control + G.


7. Select the grouped object, right click and click Format Shape. The Format Shape window will open on the right. Select the second tab under Shape Options- Effects. In the 3-D Format option, choose the Top Bevel as Circle (see the screenshot below). The result should look something like the figure shown in the image below.


Add Bevel effect to the arrow


Note: - Increase the number of Depth to 20 Points to get a better effect.


Keep the bevel depth 20 point


8. Go to 3-D Rotation (below the 3D Format option)– Presets - Parallel - Off Axis 1 Right.

Add 3D rotation to the shape


You can always experiment further to get different 3-D arrows but these steps will help you create innovatively designed PowerPoint 3-D Arrows for your next PowerPoint presentation. Here are some more variations of the same arrow:


3D arrow depicting business growth


Just by changing the presets in 3D rotation, you can create customized 3d arrows:


Customized 3d arrow


Professionally Designed Arrow Diagrams


Looking for more options to create stunning slides? We have handpicked three arrow diagrams for you to create a stunning slide in seconds. Just download them, type your text and present confidently:


Professional PowerPoint Template #1

3D Arrow to Showcase Processes, Ideas

Click here to download this PowerPoint template.


Professional PowerPoint Template #2

Circular process explained with 3d arrows

Download this arrow diagram and use it to explain circular processes.


Professional PowerPoint Template #3

3D Arrows for vision, mission, target slide

Grab this template by clicking here. It is the same template that we used for the banner image.


Here are some additional 3D Arrows Designs you may like
3D Arrows

Hope you liked the tutorial we shared today and we hope that after this tutorial, you will ditch those cliche arrows provided as default in PowerPoint and go for customized 3d ones. Tell us your feedback in the comments below.



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