With nearly 300 million Instagram followers, Nike is acing the social media game. Ever wondered how they do it? 


The answer is simple, the quality content it posts. The company’s secret sauce is keeping up with all marketing trends, current events, and creating a distinct brand positioning in the mind of their target audience. The key is the quality of the content plan that engages their end-users.


A content plan outlines the creation, distribution, and management of content to achieve specific marketing goals. It defines the types of content to be produced, target audience segments, distribution channels, and a timeline for publishing. A well-developed content plan aligns with a brand's objectives, ensures consistency in messaging, and adapts to changing trends and consumer preferences. It serves as a roadmap for content creation teams.


A content strategy plays a crucial role in marketing since it lays out a process for developing and delivering good, relevant content. It guarantees messaging consistency, targets specific audience segments, and aligns content with organizational goals. Additionally, your content plan is adaptable to market changes and consumer preferences, allowing for quick responses. 


Finally, an effective content strategy fortifies a brand's online presence, creates genuine connections, and increases conversions, making it a must-have tool for today's marketing environment.


SlideTeam has got you covered with our expert-prepared Top 10 Content Plan Templates. The templates are for all marketers looking to engage their audiences and maximise conversions. These templates will save you time as they enable you to build on our pre-planned strategies. 


The 100% customisable nature of the templates provides you with the desired flexibility to edit your presentations. The content-ready slides give you the much-needed structure.


Let’s explore these!


Template 1: Creating an Effective Content Planning Strategy PPT Template

Use this template to create your target audience’s consumer persona and outline the journey of their interaction with your product/service. For developing a consumer persona, the template enables you to record demographic, geographic, lifestyle, and behavioral attributes, visually. You can map out the customer’s path to purchase on a timeline in the PPT Template. These data points will help you plan and create content for each stage separately, from awareness, interest, and consideration to the decision stage. The template enables you to conduct a detailed audit of the content and tabulate the results. Based on this table you will be able to evaluate your existing plan and develop a new one. Download right away! 


Creating an Effective Content Planning Strategy PPT Template

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Template 2: Six-Month Content Plan PPT Template

To manage and create a content calendar, use this PPT Template. It has a well-structured and all-inclusive dashboard with an odometer to track progress. The template includes a timeline with four phases; Planning, Designing, Developing, and Testing. It highlights the phase currently in action. The template enables you to summarise the project and tabulate in the brief the budget allocation, risks involved, due tasks, etc. The marketing content plan for the next six months can be created with a colourful roadmap. You can use it to plan and delegate tasks to members of your team. With this template, you can make monthly as well as weekly plans for optimising content reach. Download Now!


Six-Month Content Plan PPT Template

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Template 3: Content Marketing Plan To Increase Brand Authority PPT 

Use this template to define your objectives and goals, laying the foundation of your content marketing plan. Create content calendars to plan content, delegate work, set deadlines, and decide on publishing media. The PPT Template divides the process of content creation across three stages represented in a sales funnel. The template provides ways to optimize content for backlinks and conversion. It also has an SEO checklist that lets you keep track of content, title tags, meta descriptions, URLs, etc. Use the cost analysis in the slides to make a budget plan for your marketing campaigns. The performance of the content created and published can be assessed using the social media metrics available in the template. Download Now!


Content Marketing Plan To Increase Brand Authority PPT

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Template 4: Two-column table for Marketing Content Planning PPT Template

Use this well-summarised template to create your content plan. This two-column template will enable you to assign content types like interactive content, eBooks, visual content, podcasts, user-generated content, etc., to days of the week on which the task should be performed. The simple table will help you outline day-to-day objectives for your team members. You can plan your daily, weekly, or even monthly tasks using this template Download Now!



Two-column table for Marketing Content Planning PPT Template


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Template 5: Online Marketing Content Planning Calendar PPT Template

With this template, you can plan out your monthly content posts. It has pre-set marketing channels like emails, blogs, videos, and social media statuses that can be edited, added, or omitted according to your requirements. The template enables you to add descriptions of each post being published. This template is perfect for all digital marketers, it will help you sort your monthly templates in a table making it easily legible for you and your team. Download now!


Online Marketing Content Planning Calendar PPT Template

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Template 6: Website Quarterly Content Plan Calendar PPT Template

This quarterly content planner will get all your tasks sorted for the whole year. The PPT Template calendar provides you with a step-by-step action plan. It spreads out tasks like determining content goals, defining the target audience, evaluating existing content, content mapping, promotion, revising, and modifying content over 12 months. Alongside the roadmap, you can expressly mention the deadlines assigned to each task. Download now!


Website Quarterly Content Plan Calendar PPT Template

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Template 7: Developing Content Plan for Better Customer Engagement PPT Template

This PPT Template enables you to sort your content for various targeted groups. With this template, plan your status updates, type of content, and publishing platforms for categories of users. This specific content design will enhance customer engagement on your media channels. Download now!


Developing Content Plan for Better Customer Engagement PPT Template

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Template 8: Content Planning Worksheet for Account Nurturing PPT Template 

The end goal of all marketing campaigns is to draw the attention of the target audience and increase the number of conversions. This PPT Template will help you keep track of a user's response. It tabulates the type of content being posted, the response of one particular user to each post, etc. Segment your post's content on the basis of the consumer’s previous interaction with your company. This will help you develop accurate consumer personas and deliver Top of the Funnel (TOFU), Middle of the Funnel (MOFU), and Bottom of the Funnel (BOFU) content based on that. Download now! 


Content Planning Worksheet for Account Nurturing PPT Template

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Template 9: Business development and content marketing plan Template 

Use this template to develop a holistic business development strategy by planning out your content. The template has divided the content marketing plan into five stages; Reach, Act, Convert, Retain, and Loyalty. Use this template to separately plan each of these stages based on objectives, strategies, KPIs, deadlines, and personnel responsible. Ensure you implement each phase of the marketing plan Download Now! 


Business development and content marketing plan template

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Template 10: Visual Content Plan for Social Media Marketing PPT Template 

Today, it is vital to have eye-catching visuals on your brand's media platforms, and this PPT Template is exclusively made to ensure that. Use this template to provide design briefs for impactful visual content, by providing them with detailed guidelines. The template already has five segments: Continuous content development, appropriating content sizing, humanizing visuals, attaching visuals with captions, and reducing text usage. These can be used to formulate visual content strategies. You can add or omit these according to your specific requirements. Download Now!


Visual Content Plan for Social Media Marketing PPT Template

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Your marketing content, personifies your company, giving your audience a chance to interact with your brand. To ensure that your audience is interested to know more about your product/service and keep them engaged with your content. This planning of content will drive business by enhancing customer engagement leading to a higher conversion rate. Keeping your audience interested will ensure that they stay with you in the long run. 


To plan and create content targeted at niche audiences click here to check out our Goal-oriented Content Plan Template 


FAQs on Content Plan


What is a content plan? 

A content plan is a strategic outline detailing content creation, distribution, and management, designed to achieve specific goals. It includes target audience identification, content types, publication schedules, themes, keywords, distribution channels, promotion strategies, team roles, metrics, and budget allocation. As a roadmap, a content plan ensures consistent and relevant content creation, optimised for target audiences and search engines. It allows for organised collaboration, resource management, and adaptation to changing trends, ultimately contributing to effective content-driven initiatives in fields like marketing and communication.


What are the four steps of content strategy?

A content strategy involves four key steps:


Analysis: This phase involves understanding your target audience, market trends, and competition. You'll define audience personas, assess their preferences, pain points, and behaviours, and analyse content gaps. This data guides the content direction.


Planning: Here, you set goals, determine content types (blogs, videos, etc.), and create a content calendar. You define topics, themes, and keywords aligned with audience interests and search intent. You also establish tone, style, and branding guidelines to ensure consistency.


Creation: In this step, you develop the actual content. Writers, designers, and creators collaborate to produce high-quality, engaging content that resonates with your audience. You might also curate relevant content from other sources.


Distribution and Measurement: After creating content, you distribute it through chosen channels like social media, email, or your website. You also track performance using metrics like engagement rates, website traffic, and conversions. This data helps you assess the effectiveness of your strategy and make improvements as needed.