Big Data has never been bigger and there are no signs that new data generation is slowing down. The quantity of data available today is immeasurable. However, with more and more data emerging from common experiences to the internet of things, it can be difficult for businesses and researchers to gain insights on time. 


Nobel-prize winning economist predicted in 1977, “What information consumes is the attention of its recipients.”

Hence, we find today that traditional data processing software can't process the flood of data and fail to provide timely insights. This is where the role of big data frameworks comes in.


The more advancements in technology, the more complex and large are unstructured and structured datasets. The traditional processing methods and tools cannot process and analyze these datasets due to their size and complexity.


Hence, companies have shifted to special software — big data frameworks with high data processing and storage capabilities. 


What are Big Data Frameworks?


Big data frameworks are tools that make it easier to process big data. They're designed to process big data quickly and efficiently, while also being secure. Big data frameworks are open-sourced, meaning they're free with the option of paying for support if you need it.
Data is about collecting, processing, and analyzing petabytes and exabyte scale data sets. Big Data is about the volume, velocity, and variety of data. Data is about the ability to process and analyze data at a speed and scale that was previously impossible.


Now, you may have a question — What is big data processing?


It is collecting raw and noisy datasets and converting them into an understandable format. It involves a series of steps — collecting, cleaning, organizing, transforming, and analyzing data to derive valuable insights and, finally, presenting them in a way everybody can understand. .

Businesses leverage the insights derived from datasets to make strategic decisions, resulting in company growth.

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Big data frameworks simplify this series of steps in data processing.  These frameworks  provide a basic framework that helps them make the most out of big data  quickly. And you can pick a framework available from our Top 10 Big Data Framework Templates in an even quicker fashion. 


Template 1: Data Strategy Framework in Big Data PPT Template 


As you start on the endeavor to  make a fail-proof strategy to manage big data, this PPT Template takes care of the operational analysis. You can take into account information security, data exploration, financial network analytics, customer insights, and risk compliance management. Use the space provided beside every aspect for additional information, special note, tasks or actions, deadline, or any other detail. Download this framework template and prepare a comprehensive strategy.  

Data Strategy Framework in Big Data PPT Template


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Template 2: Big Data Analytics Framework PPT Template

Analyzing Big Data can be a tedious task, but a well organized framework can take you a long way.  This PPT Template  helps you plan and manage tasks for analyzing the data. For example preparing standard reports, ad-hoc reporting, dashboard query, setting alerts and triggers, forecasting, predictive modeling, and optimisation. Download Now!


Big Data Analytics Framework PPT Template


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Template 3: Four-Step Big Data Analytics Framework PPT Template 


Use this step-by-step guide for analyzing available big data. The process is given in the column clockwise. The first step being strategizing, this includes identifying opportunities, building a business case, determining governance, ownership, and solution. This step is followed by creating the architecture, this includes visualization, setting processes, acquiring the right tools, etc. After architecture is the process of integration, this involves  deployment  of tools and processes to channel data. The final step is realization, the objective is to increase visibility, predictability, and realizing value, Download now!


Four-Step Big Data Analytics Framework PPT Template


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Template 4: Pipeline Framework for Big Data Analytics Data Processing PPT Template

Streamline your data handling with this Data Processing Framework. This PPT Template organizes  tasks in a flowchart. The process starts with data producers like social media and machine data, this data then enters the big data framework. The data is ingested, processed, stored, and monitored. Each of the columns has space to elaborate on  channels and tasks involved at every stage. The PPT Template is color-coded, the red columns highlight the in-built software components whereas the orange column depict the third-party software components. Download now!


Pipeline Framework for Big Data Analytics Data Processing PPT Template


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Template 5: Big Data Analytics Framework with Diagnostic PPT Template

Using data to answer questions, identify trends, and extract insights can be valuable to organizations as these  help drive decision-making and strategy formulation. This PPT Template includes  four types of data analytics; Descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive. Descriptive notes the situations, offering an answer to the question ‘what happened’. Diagnostic is focussed at understanding ‘why it happened’. Moving forward predictive analysis forecast and is an attempt to answer ‘what will happen’. The prescriptive analysis is a list of actions to reduce any ill-effects and tasks to improve in the future. Download Now!


Big Data Analytics Framework with Diagnostic PPT Template


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Template 6: Big Data Security Framework with Data Protection PPT Template 


Big data privacy involves properly managing big data to minimize risk and protect sensitive data. To safeguard big data and ensure it can be used for analytics, you need to create a framework for privacy protection that can handle the volume, velocity, variety, and value of big data as it is moved between environments, processed, analyzed, and shared. With this PPT Template, you can plan and track data management, access management, data protection and privacy, network security, and infrastructure security. In the given table you can list tasks under each of the categories and create a  completion status report. Download Now


Big Data Security Framework with Data Protection PPT Template


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Template 7: Big Data Framework for Data Control and Security PPT Template 

Companies that handle large volumes of sensitive information are falling prey to data leaks, privacy issues. Consumer privacy laws are falling short of a deterrent, leading to frequent data breaches.  To ensure that you stay safe, , deploy a system of defining the types of data, data control and security. Use this PPT Template for presenting a workflow to data discovery and data classification to your team members. The data must be dissected and filtered through data intelligence and data analytics before being used. Download now and secure your data. 


Big Data Framework for Data Control and Security PPT Template


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Template 8: Big Data Analytics Framework for Drug Discovery PPT Template 


Analyzing Big Data has become important in every industry, may it be automobile, IT, retail, and even healthcare. The PPT Template below presents a detailed framework for drug discovery, including analytical applications, analytical techniques, big data transformation, and data sources. In every column, you can add details like examples, technique, plans and actions. In the analytics techniques section, you can use  visualization, predictive, and collaborative analytics. For the transformation plan use data mining, and machine learning techniques. Explore more and download Now!

Big Data Analytics Framework for Drug Discovery PPT Template


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Template 9: Big Data Analytics Framework for Enhancing Operational Efficiency PPT Template


To increase the operational efficiency of your organization, use this analytical framework. The PPT Template has columns to highlight and mention in detail the skills and technical understanding required, analytical applications, functions, and practical concepts. The other resources, processes and requirements given in the columns below include statistics, data techniques, fundamentals, data visualization, programming, and machine learning. Download Now!


Big Data Analytics Framework for Enhancing Operational Efficiency PPT Template


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Template 10: Big Data Management Framework PPT Template

Managing Big data is vital as well as tedious. It is important to maintain and analyze this data for insights about consumer behavior, demand, and needs, but handling data in large volume is the real challenge.  The PPT slide illustrates big data managed services, which businesses can use  to gather real time company analytics. It includes services such as data acquisition, storage, testing, monitoring, data security, analysis, architecture, development, migration and optimization.


Big Data Management Framework PPT Template

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Secure and manage your data!

Big data is the emerging area of focus that takes the notion of huge information sets and crunches them with the hardware architecture of high-speed parallel processors, storage hardware and software, APIs, and open-source software stacks. Big Data frameworks are complex. They're designed to process large amounts of data, and they have many  applications. While you handle the  use of these frameworks, we are happy to provide you with a wide range of options to choose from. The templates also have processes to ensure the safety of your data.