With enterprise data growing at an exponential rate and GDPR fines increasing by 40% last year, it's no surprise that investing in data governance is a critical strategic initiative for businesses.


It’s not an overnight feat! You must have knowledge of data governance frameworks, why data-driven businesses require them, adoption challenges, and operational templates to consider.


Don’t worry; SlideTeam got your back!


We'll review a list of the top 10 data framework templates and help you achieve future-proof data governance that protects your crucial information and drives revenue.


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Let’s explore.


Template 1: Enterprise Data Governance Framework PPT Template


Here’s a predesigned PPT Template that prepares you for building an effective data governance framework. It divides the complete substance into three phases: Governance Strategy and Vision, Program Management Organization, and Information Lifecycle Management. Using this PPT Framework ensures your organization is ready to cope with data challenges that might otherwise prove fatal. Get it now. 


Enterprise data governance framework with change management


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Template 2: Data Analytics Framework PPT Design


The data analytics framework helps collect, organize, and analyze data to discover patterns and insights. This process can be overwhelming for businesses unfamiliar with the methodology. Here's a data analytics PPT Template to assist you in getting started. Our templates are simple to use and customizable, allowing you to create the ideal presentation that suits your purpose. Download our PPT Templates now.


Data analytics framework with collection and cleaning


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Template 3: Data Strategy Framework Showing Operational Analysis


Presenting you with a unique beehive hexagon design to build a robust data strategy framework. With this template, know the critical areas to consider while preparing an actionable plan. The predefined topics this PPT Template explains Enhanced customer insights, Risk compliance management, Operational analysis, Information security, Data exploration, and financial networks analytics. Grab this content-ready PowerPoint Template to leverage big data to provide impeccable solutions to customers. Download now.


Data strategy framework in big data showing operational analysis


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Template 4: Data Governance Framework PPT Theme


Building a data governance framework for your organization can be a lot of hard work! You need help and insights to be successful at that job. SlideTeam has the perfect PPT Template to help you get started. This template breaks down the labor work into small, actionable steps divided into three stages: Standards, Policies & Processes, and Organization to simplify the procedures to integrate IT solutions into your business. Get it now.


Data governance framework ppt powerpoint presentation


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Template 5: Centralized Data Framework with User Interface and Integration Services


Collecting, storing, and sharing data from multiple sources without compromising the uninterrupted flow of operations can be challenging. Our predesigned PPT Template makes it easy. It helps you document information from vital sources to ensure nothing is missed. Its design enables you to determine how, when, and from where data is collected, where it is stored, and when it is shared. Use this actionable PowerPoint Template to safeguard your business processes with the help of a data governance framework. Get it now.


Centralized data framework with user interface and integration services


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Template 6: Building a Data Governance Framework Process


Data governance is a methodical process that demands absolute attention to detail. Here’s a PPT Template that defines the stages of this process into easy-to-understand pieces so your stakeholders don’t lose the picture. It covers strategy, policies and procedures, technology infrastructure, and other cornerstones. Download it now.


Building a data governance framework process


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Template 7: Big Data Security Framework with Data Protection and Privacy


Data management is a big feat to accomplish! With the right help (like our PPT Template), you can do it in no time. Protect your data and increase your infrastructure security using this content-ready PowerPoint Template. Deploy this flexible PowerPoint Slide and follow the steps given on the slide to identify the gaps and manage your data with efficiency. Download now!


Big data security framework with data protection and privacy


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Template 8: Data System Framework PPT Template


Data is irrelevant to the user if it does not have its utility! Use our PPT Framework to ensure you collect the right data from the correct sources and have proper channels to export them to respective stakeholders. It has a data warehouse to store and share information. Get it now.


Data system framework with sources and staging areas


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Template 9: Cycle of Data Analytics Framework


Company analytics is a field in which you use previously collected data to uncover critical insights that can help you solve a business problem. To obtain these, you must use a plethora of statistical models. This PPT Framework is an excellent tool for understanding and visualizing the stages of data analytics. Our PPT Template assists you in creating presentations based on your own data. Download it now.


Cycle of data analytics framework


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Template 10: Data Analytics Software Framework 


Data analytics software framework offers possibilities for transforming data into insights, supporting business decisions, and optimizing processes. With a profusion of software available, it can be difficult to determine the most viable option for your organization. Our data analytics PPT Template assists you in starting your next data project. You can create insightful data presentations in minutes with our easy-to-use interface. Grab it now.


Data analytics software framework with sources


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Final Word


Developing a data governance framework is a massive undertaking that involves nearly everyone in the organization. However, with careful planning and execution, you can quickly achieve data governance maturity and widespread adoption. Therefore, deploy our prebuilt data framework templates to ensure sound data governance.


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FAQs on Data Framework


What is a Data Governance Framework?

A data governance framework is a set of policies, procedures, and standards that an organization puts in place to ensure that its data is accurate, consistent, and properly managed throughout its lifecycle. It includes guidelines for how data should be collected, stored, accessed, used, and shared within the organization and roles and responsibilities for managing data. 


The goal of a data governance framework is to help an organization effectively while also protecting the privacy and security of that data.


Why does an organization need a Data Governance Framework?

There are several reasons why an organization needs a data governance framework:


Data Quality: A data governance framework ensures that the data being collected, stored, and used is accurate, complete, and consistent. It helps to improve the quality of data and the decisions made based on that data.


Data Security: A data governance framework helps to protect sensitive data and prevent data breaches. It establishes rules and policies for accessing, using, and sharing data and ensures that authorized users only access it.


Data Compliance: A data governance framework helps an organization comply with various laws and regulations related to data privacy and protection. It includes laws such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).


Data Strategy: A data governance framework helps define an organization's data strategy and align it with business objectives. It ensures that data is used effectively and efficiently to drive business value.


Data Culture: A data governance framework helps to establish a culture of data-driven decision-making within an organization. It promotes data literacy and helps to ensure that data is treated as a valuable corporate asset.


What are the four pillars of data governance?

The four pillars of data governance are:


People: This pillar refers to the individuals and teams responsible for managing and governing data within an organization. It includes roles such as data owners, data stewards, and data governance committees.


Process: This pillar refers to the policies, procedures, and processes that are put in place to ensure that data is collected, stored, and used in a consistent and compliant manner.


Technology: This pillar refers to the systems and tools used to manage and govern data within an organization. It includes data management platforms, quality tools, and security measures.


Data: This pillar refers to the actual data itself and the rules and policies that govern its use and access. It includes data definitions, data standards, and data lineage.