Seeing you here, we presume that your organization has finally realized the importance of data management and its role in maintaining an interdepartmental coherence. Well, better late than never. 


A data governance framework is crucial for every major organization that deals with heaps of data that needs to be organized, managed, and protected. Among these, the crucial impetus is that of building a robust security system against the hackers and viruses that could manipulate the data you hoard. 




Therefore, it is prudent to put together a team of efficient and relevant members who will represent the workforce of your organization's data governance framework– a team committed to organizing, managing, and protecting data as it traverses departments and stretches beyond the office environs.


Such a good data governance framework must ensure six core properties in a data set:


  1. Data quality: It implies storage of data in its correct and consistent form.
  2. Data availability: Making your data readily available to the business personnel of the system.
  3. Data usability: It is to ensure that your data is readily available in a structured form compatible with conventional business tools and software.
  4. Data integrity: To retain the untampered quality of data despite its storage, conversion, transfer, and viewing.
  5. Data security: Emphasizing the classification of data based on its sensitivity and ensuring its protection across all online and offline platforms.
  6. Data auditability: Profiling and accessing data to detect fraud, intrusions, and other security problems.


Having stated these characteristics, it is vital to bring your staff's attention to a sound data governance framework, especially while instating this department in your company. Additionally, organizations need to renew their governance strategies and assign roles and responsibilities to members within this framework. For these reasons and more, management must set up sessions and convey such updates via PPT presentations. 


Apropos that, we have shared our top collection of data governance framework templates to help you structure your company policies regarding the security, essence, and integrity of data.


Template 1

Starting with an all-encompassing PPT deck to share the details of the data governance framework for your company. In this 25-slide deck, you can exhibit your understanding of the framework and its relevance for your company. Use the prescribed infographics and text outlines and add facts and figures to create a comprehensive report.


Data Governance PowerPoint Presentation Slides


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Template 2

Here is a rich compilation of graphical templates to analyze your data governance framework. Create insights on policies, devise and revise strategies, and identify critical roles and responsibilities to be played by team players with this comprehensive 12-slide infographic-rich PowerPoint template.


Data Governance Framework Continuous Business Organizational Structures


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Template 3

Introducing another exotic PowerPoint deck to escalate the importance of data governance roadmap for your company and devise a full-fledged report on it. Use this 71-slide PowerPoint presentation comprises tables, infographics, and typical data governance headings to help you create an all-encompassing guide. Download below to get started.


Governance Model PowerPoint Presentation Slides


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Template 4

Shown here is another single slide in the essence of corporate data governance. Highlight the crucial role of data governance for your company, adhering to its four fundamental pillars. These four criteria, namely accountability, fairness, transparency, and independence, are graphically represented as the pillars of a monument in this PPT presentation. This notation signifies their pivotal role in creating a practical data management framework.


 Pillars Of Corporate Governance


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Template 5

If you intend to depict the process of governance for an enormous amount of data, use this cyclic diagram to simplify the understanding. With this PPT design, you can highlight the critical roles of defining, applying, monitoring, and discovering data management with an active collaboration between the IT personnel and the business users.


Framework For Enabling Data Governance In Bigdata


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Template 6

Imply the aptitude of good governance with this seven-pillar infographic PPT template. Use this PPT layout to create a sound data governance framework encompassing seven principles, including strategy and risk overview, accountability, excelling key performance drivers, etc. Draft a visually appealing data governance presentation with this template.


 Good Governance The Right Governance Pillars PPT template


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Template 7

Make use of this data governance framework template to thrust the importance of communication in polishing data governance. Imply the importance of malleability in strategies, governance structure, policies, monitoring, and the technology deployed for your company's data management with this PowerPoint slide. Channel the schematic of this PPT template to depict feedback and communication within a data governance system.


Data Governance Framework With Strategic Communication Methods PPT template


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Template 8

Use this template to visualize a data governance framework with an example of a practical application. In conjunction with the tools and techniques like policies, governance metrics, technology, process, and taxonomy, this template can help you elaborate on the functional purpose and influence of data governance in your organization. Visit the download link below.


Example Of Data Governance Framework PPT Slides


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Template 9

Here is a flowchart representation of the components of your company's data governance framework. Assign the team members' critical responsibilities and label the company's councils, programs, and policies in this diagrammatic PPT layout. Create a quick access sheet of your data governance framework with this PowerPoint template.


Data Governance Showing Framework Council Organization Roles And Responsibility PPT template


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Template 10

All these efforts to devise a fully functional and practical data governance framework will go in vain without the concept of accountability. Here is a dedicated PowerPoint template to prepare a roadmap and compare performances over the years to determine the need for this extended activity for your organization.


Data Governance And Strategy Five Year Roadmap PPT template


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These were our 10 best fully editable data governance framework templates that are indispensable in assessment as well as management tasks. So get these technology PPT templates and ace your duties as an individual or a team. 


P.S: If you are committed to managing and processing data, here is another catalog to devise actionable data solutions with PPT templates.