Most of the marketing teams are focused on increasing online traffic metrics and closing deals. But do you know what the sad part is? None of them are satisfied with their conversion rates! In fact, only a fifth of businesses consider their conversion rates to be satisfactory. This is why there is a rampant need to use conversion rate optimization strategies in the digital marketing world. But conversion rate optimization, or CRO, is kind of a misnomer. Why? Because of a lack of awareness! ‘


‘Conversion’ here does not mean sales, and unless you define it properly, you can’t improve the overall satisfaction and experience. 


Here is the bottom line; if you want to improve your conversion rates and bring more traffic, you have to realize the true meaning of conversion rate optimization.


What is CRO?


Conversion Rate Optimization is an integral part of a digital marketing strategy that propels an organization towards long-term success and growth. In an environment that offers a lot of choices, CRO is the art of capturing new visitors in the hope of bringing in more revenue. It also helps improve the overall user experience. As a result, the website attracts more traffic by delivering exactly what the user needs. Also, by simplifying the navigation process, the webpage becomes more optimized, thereby converting leads into subscribers! 


Although site conversion may seem quite intimidating, if done right, it has a lot of benefits. It is particularly useful for e-commerce websites as it helps them tackle their competition by offering an enhanced user experience. 


This guide covers the foundations of CRO for a digital marketer to succeed. It helps in optimizing the online market platforms that can transform 1% average return on investment to 10% instantly! 


Explore These 10 CRO Tools For a Power-Packed Digital Strategy

Tool 1 

Conversion Rate Optimization is crucial in a digital workplace. This is why we have designed this well-crafted CRO proposal template to help ease the designing as well as the pitching process. Digital marketing agencies can oblige themselves by downloading this template to promote and prosper. With a wide range of slides, this template leaves no stone unturned to make a solid first impression and convert your leads into prospects! 

CRO Service Proposal PowerPoint Presentation

Download CRO Service Proposal PowerPoint Presentation

Tool 2

With hundreds of proposals filling up their inbox, a client has very little time to explore the best option. Therefore, it is important to submit a winning CRO project proposal that converts and acts as a promotional tool. This proposal template is a great instrument to flourish and grow your digital workplace because of its functional design and aesthetics. The most profound feature of this template is that it helps you hyper-focus your pitch on the needs of your clients, thus closing more deals with a single click! 


Web Page Conversion Rate Optimization Proposal PowerPoint Presentation

Download Web Page Conversion Rate Optimization Proposal PowerPoint Presentation

Tool 3

Win all CRO projects and prospects with this template. Its design and aesthetics cater to every individual’s or agency’s needs, thus fueling your presentation. It elevates the chances of landing more deals and displaying a convincing pitch on the go. Not only that, it includes various slides and large content blocks that can accommodate any amount of information. Apart from this, the personalization of this template design is very easy and convenient. Therefore, download now, to climb the ladder of success! 


Lead Conversion Optimization Proposal PowerPoint Presentation

Download Lead Conversion Optimization Proposal PowerPoint Presentation

Tool 4

Thorough knowledge of CRO is important for utilizing it to your advantage. This template design helps highlight and bring all the important components of the CRO funnel to the forefront, thus easing the explanation process. It is a go-to layout for e-commerce websites to establish themselves by bringing in more traffic. Therefore, download this template and personalize it with your content that needs an expert discussion!


Conversion Rate Percentage Significance Product Conversion Growth

Download Product Conversion Growth Funnel

Tool 5

Turn visitors into customers with this creative bundle. Explain the framework of lead conversion and its basic components. The diagrammatic representation of this template helps make it a very popular use case as everything can be explained without any difficulty. The template also complements any presentation that it is used with, due to its personalization feature. Also, the content blocks can be interchanged to raise the standards of your presentation. 


Components Of Conversion Rate Optimization CRO

Download Components Of Conversion Rate Optimization CRO

Tool 6

Achieve the highest organizational growth with this conversion maturity model template. Throw light on different levels of CRO including optimization, ad hoc testing, and many more, in creating a digital model. This template acts as a roadmap, dispensing important information to the viewers. It guarantees thorough understanding as everything is self-explanatory. The diagram below can be incorporated into any presentation to ease the pressure of designing everything from scratch. 


Conversion Rate Optimization CRO Maturity Model

Download Conversion Rate Optimization CRO Maturity Model

Tool 7

A well-established CRO funnel is an important part of online marketing. Use this template for gaining the point of difference between making profits and barely breaking even. Use it as a representation tool to display to your clients or in-house supervisor, depending upon the circumstances. Make your marketing campaign a lot more thought-provoking with this design that can be personalized in every way possible. With its simplified layout, it is a resourceful template to download and use! 


Different Marketing Conversion Rate Optimization PPT

Download Different Marketing Conversion Rate Optimization PPT

Tool 8

Showcase conversion rate and present it graphically using this PPT template. Enthrall your audience and improve their presentation experience with this well-structured set. This PPT slide can either be used individually or in conjunction with other presentations to display important stats. Not only is it easy to apply but also easily editable, making it fit for every user. 


Graph Depicting Revenue Growth And Conversion Rate

Graph Depicting Revenue Growth And Conversion Rate

Tool 9

Calculate the present valuable information on your conversion rates with this template that can be downloaded and edited with ease. Use it as a representative tool for clients or in-house supervisors as this template fares well with any presentation style. Its customizable components are even more helpful in adapting it to your needs and requirements. Therefore, download this design to close more deals and scale up your revenue! 


Customer Journey Funnel And Conversion Rate Percentage PowerPoint Presentation

Download Customer Journey Funnel And Conversion Rate Percentage PowerPoint Presentation


Tool 10

Are you looking for ways to administer your conversion rate stats? This template is best suited for stating and reflecting the analytical stats of conversion rates. It acts as a dashboard design that you can use to make your analysis and presentation of conversion rates a huge success. The entire pipeline of tasks can be explained in the funnel design, which is subjective to innumerable changes.


Customer Journey Funnel And Conversion Rate PPT

Download Customer Journey Funnel And Conversion Rate Browse Category PPT


It is Your Turn Now…


Only one out of seven A/B tests prove useful in increasing a website’s conversion rate. Why? Because conversion rate optimization is not only about pushing call-to-action buttons and testing their colors. It is a domain that helps drive results. So it is imperative to come up with the right tests, and a better strategy that dominates the performance of CRO. Feel free to use the 10 tools given in this guide and start experimenting with CRO right away!