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Top 10 Executive Coaching Samples with Examples and Templates

Top 10 Executive Coaching Samples with Examples and Templates

Minakshi Arora

Minakshi Arora

January 31 2023

Getting things done is the hallmark of successful businesses executives. Yet, there are stresses and strains associated with always being on the job. You can sometimes forget the switch-off button. In the case, executive coaching is an absolute must.

Executive coaching is also necessary when you see talent in droves in your business organization. As a high-performing member of the top brass, you want to groom such wonderful potential and make them ready for greater strategic roles. Then, too, use executive coaching.


Now, to pitch executive coaching as this important a business need, you need presentations that bring home this point, and the pain points it resolves. In comes SlideTeam, to offer you brilliant presentation templates to make your point and explain the relevance of executive coaching to your business.


From self-discovery to stakeholder management, our templates give you all you need in a concise, presentable format.


If you need group intervention and more skills-based version, coaching templates are the answer. Access these with a click here.


The 100% customizable nature of the templates provides you with the desired flexibility to edit your presentations. The content ready slides give you the much-needed structure.


Let’s study how you go about this wonderful, soul-stirring business action point.


Template 1: Executive Coaching PowerPoint PPT Template Bundles

More than anything else, businesses run on processes. Use this PPT Presentation Template to outline your executive coaching objectives action plan. Impress your probable client enough with this neat, structure six-step executing coaching process. Go from the Step 1 of Align Objectives to Review of 360° Feedback Report, Identifying the individual’s strengths, and how you will help them gain an understanding of communication style they prefer. In the final two steps of the executing coaching samples displayed here, create a practical action plan and review the action to be taken. The final step, of course, is Execution of Action Plan. This 17-slide complete deck also includes the plan to arrive at the promotion to an executive role, through career advancement, after proving yourself as an influential leader. Download this template to prove why your executive coaching input is a must for every decision-maker of business consequence. The additional slides add to the value offered.


Executive Coaching


Download Now!


Template 2: Executive Coaching and Training PowerPoint Slides Design

This PPT Presentation helps you showcase the four pillars of executive coaching to your prospective clients, a bunch of high-achieving individuals or companies. These are task focus, people focus, individual development and organization development. The skills that make it operational are skills and capabilities under the task focus head; motivational leadership does the trick for an executive in showcasing his/her people focus. Self-awareness and business leadership complete the four qualities that are to be manifested. Download this presentation template now to prove how good you are at executing coaching and training achievers to be better than their best.


Executive Coaching And Training PowerPoint Slides Design


Download Now!


Template 3: The Ultimate Human Resources Executive Coaching Objectives Action Plan

This colorful PPT Design is an attempt to aesthetically present an Action Plan that an HR manager can use in pitching executive coaching to the top brass in his/her business organization, as an additional competence to possess. Presented in a design, with icons that are world-class, use this presentation template to showcase your expertise in step-wise hand-holding of high-ranking executives towards implementation of an action plan though an executive coaching process.


Executive Coaching Objectives Action Plan


Download Now!


Template 4: Investor Funding Elevator Personalized Executive Coaching PPT Slide File Formats

Ideally, executive coaching can never be reduced to a formula as each of the individuals looking for their own service want it to be tailored to their own questions, business scenarios and challenges etc. This PPT Presentation allows you to pitch your capability to offer customized learning to clients through quality experts. Use this presentation template to showcase your prowess as a professional development platform providing executive coaching, in a scalable and measurable manner.


Personalized Executive Coaching


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Template 5: Executive Coaching Goal Setting Result Assessment

The four-step executive coaching goal setting result assessment details steps that must be taken before taking any executive action. It includes an assessment of what the business executive needs, then goal setting goals, before action is taken and results are tracked. This presentation template is more about ensuring the goals are set and tracked whenever any executive coaching is initiated. A basic fact, perhaps, but one that is often overlooked. Download this to present your relevance to the market and win clients after generating tremendous recall.


Executive Coaching Goal Setting Result Assessment


Download Now!


Template 6: Talent Development Executive Coaching Monitoring Team

Planning Leadership

At the end of the day, just as business development speeds up the pace of growth, talent development makes sure there is enough executive skill and decision-making at hand to take the relevant decisions. This PPT Template showcases the six areas that contribute to talent development, executive coaching being the first of these. It includes building the other competencies of mentoring, feedback and development planning, leadership development and finally design and implementation as well. Download now to get a 360° view of executing coaching and talent development.


Talent Development Executive Coaching Monitoring Team Planning Leadership


Download Now!


Template 7: Executive Coaching Completion Action Support Form

Without tracking, even as specific a program as executing coaching can tend to meander and stray. This PPT Presentation takes care of this pain-point through a record of complete by date mapped against actual completion date of tasks related to executive coaching. You also have a column to note he person who was delegated the task/asked for support. Such kind of efficiency and showcasing it in your pitch is the hallmark of executive coaching programs and works to ensure you win mind-space of clients, and the lucrative contract.


Executive Coaching Completion Action Support Form


Download Now!


Template 8: Organization Evolution Business Process Improvement Monitoring Program Executive Coaching

This PPT Template enhances the scope of executive coaching, taking the business process improvement, and organizational evaluation as its canvas. The pyramidal structure creates a step-wise base for the executive coach to suggest improvements and improve processes per se. Download now to showcase how you will resolve the pain-points of businesses in need of processes, as part of their fundamental make-up.


Organizational Evalution Business Process Improvement…


Download Now!


Template 9: Executive Coaching Model for Career Vision Development

A comprehensive and detailed look executive coaching from the perspective of a model for career vision development, use this PPT Template to impress and win clients no-end. Showcase the process as it passes through the self-discovery phase, self-evaluation phase and the self-motivation phase with the role of coach specified in each case. In the self-discovery phase, the role of the coach is to extract key insights from assessment of the work style and behavior of the employee, and help interpret results. In self-evaluation, this changes to assessing the areas of strength and opportunities for growth. Use this template to  grow your own reputation as an executive coach far and wide. You will, finally, have the business you deserve.


Executive Coaching Model for Career


Download Now!


Template 10: Six-Stage Leadership and Executive Coaching Plan

This leadership and executive coaching plan PPT Presentation starts with personal mastery baseline, going through key priorities,  stakeholder management, leadership, seeing your role of manager from the vantage point of a coach, and finally being ready for a strategic role. Download now to highlight your prowess in all these six areas, especially in doing difficult communication as critical part of stakeholder management.


6 Stage Leadership and Executive Coaching Plan


Download Now!




With our executive coaching templates, you will never struggle to make somebody’s life a lot easier and deliver specific results in behavior. Once you can successfully execute this, a high-flying career awaits you as well, in this challenging, result-oriented career. Yet, the pay-offs are huge in terms of the business difference you make. Another way to transform business results is better use of customer review templates. Find the best-in-class templates on customer review with a click here.



FAQs on Executive Coaching



What is executive coaching for?


In a business, executive coaching is for leaders or potential leaders who a business organization believes has sufficient potential to deliver big-time results. In it, the perspective is external with the coach typically an outsider, but an expert in high-performance delivery under stressful conditions. Executive coaching is ultimately for stakeholders in a business, who are willing to take ownership of all situations. It is about perceptible change in behavior brought about expertise from the fields of psychology, a bit of skill-development and improving performance under pressure.


What is the difference between coaching and executive coaching?


Coaching is a generalized term, where a group is taught to respond, rather than respond to situations and scenarios. Executive coaching is a specialized form of coaching, meant to induce leadership, task achievement and that extra bit of performance in tough business situations. This could in the field of communication, leadership, technical skills (though, not necessarily), team-building, handling pressure and learning to learn, even. Coaching is also meant for groups, executive coaching is more tailored and specific to the individual concerned.


Who benefits from executive coaching?


Typically, executive coaching is more like a surgical incision or operation of an individual (manager or leader) whose skills are vital to a business organization. It is, thus, beneficial only in cases where specific results are expected, and is not suitable for training people in general. Managers and people who benefit from it are, typically, business managers/executives who need to made more confident, more self-dependent to ensure the organization benefits from their insights. In the hurly-burly of a regular business dynamic, this insight finding can be impaired. An executive coaching stint can help your key executive rediscover that.


Who needs executive coaching?


People who needs executive coaching are mid-level, even top-rung professionals who need to discover their performance. It is needed for managers, executives and leaders who want to up their game using techniques from psychology, personal development and cognitive shake-up. It is a selective and relatively expensive tools with businesses to revive the ‘ideas-factory’ in-charge, as it were. Typical designations that need it are CFOs, CEOs, V-Ps or those whose executive skills are just too valuable for the business to be allowed to stagnate. Make no mistake, executive coaching has specific answers to give, and it delivers, thus its popularity.

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