If you are thinking about starting a restaurant business, firstly you need investments. Your personal wealth can be a great source of investment, but when there is no personal wealth to invest, you need help from an outsider, an investor, or a partner. However, to raise investments from such an outsider, you need to woo him with your business idea. And nothing is better than a thorough business proposal to grab the required attention.


A business proposal is only viable if it's extensive, well-drafted, ready with facts, insightful, yet brief and so much more. However, designing a business proposal with such thorough insights can be troublesome and tiring. But, what if we could make it easy for you?


SlideTeam’s 100% editable, customizable and ready-to-use one-pager restaurant business proposal template is here for your rescue. You can take the help of this well-versed and highly inclusive template to convey your business idea thoroughly. Let’s check out what this template has to offer.


Take the help of this restaurant business PPT template to showcase your business idea and execution in detail.


Template 1: Determine Restaurant Market Scenario


Determine Restaurant Market Scenario


Opening a restaurant business without thorough market research can be a risky venture. Hence, this slide allows you to showcase what’s the status of the restaurant market at the present times. Within this slide, you can inform your audience about the modified tastes and preferences and the increasing & highly disposable income of the customers that motivates them to spend more. Lastly, you can also inform the audience that the number of customers in the particular market is increasing substantially.


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Template 2: Service Spectrum of the Restaurant Business


Service Spectrum of Restaurant Business


One of the most important aspects of any restaurant business that our investors, partners, and customers would be interested in is the scope of food and services offered. This slide allows you to showcase what kinds of cuisines, foods, and beverages would be offered by your restaurant. Within this slide, you can represent the spectrum as Speciality Food Items, Seafood Items, Gourmet Dishes, Appetizers, Desserts, Salads, and so much more. This information will help the investor make an informed decision.


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Template 3: Our Process for Restaurant Business Proposal


Our Process for Restaurant Business Proposal


Another crucial aspect that any interested party would like to know is the entire process of business setup. This slide allows you to offer precise and brief information about this. The business setup process starts with a thorough inspection and survey of the site. In the next phase, you can set up the kitchen after procuring the required raw materials, utensils, and other equipment. Phase 3 is associated with setting up the bar and purchasing crockery. In further phases, you can procure the necessary license, decorate the interiors, and indulge in marketing as required.


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Template 4: Time Frame for Services Rendered for Restaurant Business Proposal


Time Frame for Services Rendered for Restaurant Business Proposal


This slide establishes the same time frame for a better understanding of the investors. The phase of site inspection and survey can take 1-2 weeks. Similarly, the detailed planning and review process may start from the third week and last up to four. You need additional time to design the restaurant with the help of an architect, hence, this phase can take up to 14 weeks to complete. The further phases will also be time-lined using this slide.


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Template 5: Your Investment for Restaurant Business Proposal


Your Investment for Restaurant Business Proposal


This slide showcases prices related to the use of the investment. You can start by entering the exact amount of investments made in the restaurant business. In the slide, you can take the help of a table to showcase expenses made against the investments. Here, you can enter the amounts related to operating expenses, agents and borders commission, constitution costs, administrative expenses, legal costs, workforce procurement costs, marketing expenses, and other miscellaneous expenses as undertaken.


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Template 6: Why Associate with Us as Restaurant Business Partners


Why Associate with Us as Restaurant Business Partners


Now comes the big question for investors. Why invest in your business? This is the slide that helps you showcase your vision for the future, but also entice your audience to become a business partner. In the slide, you can state that your restaurant will always be dedicated to quality. Additionally, you can also state that your restaurant offers a unique and uncommon menu not available elsewhere.


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Template 7: Addressing Brief Description About Our Firm


Addressing Brief Description About Our Firm


Taking the restaurant business proposal further, you can offer a concise description of what your firm’s values are. Within this slide, you can describe your vision and mission along with the About Us section. This will help you connect with your audience on a personal and deeper level. You can take the help of this slide to represent your core values viz. Quality Service, Trusted Partner, Innovation, Excellence, and Integrity. All these values will help you gain the required attention from your audience.


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Template 8. Brief Details About Our Extensive Experienced Team


Brief Details About Our Extensive Experienced Team


To make your audience believe in your restaurant business, you need to show that the staff you have or are planning to employ are experienced and dedicated. This slide will help you showcase your main team members, their experience, and roles. You can include some descriptions of the high-level professionals like the Executive Director, Financial Manager, Business Development Manager, Senior Project Manager, Associate, and other personnel as you need.


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Template 9: Addressing Our Existing Client Testimonials


Addressing Our Existing Client Testimonials (1/2)


If you are operating a restaurant business in another location, then you can use the client testimonials to back up your proposal. The testimonials from existing clients will help the investors know about the present performance of the restaurant and then ascertain the expected performance. If necessary, you can add some descriptions related to the position of the client and his/her business or professional details along with the testimonials.


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Template 10: Statement of Work and Contract for Restaurant Business Proposal


Statement of Work and Contract for Restaurant Business Proposal


If you want to hire personnel, then this slide will help you get a sample of Statement of Work. Moreover, this slide also houses the terms of the contract. In the slide, you can enter details related to the contract like the data, name of the client, designation, and address. The contract details include the services to be rendered, terms of mutual cooperation, payment patterns and terms, and other duties as the management requires.


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Restaurant Business Proposal: A Smart Way to Grab the Attention You Deserve


The template allows you to include your business details such as the time required to set up the business, the people involved, the vision, and so much more. A restaurant business proposal helps your audience get the insights they need to make an informed decision about your business. It's a professional document that will help you explain every aspect of your restaurant business idea to your investors and partners.


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