If the logistics division is malfunctioning for some reason, the entire business will bear the brunt. Be it the office refreshment hub that needs refilling or the primary stakeholders that are awaiting product or service delivery, neither the internal nor the external associates will be happy about disturbed logistics. This calls to attention logistics management that includes inventory management as well as coordinated transport between source and consumers. Certain standard logistics KPIs therefore need to be defined and tracked on a daily basis to avoid interruptions in smooth operations. 


These logistics KPIs will help businesses streamline logistics operations, make wise decisions based on data, and improve customer satisfaction ratio. Along with this, these key performance indicators will help your business eliminate guesswork and ensure that you make decisions based on factual data. Thus, logistics KPIs will offer a holistic view of your business’s interchange with other vendors. 


Considering their importance in ensuring smooth business transactions of goods and services, SlideTeam has collated this guide featuring actionable logistics KPI Templates. These presentation templates feature Excel-linked charts that’ll help visualize areas of improvement for your business. Isn’t this something wonderful? With just one accessory in the form of a presentation, you can guarantee a smooth flow of business processes.Our logistics KPI Templates will also help you obtain insight on how your competitors are performing and what you are missing out on. 


With our KPI dashboard templates, you can easily monitor the logistics hub's activity and track information related to Delivery status, Average loading time, Total logistics count, Fleet status and more. Our fully customizable PPT Slides display logistics along with a performance graph which can be useful while evaluating your business standings. 


Let’s dive in deeper and understand it better in this blog with the help of examples.


Template 1: KPI Dashboard To Track Logistics Hub Performance

With its ability to display real-time insights once linked to a relevant software, this logistics KPI dashboard template helps you identify the roadblocks and make improved decisions after progressive monitoring. This PPT Layout will offer progressive solutions and corrective measures to tackle hiccups in the logistics domain. Pur presentation dashboard will also help in the accurate allocation of resources and maintenance of delivery status,total logistics count and more. By making this investment, you can turn your supply chain hub into an operational powerhouse that promises effective performance and improved communication. Get it now!



Template 2: Logistics KPI for Scrap Value Inventory Accuracy PowerPoint Slide

This logistics KPI PPT Template will help deliver impactful visuals that convey your message clearly to your audiences. Use this presentation design to highlight discrepancies and improve your performance by jotting down pointers. These act as snackable data that guides businesses towards more sustainable strategies and maintain inventory accuracy. Download this PPT Slide to help your business communicate inventory health.



Template 3: KPI for Request Date Logistics Outsourcing PowerPoint Slide

This KPI Template for request date logistics outsourcing illustrates data concerning outsourcing success, identify issues, and optimize costs. It’ll help offer prominent solutions to roadblocks that come your way. With the help of this PPT Preset, businesses can easily manage outsourced operations,fleet status, average loading time. Your business will easily meet request dates resulting in better productivity. If you too are looking for solutions that assist your business in making data-oriented decisions, this is your cue to download this PPT Layout now!



Template 4: KPI for Stock Receiving Time Logistics Costs Presentation Slide

This PPT Design is majorly equipped with 2 key performance indicators-Average dock-to-stock time for receiving and total logistics costs as a percentage of sales. Mentioned metrics are all data-driven and the graphics can be custom-made for your business needs. This PPT Preset will surely leave a lasting impact on your audience, so why not give it a try?



Template 5: Transportation KPI Dashboard Showing the Cost of Goods Sold Logistics Cost and Gross Profit

With the help of our perfectly curated transportation KPI dashboard, you can handle your goods and shipping with prominence and efficiency. This PPT Slide displays logistics cost, gross profit, and more for a deeper understanding of direct expenses that are associated with commodities. It is inclusive of shipping, labor, overheads, etc. Moreover, this supply chain dashboard will assist your business in identifying various cost structures related to the supply chain along with Inventory accuracy, Total logistics count, Fleet status etc. So if you aim high and wish to increase your business profitability, give our transportation KPI dashboard a chance!



Template 6: Logistics KPI Metrics PowerPoint Presentation 

This PPT Slide is fully equipped to meet your business requirements. It will help track different stages like business understanding, management, strategies, analysis as well as finance which include factors like Delivery status, Average loading time, Inventory accuracy, Total logistics count and Fleet status. Get it now!



Template 7: Analyzing the Impact Of Iot On Major Logistics KPIs 

We bring to you the best PPT Tool for analysis, organization, and management discussions that can be tailored to suit your business needs. Using this presentation template, you can easily examine the impact of KPIs on logistics, capability utilization, shipment time, fleet status, consumer satisfaction, and more. This PPT slide specially focusses on deploying IoT logistics efficient operations. Get it now!



Template 8: Logistics KPI Metrics PowerPoint Model

This PPT Preset is the best way to educate your audience about your logistics operations. Design this presentation slide as per your business model and include steps like finance, analysis, delivery status, average loading time, inventory accuracy, total logistics count, business model, investment plan, and more. Download Now!



Template 9: Logistics KPI Dashboard Snapshot For Supply Chain Management

Our logistics dashboard is perfect for tracking and reporting on transportation and various warehouse activities. Our supply chain dashboard or management logistics KPI dashboard is a promising platform to track important processes related to transportation, delivery, and status monitoring in the supply chain. This PPT Dashboard is fully editable and Excel-linked allowing you to project statistics correctly.





A well-designed logistics KPI template is a much-needed investment that fosters efficiency, transparency, and successful management of the supply through an efficient supply chain dashboard. Our PPT Presets also offer solutions referring to tactics that could benefit your business structure. These logistics KPI templates present your data stakeholders and clients in an easy-to-understand manner as the templates are well crafted to suit your needs. If a business incorporates these templates as a part of how their business operates, they can be sure to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies which can pave the way for overall improvements.


Therefore, if you are looking forward to easing your job and leaving an impact, give our PPT Slides a chance and see the difference!