The business world is, today, a very different place than it was half-a-century ago, when the word digital was just about making an entry into our daily conversations.


From the binary of 0, 1 to the artificial intelligence we experience, marketing is a profession that has created enormous opportunities with the advent of the digital world.


With customers on the smartphones and laptops 24*7, markets have also moved there (think Amazon and eBay), necessitating that marketers must follow.  And voila, digital marketing is born.


Digital marketing is a field where tracking is important, be it in the form of reports or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). For comprehensive, detailed digital marketing report templates, please click here.


Once you have digital marketing as a separate division, you need to track how it is doing in terms of KPIs. Even more important, these KPIs need to be communicated with brilliance to all stakeholders.


At this stage, you will need SlideTeam, the world leader in presentation design services and knowledge management.


You may be an expert at choosing and calculating digital marketing KPIs like web traffic sources and many more, but without putting it into a visual presentation form and contextualizing it, businesses might dismiss these as irrelevant and unimportant.


Use these Top 10 digital marketing templates to showcase to the top management how much expertise you carry and demonstrate how digital marketing KPIs need to be interpreted. These 100% customizable digital marketing PPT Templates help you draw insightful conclusions and associations on the way forward.


Digital marketing is a fabulous new-age profession; be a part of the millennial life with our digital marketing KPI templates, where the dashboard is the predominant format.


Explore our presentation templates on digital marketing KPIs now!


Template 1: Defining KPIs To Measure Social Media Performance Digital Marketing Strategies to Improve Sales


How often should you check in on your traffic or conversion rate, especially on social media? This PPT Template answers this and more. Use this presentation to know major numbers like engagement rate, total reach, follower growth, and customer satisfaction. You also get to know the frequency with which you need to track each, along with the expected outcome. For illustration, a KPI here can be the number of users per post. To transfer ownership, you can also name individuals responsible for each of these digital marketing KPIs, exclusively for social media and report back. Download now!


Defining KPIs To Measure Social Media Performance Digital Marketing Strategies To Improve Sales




Template 2: Digital Marketing KPI Analytics Measurement Strategy Diagram PPT Slides


Once a digital marketing strategy is implemented, it is important to list details. Use this slide to divide the strategy into two broad KPI heads, which are Increased Customer Conversion and Lead Generation. Under each, three specific parameters are chosen to ensure you have it right. In Email KPIs, you may specify your own target to present. Specify your KPI targets on these six indicators and realize how you compare to bigger business players. Download now!


Download kpis digital marketing analytics measurement strategy diagram ppt slides




Template 3: Digital Marketing KPIs to Measure Audience Reach Across Social Media Channels


The Digital marketing kpi PPT Template is designed as a dashboard to ensure that your social media KPIs can be monitored to perfection. Be it Twitter, LinkedIn, or Meta, see how customers are reacting to your website and the content posted on each social media platform. Download this presentation template to measure audience reach across social media channels, and in line with the results, fine tune your digital marketing strategies and KPIs. Download now!


KPIs To Measure Audience Reach Across Social Media Channels Digital Marketing Strategies To Improve




Template 4: KPI in Digital Marketing PPT Presentation


Here, we up the game! This presentation template is for CEOs to think about digital marketing in terms of six processes or activities that take their business forward. At each stage, there is enough scope for an efficient, powerful manager to define customized KPIs. Use this slide to explain digital marketing KPIs. Download to optimize business conversions.


Kpi in digital marketing example ppt presentation




Template 5: Digital Marketing Dashboard with Lead Source Channel


Track your digital marketing KPIs on this one-pager PPT Template that is comprehensive, yet concise. From web traffic numbers to the lead source channel, use this presentation template to represent all major digital marketing KPIs to your bosses or subordinates, and outline the course of action. Dedicated space to record Leads Today, and Leads this Month, add to the usability of this presentation. Download to get a ready-reckoner that can help change viewpoints of many of your colleagues on the relevance of digital media KPIs.  Convert all those sceptics into a fan of digital marketing today!


Digital marketing dashboard with lead source channel




Template 6: KPI Dashboard Showing Results of Paid Social Media Advertising


At some point of time, most business end up exploring paid advertising for their digital marketing goals, and social media is the first port-of-call.  This PPT Template helps you capture KPIs generated through paid social media advertising. Use this template to track five major numbers and graphical representations. For instance, see how the cost line and the impression lines move side by side. From this generic number, move on to the very specific and pointed numbers on cost per conversion and cost per click. During your presentation to your bosses and colleagues, everybody is likely to go ga-ga over the tabular representation of ‘Performance Metrics by Source’. Download now and gain unparalleled efficiency in getting more from less in terms of paid social media KPIs. Download now!


KPI Dashboard Showing Results Of Paid Social Media Advertising




Template 7: Digital Marketing KPI Dashboard With Goal Conversion Rate


Evaluating digital marketing KPIs without goal conversions is akin to meaningless work. Use this PPT Template that reduces terms like total sessions, bounce rate, goal completions, goal conversion rate, top channels, etc, to tangible business results. If meeting your goals in digital marketing KPIs is just non-negotiable, then this presentation template is for you! Download now!


Digital Marketing KPI Dashboard With Goal Conversion Rate




Template 8: Digital Marketing KPI Dashboard Snapshot With Engagement Rate


This attractive blue dashboard for digital marketing KPI PPT Template looks like a control system for a spaceship, but it is just the representation of digital marketing KPIs in a visual avatar. The comprehensive PPT Template tracks total visits, cost per click, engagement rate, total impressions, product sales trend, and revenue distribution from channels for your website. If you want to devote complete time and energy to digital marketing, then this is your one-stop resource. It also helps you track product sales trend, revenue by channel, top website referral channels, website demographics, engagement rate, and total impressions. Download now!


Digital Marketing KPI Dashboard Snapshot With Engagement Rate




Template 9: Digital Marketing KPI Dashboard With Conversion and Bounce Rate


With a download of this PPT Template, we turn you into experts on customer engagement as a digital marketing metric. Showcase your enviable knowledge of this critical domain with this PPT Template. Use this presentation template to monitor and optimize your campaign performance after tracking metrics such as total sessions, conversion rate, average time spent on site, and bounce rate. See your team start respecting you a bit more after you present this slide to them. Download now!


Digital Marketing KPI Dashboard With Conversion And Bounce Rate




Template 10: Digital Marketing Analyst Icon Evaluating E-commerce KPIs


Use this PPT Template to start a discussion on digital marketing templates at a conference or an industry trade fair. Add your company’s details or contact information at the bottom. This will help you get a foot into the door of companies where digital marketing is a pressing need. Download now and start your journey into the digital marketing universe with a bang, and an attractive backdrop!


Digital marketing analyst icon evaluating ecommerce kpis






In business, or even in life, we cannot control the results we get. Digital marketing KPIs are a perfect example of this, where we can only visualize and analyse and try again, but cannot really dictate the end-result.


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FAQs on Digital Marketing KPIs


How do you track digital marketing performance?


Tracking digital marketing performance is primarily a number-crunching game, where revenue is the ultimate truth. Yet, it is not this simple, because customers only give you revenue when they find value, and you also find it worthwhile to woo them over. Digital marketing performance is calculated on parameters of Impressions; Customer Acquisition Cost; Return on Ad Spend; Click-Through-Rate; Bounce Rate, etc. There are at least a dozen such numeric benchmarks that has the digital marketing team interested.


If you want to improve your marketing efforts further, try these 22 must-have proposal templates for marketing and sales, please click here. These will help you take your brand to newer heights of profitability and recall.


What are seven key metrics that all digital marketers should measure?


Just as all business activities ultimately integrate into one whole piece, digital marketing KPIs also follow the same broad direction. It is important to know the seven key figures that really make a difference if they can all reinforce each other. The seven major KPIs ALL marketers need to measure are:


  1. Know the channels from where visitors to your website or other digitals came
  2. High Lead to Close Ratio: How many of leads can you turn into revenue-paying customers
  3. Cost-per-lead: This refers to how many leads came after spending how much money; know their comparative efficiencies
  4. Bounce Rate/Time on Site: This is important as it tells you what you need in how much time in terms of digital marketing effort
  5. Retention Rate of Customer: It means the time customers stay with you
  6. Life-time Customer Value (LCV): This involves calculating the value of an average customer to your business over the long-term in dollar terms. It is fairly easy to do this
  7. Finally, a parameter that has to be there, irrespective of what business you are in, is Return on Investment (ROI). Areyou generating enough ROI to justify your costs, and generate some surplus?


What is the future of digital marketing?


As business domains go and with the future only getting more digital with greater use of computers a guaranteed reality, digital marketing will be a key skill. Whatever people do, they will do it over the internet and with devices that allow space for marketers to be present and engage the customer. The real question that marketers need to grapple with is creating customer journeys that capture the demand, and the ways technology or digital marketing can fulfil it with greater speed and lower cost. Here, innovation happens within the space of the screen’s size, be it the laptop, the smart phone, or wearable devices. For instance, can you make it more convenient for the customer to view multiple products at one place, without moving the cursor. Well, create a carousel. In the digital world, people mistake show-off for knowledge, the real gold lies in depth of experience and keenness to learn. Digital marketing is here to stay!