"If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it." — Lord Kelvin, the famous British mathematician, physicist, and engineer.


It is essential to understand that if you want to improve the performance of your company, you need to have a way to measure the current condition first. When it comes to keeping track of the activities of any department, KPI scorecards come to the rescue. During times when flexibility is most needed, editable PPT Slides enable fast changes of strategies that keep firms abreast of any market fluctuation or trend that may emerge in the future. In particular, KPI Scorecard Templates offer an organized way of measuring performances that’s both time-saving and error free.


Tracking performance will be easy with the help of our PPT Slides.


SlideTeam PPT templates will help you record and analyze data in the best way and utilize it to increase the company's performance. In this blog, we will give you the top 10 KPI Scorecard templates that you can use to optimize your business. 


Keep track of every employee’s performance with simple dashboards. 


These 100% customizable templates give you the flexibility to edit presentations. Additionally, the content-ready slides provide the much-needed structure.


Template 1: Call Centre Employee KPI Scorecard

A Call Centre Employee KPI Scorecard can help the organization understand its progress and shortcomings. Our presentation template shows a table containing various aspects of a call center (such as calls per hour, issues solved per day, response time, customer retention, etc.), demonstrating the company's set goals and the actual performance of the employees. With the scores calculated through this KPI Scorecard, the organization can understand which aspects require improvement and take action accordingly. Click on the link to download it.


Call Centre Employee KPI Scorecard



Template 2: KPI Scorecard for HR Manager

Through this KPI Scorecard for HR Managers, we can see the various performance indicators with their weightage, the set target for these indicators, and the actual results observed. This data helps assign a score to the various aspects of the company’s hiring process. This PPT Template also includes key result areas such as recruitment, training and development, performance and career management, employee retention, and productivity. Use this PPT Design to demonstrate the data to your organization professionally. Grab it now!


KPI scorecard for HR manager




Template 3- HR KPI Scorecard to Measure Employee Performance

In a professional setting, it is vital to maintain employee performance and make sure the company is yielding the results most efficiently. It may be hard to determine the employees’ performance without proper data in play. In this PPT Template, you can study various performance indicators such as employment, compensation, performance, and culture, which are the four pillars that determine any workforce’s performance. With this PPT Slide being 100% editable, you can present the data in a simple yet professional manner and catch the viewer’s eye. Get it from here!


HR KPI scorecard to measure employee performance




Template 4- Talent Acquisition Monthly KPI SCorecard

This PPT Template can be very beneficial as it provides a comprehensive condition of a company’s hiring performance. It tracks key indicators such as speed, cost, quality, and customer satisfaction. Using this PPT Template, you can gauge efficiency in the recruitment process and then proceed to make informed choices that will improve upon the process of acquiring skilled workers. Easily come up with ways to be ahead in recruiting, forecast trends, and other multiple things for strategy purposes. Download the PPT Slide right now to boost the ompany's recruitment drive. Showcase your talent acquisition performance indicators and grab the attention of the viewers with this striking template. Download now.


Talent acquisition monthly KPI scorecard




Template 5- Human Resources KPI Scorecard to Measure Performance

To present data that can measure performance efficiently and simply, this PPT Template for Human Resources comes in handy. Use this PPT Slide to illustrate various facts and figures showcasing the activities and achievements of Human Resources activities. Present data using pie charts and Excel-linked graphs as shown. Grab it now!


Human resource KPI scorecard to measure performance




Template 6- Social Media Marketing Results With KPI Scorecard

In this day and age, it is almost impossible for a company to thrive without an online presence. Engaging with customers and maintaining a reputation on social media helps a company grow organically. Use this PPT Template to track the impact of your social media marketing strategies on the company’s growth. You can use this PPT Slide to present various aspects of engagement, such as followers, impressions, link clicks, etc. This will help you create new strategies, keeping in mind the areas where improvement is needed. Click on the link to download the template now!


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Social Media Marketing Results with KPI Scorecard




Template 7- KPI Scorecard WIth Internal Objectives and Customer Satisfaction

It is of utmost importance to track the internal activities of the company with reliable data showcased in a presentable manner. You can use our PPT Template to demonstrate your organization’s financial status, business growth, internal objectives, and customer satisfaction rate. This will not only help you make precise strategic decisions but also assist in understanding the areas that need improvement. There are tables in this PPT Slide that you can use to present your data in a systematic and comprehensible fashion. Click to download the template now!


Monitor the appropriate customer performance metrics to analyze the audience's engagement level with your brand using our fully editable presentation templates.


KPI scorecard with internal objectives and customer satisfaction



Template 8- Construction Project Management KPI Scorecard

This PPT Design for Construction Project Management showcases multiple key performance indicators for a construction company, such as construction cost prediction, client satisfaction, worker satisfaction, etc., to showcase its activities. The design of this PPT Template is simple and direct, which makes it easy to understand. The main motive of this template is to highlight the impact of proper management on the company. Use this PPT Template to bring out the key factors with precise data to make the best out of the productivity of the project. This helps the management keep up with the results of their activities and increases the scope of improvement. With the template being 100% editable, you can edit the data according to your needs. Click to download now!


Successfully report and evaluate project site progress and updates with our construction report templates highlighted in this blog.


Construction project management KPI scorecard




Template 9 - HR Recruitment Scorecard with Multiple KPI

This PPT Template for the HR Recruitment Scorecard with Multiple KPIs contains several graphs and statistics to represent the recruitment activities by Human Resources. We have created this professional template for your ease. You can use these charts to illustrate how the hiring process has proven to be productive for your organization or if there are any areas requiring improvement. This PPT Slide shows various key performance indicators such as time to fill, quality of hire, recruiting efficiency, new hire turnover, and source yield. All of these aspects, displayed professionally and with a simple and visually pleasing design, will capture the interest of the viewer. Download the template now and enjoy its features.


HR Recruitment Scorecard with Multiple KPI



Template 10- Education Scorecard with Division-Based Enrolment KPI

To make the education system more efficient, schools' activities can be presented in a proper scorecard. This will help in making decisions that benefit students, parents, and teachers. This PPT Template represents many aspects, such as student-to-teacher ratio, enrollment by gender, education assessment score, etc., for tracking student enrollment in a district. Download this template now and edit it according to your requirements


Education Scorecard with Division based Enrolment KPI




We now know how important it is for organizations to understand the value of KPI Scorecards. To make improvements in your business activities, an accurate set of data is displayed in a professional and organized manner. It may be used to track profits, predict losses, look for areas of improvement, or simply to understand how an organization is performing. Our KPI Scorecard Templates have a simple and visually appealing design, with added benefit of editability and customizing according to your needs. Download now and enjoy all these benefits.


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