Accidents take place in the blink of an eye and often without any warning! 


For this reason it is essential to have a powerful system in place for analyzing and documenting these events. It's not pessimism to be ready for any possible situation rather speaks about your sense of responsibility and readiness to tackle mishaps. 


Therefore, when an incident happens, what should your next possible step be? How can you ensure that such a mishap does not happen again? This is where an incident report becomes important. 


An incident report is a document that acts as a reference for when any unforeseen incident or accident takes place. This report is not just about jotting down points on what happened, rather it's more about encapsulating the what, when, where, who, why, and how of an event or accident. It is used for analysis and investigation of an incident and as a safety document which indicates potential risks for future projects and helps you prepare better.




Incident report benefits businesses in multiple ways like:


  • Learning opportunities and constant improvement
  • Adherence to legal and regulatory requirements
  • Transparency and informed decision-making
  • Amplified safety through risk identification and prevention


If you are looking for ready-to-use safety report templates, look no further! SlideTeam has curated top 10 professionally drafted slides that act as anchors for a company working to transcend its existing safety. 


We have well-established the essence of an incident report but have you what must be included in the report. 


Well, an incident report must capture the main details of what happened and information about subsequent actions. The key details can include:


  • The type of incident,
  • Where the incident happened,
  • Date, day and time of the incident,
  • Names of the people and injuries obtained,
  • Events leading to the incident, etc. 


If you are a manager or a team leader heading a large team, an employee answerable for workplace security, or the owner of a business, you’ll be responsible for drafting an incident report every now and then. But creating a report from scratch every time an incident occurs can seem like a daunting and time-consuming task. However with the right tools and insights you can easily streamline this process.


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SlideTeam has curated these top 10 incident report templates which comprise of all the essential elements needed for drafting an incident report. These pre-designed templates are 100% editable and customizable providing you with much needed headstart for your report presentation. With a ready-to-use framework, these slides save valuable time and effort of starting from the scratch every time for each report. 


Let’s explore!


Template 1: Incident Reporting Dashboard

This PowerPoint Slide presents a detailed dashboard for incident reporting and monitoring. It includes key metrics such as total number of incidents, incidents resolved, incidents resolved by assignee, incident  resolved without an assignee, and more. The pie chart and bar graphs depicting the information allows easier comprehension and enhances the visual appeal. The dashboard template offers a centralized view of all incident data, helping the organizations to quickly identify risks, utilize resources accordingly, and take measures to prevent future incidents. Download today!


Incident Reporting Dashboard




Template 2: One-Page Cyber Security Incident Management Report

This One-page PowerPoint Template showcases a brief overview of an organization’s cyber security incident management. It includes the name of the company, a comparative analysis of the current and last month's incident response, name and role of the incident response team, created vs closed incidents and more. The bar graph and pie chart included in the presentation template facilitates easier depiction of data and enhances the visual appeal of the slide. This helps stakeholders to quickly evaluate the current state of incident response efforts, identify obstacles and make informed decisions to promote cybersecurity preparedness. Download now!


One Pager Cyber Security Incident Management Report




Template 3: Cybersecurity Risk Status Dashboard with Reported Incidents

This PowerPoint Slide showcases a comprehensive overview of an organization’s cybersecurity risk status, with a focus on reported incidents. It includes open and closed incidents across various areas such as two factor authentication, daily data backup, untrusted application alert, and more. Each area is represented by a unique icon for easy visual identification, ensuring clarity and understanding. The layout of the dashboard allows for quick analysis of risk levels and focusing efforts accordingly. Moreover, it facilitates data driven decision making and ensures that measures are taken to reduce cybersecurity shortcomings. Download now!


Cybersecurity Risk Status Dashboard with Reported Incidents




Template 4: Procedure to Report Workplace Health and Safety Incidents

This PPT Template presents a step by step process for reporting workplace health and safety incidents. It includes incidents by type such as workplace injury, hazardous material exposure, and more. It also specifies the designated authorities to report to, reporting requirements and potential consequences. This presentation template aims to ensure compliance to workplace safety regulations and foster a culture of transparency and accountability in incident reporting. Grab this visually appealing template today!


Procedure to report workplace health and safety incidents




Template 5: Health and Safety KPI Dashboard with Incident Reported

The given slide showcases a detailed health and safety KPI dashboard with a focus on incident reporting. It includes key metrics such as incidents categorized by types, lost time incidents by gender, and frequency rates over the last 18 months. The visuals, the graphs, the charts included in this presentation design aids in enhancing the visual appeal and offers clarity and easy understanding of the depicted data. With the help of this dashboard, organizations can monitor and analyze health and safety performance indicators, look for any trends or patterns, and track progress towards the reduction of the incidents. Download now!


Health and Safety KPI Dashboard with Incident Reported




Template 6: Incident Escalation Report Matrix with Severity Level

This PowerPoint Slide presents an incident escalation report matrix categorized by severity levels.The four severity levels included in this template are color coded ranging from low to critical. It also includes incident descriptions, escalation and team assigned. The tabular format of the presentation slide offers clarity and enhances the visual appeal of the template. Use it to streamline incident management by clearly outlining the escalation protocols based on the level of severity. Download now!


Incident Escalation Report Matrix with Severity Level




Template 7: IT Human Resources Incident Report

This PowerPoint Slide showcases a streamlined reporting process for IT human resources incidents. The report includes details of the department, description of incidents like date, location, and time of the incident. Additionally, it also examines if the law enforcement was alerted and what may have caused the incident. The easy layout of the template guides the user through each required field in order to ensure accurate incident documentation. By employing this, HR Managers can efficiently record and escalate IT related incidents for swift resolution and avoiding future occurrences. Download now!


IT human resources incident report




Template 8: Incident Response Reporting for Management

The main question in cybersecurity is “when will the security incident occur?” For this reason we have curated this PowerPoint bundle in 20 slides on incident response reporting for management. It includes slides on common incident response reporting for management, corrective measures and budget allocation for incident response reporting to management, impact matrix for incident response reporting to management, etc.  This report illustrates the process by which an organization handles a breach in management. This PowerPoint Template deck focuses on identifying an attack, minimizing damage and reducing the risk of failure. Download this PowerPoint bundle now!



Template 9: Common Incident of Response Reporting for Management

This PowerPoint Template is designed to provide managers with a comprehensive overview of the most frequently occurring security incidents. The slide covers issues such as data loss or theft, inappropriate usage and fraud, malicious code attacks, unauthorized access attempts, brand abuse, and more. The catchy visual and unique icons enhance the visual appeal of the template, making it a valuable tool for an engaging presentation. The PPT Layout works as a guide, enabling managers to prioritize response efforts and use resources accordingly to manage risks. Download today!


Common Incident of Response Reporting for Management




Template 10: Detection Methods of Incident Response Reporting for Management

This PowerPoint Slide covers several detection methods for incident response such as cyber attacks, physical alarms, human observations, and others. Each of these attributes are represented with unique icons for easier recognition. The aim of this template is to outline the process of identifying, reporting and responding to security incidents. It helps the management to collect clear and actionable information during crisis situations. Additionally it streamlines communication leading to prompt decision making. Download today!


Detection Methods of Incident Response Reporting for Management






Drafting a robust incident report results in improved safety, learning opportunities, accountability and transparency in the workplace. Lack of an incident report increases the risk of accidents due to any unforeseen reason, penalties and damage to the reputation of the company. Employ these ready-to-use incident report templates to ensure that you prevent any future accident or event from occuring or at least minimize the damage.. 


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