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Fully editable slides. 65 well researched PowerPoint graphics. Instantly download with just a single click. Standard and widescreen support for all devices. Can be shown in Google Slides also. Suitable for start-ups, organizations, and businessmen. Premium Customer support service.The stages in this process are digital marketing system, distributed presence, interactive marketing, mobile marketing, online advertising, pay per click, visual marketing.

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Content of this Powerpoint Presentation

A digital marketing strategy helps in managing business growth by expanding your customer engagement. 

The challenge is to get customers to like your brand, the product and service on the digital channel, the most-used medium of consuming information today. 

SlideTeam’s digital marketing templates are a perfect fit for start-ups, organizations, and business people. These PPT slides cover a wide range of subjects such as internet marketing, e-mail marketing, social media marketing, electronic marketing, pull & push marketing, website performance, marketing growth strategies, and many more topics. 

This PowerPoint complete deck helps you exhibit your business's goals, pursuits, and values. Our Digital Marketing Techniques presentation has topics explained in an easy-to-understand style.

Understand and internalize digital marketing opportunities and challenges here.  

It is helpful in solving problems and giving solutions for online marketing strategies. 

Digital marketing is a gateway to approaching consumers and cracking the code to their thinking. Companies often use traditional and digital marketing techniques together in their strategies. Digital marketing gives wings to your reach. 

You can use countless marketing strategies to sell your product or service and grow faster.

This blog will walk you through the most popular digital marketing strategies, which help guarantee the growth and success of businesses worldwide. Digital marketing has also proved profitable for skilled professional workers. 

Elements of online marketing need to be mastered for successful business. Find best-in-class online templates here. 

Let’s explore these 100% editable and customizable PowerPoint Presentation Slides below!

Template 1: Internet Marketing

Suppose you are searching for ways to sell your product and need assistance through digital mechanisms. In that case, our digital marketing techniques, such as PowerPoint presentation slides, are very effective in helping you out. E-mail has become a popular digital marketing tool. Handy devices like smartphones are making it easier for multinationals to present their products and services to consumers. Concepts of Internet marketing are illustrated through a diagram that explains e-mail marketing, SEO, mobile advertising, SEM, affiliate marketing, and SMM. It uses several methods and strategies to drive online traffic, leads, and sales. It is beneficial in building better relationships with your audience and attracting interested leads.  

Template 2: Types of Internet Marketing

You can boost your marketing game with this PPT Presentation. Our catalog has an abundance of Digital Marketing Techniques and PowerPoint Presentation Slides to choose from. To market a product or service online, you need the help of the Internet. This PPT Presentation gives details about the types of internet marketing through illustration. Ideas like e-mail marketing, pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, digital marketing, blogging, social media marketing, and viral marketing are emphasized in this PPT Presentation. Let this slide deck be the key to unlocking market opportunities and enhancing your determined strategies.

Template 3: Digital Marketing

With the universal use of computers and smartphones, businesses began to experiment with new marketing tactics. This led to the origin of digital marketing. Our PowerPoint presentation helps promote digital marketing on the Internet. Digital marketing helps encourage brands. It uses all sorts of online and digital advertising to reach out to its buyers. This PowerPoint presentation explains digital marketing and different types of digital media, such as video channels, internet radio, mobile phones, display or banner ads, and many more. Get ready to level up.  

Template 4: Website Performance Review

Web performance maximization is the practice of upgrading website performance by various methods. It calculates how swiftly a website's pages load and display in a web browser. Our pre-designed, professionally generated digital marketing templates will identify the queries and provide you with the most approachable solution with the help of marketing strategies. This PPT Presentation statistically explains website performance review through cost, conversion rate, average visit value, return on investment, and total visits.

Template 5: Organic Visits and Backlinks

The number of website visitors derived from organic search engine results usually goes by the name of organic traffic. You must get high organic ranks in search engine results on websites like Google, Bing, and Yahoo if you want to increase the amount of organic search traffic to your website. You can reach out to people who have never heard of your brand before. This PPT Presentation displays the ranks and usage of the sites like Google (80%), Bing (7%), and Yahoo (3%). Use this digital marketing PPT image design of organic visits and backlinks to manage a constant favorable outcome rate of your website. You have to click and download these fantastic PPT designs.

Template 6: Web Traffic Insights

Understand how real-time visitors engage with your site: Which countries users visit your site from, the most visited pages, and info like which days and times your site gets the most web traffic. This helps in measuring your website's growth and identifying places where you can improve the experience for your buyers. This PPT slide depicts the website's rank in July (2016), weekly traffic reach in the last 12 months, traffic sources, subdomains, and engagement in July (2016). Get it now!

Template 7: Lead Generation Activities  

Welcome to the world of Lead Generation, which is an approach that powers business growth in today's competitive landscape. It fascinates and grabs potential customer's interest in your products or services. This PPT Slide explains Lead Generation Activities: Online and face-to-face. Online activities show online advertising through group online conferences, webinars through e-mail, social media through photos & videos, and search through blogs or online publications. Face-to-face activities could be seen through networking or speaking, meetings through print publications, direct mail or cold calls, and print advertising. This PPT Presentation could be helpful for the growth of your business and organization.    

Template 8: Monthly Social Media Dashboard

Using a social media dashboard to obtain crucial understanding from your data will help you enhance your team's impact. It empowers you to examine results, recapitulate strategy, demonstrate value, and influence decision-making. In this PPT slide, the social media usage ratio is shown as Facebook (40%), Twitter (8%), Pinterest (15%), YouTube (25%), and Google+ (12%). Statistics also show social traffic and conversations along with vital social metrics. To know more, download this template now!

Template 9: Organic VS Paid Search Traffic

Organic traffic refers to website visitors who are introduced to your products and services through organic or unpaid results of search engines, principally Google. Paid traffic refers to website visitors who are referred by paid campaigns such as Google Ad Words, Microsoft Ads, or Facebook Ads. In this PPT image design, the ratio of paid and organic users are depicted respectively, like 2016 (15 paid search, 25 organic searches), 2015 (20 paid search, 30 organic searches), and 2014 (25 paid search, 35 organic searches). This PPT will be super-effective in enhancing your business website.  

Template 10: Campaign Report

Campaign reporting is the practice of reporting on the outcomes of your marketing campaign. Every marketing campaign has confident goals, and it can take many steps until it is over. Marketing teams use campaign reports to trace the outcome of their strategy. This PPT slide displays the campaign report chart, which shows Sales Promo 1 to Sales Promo 5. If you want to know more about the Campaign report, this PPT Presentation is for you.


Digital Marketing has led the market to progress and increase in size, enhancing privatization, liberalization, and globalization. It has had a profound impact on globalization and has shot up the economic market. On the contrary, the local markets have been very adversely affected because of the growth of digital marketing. The more you make use of digital marketing opportunities, the more growth potential your business will have. Nowadays, it has become important to be in sync with technology. If you are not using the latest meta, then you will be left behind in the race to success. Digital marketing strategies are the new meta to market your product or service. If you have a good grip on these techniques, then you can achieve your goal in no time, but if you are not aware of them, then it can harm the business. However, you don’t have to be afraid of anything because you have SlideTeam on your side. Our digital marketing templates will help you get a better grip on marketing strategies. 

PS Here’s a complete guide on implementation and practice of digital marketing strategy. 

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