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PowerPoint presentation slides

Deliver an informational PPT on various topics by using this Digital Marketing Through Facebook Powerpoint Presentation Slides. This deck focuses and implements best industry practices, thus providing a birds eye view of the topic. Encompassed with fifty one slides, designed using high quality visuals and graphics, this deck is a complete package to use and download. All the slides offered in this deck are subjective to innumerable alterations, thus making you a pro at delivering and educating. You can modify the color of the graphics, background, or anything else as per your needs and requirements. It suits every business vertical because of its adaptable layout.

Content of this Powerpoint Presentation

Slide 1: This is the cover slide of the Digital Marketing through Facebook pitch deck.
Slide 2: This slide showcases the agenda for Facebook marketing which is to formulate efficient lead generation strategy utilizing economic ads & targeting capabilities offered by Facebook
Slide 3: This is a Table of contents slide that lists out all the elements covered in the deck.
Slide 4: This slide introduces Present social media marketing scenario
Slide 5: This slide shows social media marketing dashboard to analyse current marketing strategy performance. It also includes KPIs such as CPC, CPL, CPV and total investment
Slide 6: This slide shows key issues related to current social media marketing channels which are Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and twitter used by the company for online promotions
Slide 7: This slide introduces Using Facebook as Marketing Tool
Slide 8: This slide shows the key reasons for adopting Facebook as a marketing tool, such as lower cost per acquisition, economic advertising and higher customer pool
Slide 9: This slide shows key motives and reasons for people to follow brands on social media channels, like providing service feedback and seeking discounts/offers
Slide 10: This slide introduces Competitor Engagement Analysis on Facebook
Slide 11: This slide covers competitor analysis based on Facebook page likes, engagement, number of posts etc. It also includes key takeaways taken from the evaluation of competitors
Slide 12: This slide talks about creating facebook presence
Slide 13: This slide shows step by step guide for setting up company’s Facebook fan and community page. It includes steps such as creating custom URL for the page, audience targeting etc.
Slide 14: This slide covers Facebook fan page activities such as posts scheduling, addition of a call-to-action button, integrating Facebook app, pinning high priority posts etc.
Slide 15: This slide covers step by step guide to develop, grow and nourish a fan community page for business promotion and engagement of target audience
Slide 16: This slide talks about Goals for Facebook Content Strategy
Slide 17: This slide shows goals for Facebook content strategy such as expand content reach, increase Facebook referral traffic, decrease click through rate along with expected timeframe
Slide 18: This slide talks about developing content on Facebook
Slide 19: This slide covers Facebook content strategy for audience engagement such as showcasing products in action, creating snackable videos and infographics etc.
Slide 20: This slide shows reasons for brands to adopt images and videos over traditional marketing methods for better audience engagement on Facebook platform
Slide 21: This slide depicts high share rate for content components such as using most shareable titles, display images and sharing informative posts on Facebook platform
Slide 22: This slide introduces Actionable Strategies for Branding on Facebook
Slide 23: This slide covers brand recognition strategies such as creating branding basics, extend visual branding, develop market persona, establish brand voice and tone etc
Slide 24: This slide introduces Content Sharing and Posting Frequency
Slide 25: This slide shows different types of content to be shared for organic promotion on Facebook. It also cover data for potential audience engagement and reach.
Slide 26: This slide covers heat map to optimize content posting time to get maximum engagement on Facebook based on audience availability on platform
Slide 27: This slide shows scheduling table to regulate Facebook content posting frequency on brand’s page by planning the posts according to content type
Slide 28: This slide talks about Paid Advertisement on Facebook
Slide 29: This slide shows key components to develop an effective Ad Campaign. It also aims to maximize brand reach and engagement on Facebook platform
Slide 30: This slide shows various types of Facebook ads along with objectives. It also includes promotional campaign layout with multiple paid advertisements
Slide 31: This slide covers paid campaigns status, result, cost, reach, start date and end date
Slide 32: This slide shows the methods to measure ROI for multiple advertisements by calculating click through rate, conversion rate and cost per conversion etc.
Slide 33: This slide introuduces the concept of Budget Allocation
Slide 34: This slide shows budget distribution among various components of Facebook marketing. It also tracks allocated budget and amount spent on individual ads
Slide 35: This slide talks about Facebook Marketing timeline.
Slide 36: This slide shows monthly timeline to implement Facebook marketing strategy. It also depicts product visibility, lead generation, nurturing and conversion
Slide 37: This slide introduces Impact of Implementing Facebook Marketing Strategy
Slide 38: This slide shows the impact of Facebook marketing strategy with projections of customer site traffic, Blog visit, click through and sales increase etc.
Slide 39: This slide talks about Analyzing Facebook Metrics
Slide 40: This slide shows Facebook insight dashboard to track marketing KPIs such as page likes, content reach and audience engagement on weekly basses
Slide 41: This slide shows Facebook dashboard to monitor marketing performance by KPIs such as top posts and engagement rate tracking etc.
Slide 42: This is an Icon Slide. Use it as per your needs.
Slide 43: This is an Additional Slide.
Slide 44: This is a Column Chart slide that can be used to make comparison between different products.
Slide 45: This is an About Us slide that can be used to give a brief overview of the company.
Slide 46: This is Our Mission Our Vision slide to state your mission, vision etc.
Slide 47: This is Our Team slide with name and designation to fill.
Slide 48: This is Target image slide to present product/ entity, information etc.
Slide 49: This is a Comparison slide that can be used to conduct a comparitive analysis between two elements.
Slide 50: This is a Venn diagram slide that can be used to depict comparison between three elements.
Slide 51: This is a Thank you slide for acknowledgment. You can share your contact details here.

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