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Content of this Powerpoint Presentation

Operations play a vital and pivotal role in taking a business to new heights. Hence, having a ready-for-action optional plan is quite necessary for your business as well. However, designing or drafting a business operational plan can be a complicated task.

But we can help you.

SlideTeam’s 100% customizable operational plan template is here to your rescue. With this template, you get an extensive draft of your business’s operational plan. You can make the required modifications to the template and use it for your requirements. The template houses documents and data related to your business’s mission, vision, strategy, revenue sources, usage patterns, and so much more.

If you wish to learn more about some major offerings of this operational plan template, you can go ahead and check out the rest of the blog.

Operational planning is not a one-time thing but a constant work in progress. Use this strategic business plan template to channel continuous improvements.

Template 1: Changes in Competitive Environment

This slide of the operation plan template allows you to address and showcase the vital changes in the competitive environment. This means that you can edit and use this slide to showcase which competitor is offering a specific feature, product, or service. For feasible comparison, you can take the help of a table. This table contains areas of the competitive landscapes, competitors, and the facilities they offer. Use the check and cross approach to showcase the difference.

Template 2: Money Raised So Far

Your audience may need to know about your business’s financial history. You can use this template to showcase the total money your business has raised in the previous years and/or quarters. The funds raised can be represented in the form of a bar graph that shows the level and amount of funds raised. The x-axis of the graph can highlight the term when the fund was raised like 2Q 2016 (second quarter of the 2016-17 year).

Template 3: Company Milestones

As stated before, your audience may be interested in knowing the history of the business. Another easy way to showcase the history is to list all the major milestones in the history of the organization. For this task, you can take the help of this slide which includes a pictographic road for milestones. You can add some text and relevant information related to each milestone in this template. For better representation, you can add the month and year of the milestone along with a suitable title.

Template 4: Key Performance Indicators Template 3

Key performance indicators help a business in achieving a goal easily. Hence, for a feasible flow of operational planning, the business should consider using the key performance indicators. This slide allows you to showcase the KPIs found after analysis of the business and its competitors. Here, you can showcase the area of focus for each KPI and how it will help in achieving the targets. For each Area of Focus, you can also add the Metrics, Targets, and Objectives assigned accordingly.

Template 5: Financials Summary: Base Plan vs Stretch Plan

The stability of any business relies on achieving the targets set up in the base plan. However, the growth of the business is stimulated using the targets of the stretch plan. This slide allows you to define the matrices of both base and stretch plans. For a feasible comparison of the plans, you can take the help of various particulars like KPIs, Revenue, COGS, Gross Profit, Customer Acquisition Cost, and many other variables.

Template 6: Financials: Base Plan

If anyone in the audience wants to learn more about the facts and figures presented in the previously showcased summary, then they can take the help of this slide. This slide acts like a description of the previous one, but only partially as it lists the financial facts of the base plan only. Here, you can list the facts related to KPIs and figures related to Revenue, Cost of Goods Sold, Gross Profit, Operating Profit, Change in Cash, and various other variables.

Template 7: Financials: Stretch Plan

Just like the previous slide, this one also focuses on offering financial insights related to the business. However, the previous template focused on offering facts related to the base plan whereas this one focuses on the stretch plan. This is the only structural difference between the two slides. The particulars for financial projections are the same and include Employees (FTEs), Other Operating Costs, Customer Acquisition Costs, Cost of Goods Sold, KPI 1, KPI 2, KPI 3, and others as shown.

Template 8: Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

A customer lifetime value (CLV or CLTV) is a concept that’s used by businesses to ascertain the average revenue they can expect from each customer. This helps the business in making the customer-retainment and other necessary decisions. This slide allows your business to showcase the CLV to the audience using a parabolic graph. The entire parabola is divided into three parts viz. Inactive or non-profit making customers (20%), active and profitable customers (60%), and very active and very profitable customers (20%).

Template 9: Operating Plan

Now that every aspect related to the operations of the business is discussed and showcased, it is time to devise an operating plan according to the previous facts and figures. The operating plan is showcased using a table that defines what are the system support resources available to the organization; who is responsible for the task; when should the task be initiated and completed; how to measure the success of the task; and the annual status of the task.

Template 10: Product Roadmap: Product Launch Deliverables

This slide showcases the product roadmap, right. The template can showcase data related to five products and more if necessary. If you think that a couple of months are important for the business with respect to the same product, then you can showcase changes seen or improvements recorded in these months at the bottom of the slide. You can also add some informative text to describe the change or improvement.

Showcase a brief image of your operational plan to your audience using this one-page business strategic plan report template available for you.

Execute Your Well-Planned Operational Plans with Ease

The template shared above covers a wide variety of aspects related to the operational plan, operational planning, execution, and more. The template alone is sufficient for your business to not only draft a plan but also ensure its timely execution along with factor checks and more. We think that the template can be of great help to any innovative business.

Do you have an extensive strategic business plan for years to come? Take the help of this 5-year plan template to showcase your insights, ideas, and more in an interactive way.

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