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This deck consists of total of seventy slides. It has PPT slides highlighting important topics of Investment Portfolio Management Power Point Presentation Slides . This deck comprises of amazing visuals with thoroughly researched content. Each template is well crafted and designed by our PowerPoint experts. Our designers have included all the necessary PowerPoint layouts in this deck. From icons to graphs, this PPT deck has it all. The best part is that these templates are easily customizable. Just click the DOWNLOAD button shown below. Edit the colour, text, font size, add or delete the content as per the requirement. Download this deck now and engage your audience with this ready made presentation.

Content of this Powerpoint Presentation

Slide 1: This slide introduces Investment Portfolio Management. State Your Company Name and begin.
Slide 2: This is an Agenda slide. State your agendas here.
Slide 3: This slide shows Table of Content for the presentation.
Slide 4: This slide presents Introduction to Investments describing- Objectives of Portfolio Management, Investment Instruments, Types of Investment, Market Scenario Overview.
Slide 5: This slide displays Objectives of Portfolio Management describing- Capital Growth, Marketability, Liquidity, Consistency of Returns, Diversification of Portfolio, Objective.
Slide 6: This slide represents Types of Investment - Detailed Investment Options describing- Autonomous Investment, Induced Investment, Financial Investment, Real Investment, Planned Investment, Unplanned Investment, Gross Investment, Net Investment.
Slide 7: This slide showcases Market Scenario Overview - Statistics and Market Size describing- Revenue, Annual Growth 13-18, Forecast Growth, Profit, Employment, Business.
Slide 8: This slide shows Market Scenario Overview - Current Industry Threats & Opportunities with related text to elaborate.
Slide 9: This slide presents Investment Instruments which includes- Stock, Annuities, Bond, Cash, Real Estate, Mutual Funds, Domestic, Hedge Funds, ETF’s, Emerging Markets, Foreign Options.
Slide 10: This slide displays Investment Instruments - Funds Categorization and Risk Involved as- Liquid funds, Ultra - short term funds, Short term funds, Corporate bond funds, Long term bond funds, Long term G-sec funds, MIP with less than 25% equity.
Slide 11: This slide represents Top Performing Securities in Our Portfolio with categories as- Investor’s Portfolio, Investment, Percentage, Security, Returns.
Slide 12: This slide showcases Analysis and Valuation of Equity Securities describing- Industry Analysis, Financial Statement Analysis, Valuation of Equity Securities.
Slide 13: This slide shows Industry Analysis - Porter’s 5 Forces as- Competition/Rivalry, Bargaining Power -Suppliers, Barriers To Entry, Threat of Substitutes, Bargaining Power Buyers.
Slide 14: This slide presents Industry Analysis - PESTEL Analysis which include Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environment and Legal analysis.
Slide 15: This slide displays Industry Analysis - SWOT Analysis as- Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats analysis.
Slide 16: This slide represents Valuation of Equity Securities describing- Net Asset Value Method, Maintainable Profit Method or Discounted Cash Flows Method, Comparable Company Market Multiple, Price / Earnings multiple, Market Cap/ Sales Multiple, Industry Valuation Benchmarks.
Slide 17: This slide showcases Valuation of Equity Securities - Discounted Cash Flow Method describing- DCF Valuation, Projected Free Cash Flow, Perpetuity Growth Rate Approach.
Slide 18: This slide shows Financial Statement Analysis - P&I Statement in Tabular form with net sales, total income, total expenses, profit before and after tax etc.
Slide 19: This slide presents Balance Sheet in Tabular form with total liabilities.
Slide 20: This slide presents Balance Sheet in Tabular form with total assets.
Slide 21: This slide displays Company Cash Flow Statement in Tabular form describing- Cash flow from operations, cash flow from investing activities, cash flow from financing activities, change in cash and cash equivalents etc.
Slide 22: This slide represents Issues in Efficient Markets describing- Major Efficient Market Issues, Investments in Special Situation, Basic View of Technical Analysis.
Slide 23: This slide showcases Major Efficient Market Issues as- Transactions Cost related to exchange of goods and services overcome market imperfections, Regulatory Restrictions that are subject to control and guidelines for efficient market etc.
Slide 24: This slide shows Technical Analysis Types with chart patterns, technical indicators and key result areas.
Slide 25: This slide presents Investments in Special Situations with icons and text boxes to show information.
Slide 26: This slide displays Fixed-Income and Leveraged Securities describing- Bond and Fixed-Income Securities, Convertible Securities & Warrants, Duration & Reinvestment, Bond Valuation.
Slide 27: This slide represents List of Bond & Fixed Income Securities in a tabular form with related text.
Slide 28: This slide showcases Top Performing Bonds with categories as- Security, Holding Period Returns, Class.
Slide 29: This slide shows Bond Valuation Estimation with categories as- Time, Cash Flows on Dollar Bond, Present Value, Cash Flows on Yen Bond, Present Value.
Slide 30: This slide presents Bond Valuation Analysis describing- Bond Valuation and Return Measures.
Slide 31: This slide displays Bond Duration with categories as- Period Cash Flows ($) Period X Cash Flow ($) PV of $1 at 5% Present Value of the Cash Flow ($)
Slide 32: This slide represents Dividend \ Interest Reinvestment Risk Table with categories as- Market Interest Rate, Investment Horizon, Dominance.
Slide 33: This slide showcases Types of Convertible Securities describing- Convertible Bond, Convertible Preferred Stock, Warrant, Capital Note, Right Issue.
Slide 34: This slide shows Options Analysis in tabular form with related text.
Slide 35: This slide presents Different Warrant Categories as- Detachable Warrant, Wedded Warrant, Naked Warrant, Covered Warrant, Equity Warrant etc.
Slide 36: This slide displays Warrants Summarization Overview with warrant price, warrant expiration date, stock price etc.
Slide 37: This slide represents Derivative Products such as- Put and Call Options and Stock Index Futures and Options.
Slide 38: This slide showcases Put and Call Options with categories as Bullish, Neutral, Bearish.
Slide 39: This slide shows Put and Call Options Time Value in tabular form with categories as- Total Value, Time Value, Intrinsic Value, Strike Price, Intrinsic Value, Time Value, Total Value.
Slide 40: This slide presents Stock Index Futures and Options with categories as- Contract, Ticker Symbol, Futures, Options, Globex.
Slide 41: This slide displays Stock Indexes Comparison Table comparing exchanges such as- Korea exchange, Australia exchange, Hong kong stock exchange, bombay stock exchange etc.
Slide 42: This slide represents Broadening the Investment Perspective describing- International Security Markets, Investments in Real Assets, Mutual Funds.
Slide 43: This slide showcases International Security Market Highlights describing- Market Growth, Market Trend, Market Driver.
Slide 44: This slide shows Recent Global Security Market Trends\Behavior describing- Inflation to Make a Comeback - But Only in the Us, Global Growth to Remain in Autopilot, Monetary Stimulus To Become Less Prevalent, Reduced Reward for Risk, Geopolitical Risks etc.
Slide 45: This slide presents Mutual Funds Investment Criteria Overview with parameters as- Equity, Balanced, Fixed Income, Money Market.
Slide 46: This slide displays Top 5 Mutual Funds to Invest in 2018-19 witch categories as- MUTUAL FUND, Crisil rank, Value research rating, Assets under management etc.
Slide 47: This slide represents Investments in Real Assets such as- Real Estate, Commodities, Natural Resource Equities, Infrastructure, Diversifies Real Assets Blend.
Slide 48: This slide showcases Diversified Real Assets Classification describing- annual returns, Volatility, Shape ratio etc.
Slide 49: This slide shows Risk & Return Analysis in a tabular form with text boxes to show information.
Slide 50: This slide presents Risk and Return of Portfolio Managers in Tabular form with years, security risk, security return etc.
Slide 51: This slide displays KPI & Dashboard describing- KPI Dashboard and KPI Metrics.
Slide 52: This slide represents Portfolio Management Dashboard with- Allocations, Sectors, Regions, Net Worth, Holdings, Net Flow, Transactions.
Slide 53: This slide showcases Portfolio Summary Management Dashboard with- Portfolio Name, Portfolio Owner, Health, Budget, Used Budget, Projects.
Slide 54: This slide shows Portfolio Management Securities Allocation Dashboard with Portfolio, Criterias, Profile etc.
Slide 55: This slide presents Portfolio Management KPI’s describing- Allocated Budget Across Portfolios, Used Budget Percentage, Used Budget Across Portfolios.
Slide 56: This slide displays Portfolio Management Investment Allocation KPI’s Portfolio Summary Net Allocation Used Budget percentage, Current allocations etc.
Slide 57: This slide shows Investment Portfolio Analysis Icons.
Slide 58: This slide reminds about a Coffee Break.
Slide 59: This slide is titled as Additional Slides for moving forward.
Slide 60: This is Meet Our Team slide with names and designation.
Slide 61: This is Our Mission slide with imagery and text boxes.
Slide 62: This is About Us slide to show company specifications etc.
Slide 63: This is a Comparison slide to state comparison between commodities, entities etc.
Slide 64: This is a Financial slide. Show your finance related stuff here.
Slide 65: This is a Timeline slide. Show information related with time period here.
Slide 66: This is a Location slide with maps to show data related with different locations.
Slide 67: This is a Puzzle slide with text boxes to show information.
Slide 68: This is a Target slide. Show your targets here.
Slide 69: This is a Venn slide with additional text boxes to show information.
Slide 70: This is a Thank you slide for acknowledgement.

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