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Introducing Mitigation Plan PowerPoint Presentation Slides. This PowerPoint presentation includes set of 41 professionally designed slides This complete deck 100% editable you can edit text font as per your convenience. Easy to download. The presentation can be downloaded in both widescreen and standard format. The user can download the PowerPoint presentation in PDF or JPG format. These templates are supported with Google Slides too.

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Content of this Powerpoint Presentation

Slide 1: This slide introduces Mitigation Plan. State Your Company Name and get started.
Slide 2: This slide shows the Content for the plan. The subheadings include- Risk Mitigation Strategies, Risk Mitigation Plan, Risk Analysis, Risk Tracker, Risk Control Chart, Risk Assessment, Risk Identification, Risk Management Plan, Risk Response Plan, Risk Register, Risk Response Matrix, Risk Mitigation Chart.
Slide 3: This slide presents a Risk Management Plan with the following subheadings- Person Responsible, Type of Risk, Outcome, Existing risk treatment actions in place, Rating, Additional Resources Target Date, Proposed risk treatment actions to mitigate risk.
Slide 4: This slide presents a Risk Identification matrix in terms of conseuqnces and likelihood. Terminate, Treat, Tolerate, Transfer.
Slide 5: This slide presents Risk Identification- Example with the following headings- 1-How Long Can You Do Without? 2-Impact of Doing Without? 3-Vulnerabilities? 4-Contingency in case of a disaster?
Slide 6: This slide covers Risk Identification in detail with the following sub headings- Cost (Budget Exceeded, Unanticipated Expenditure) Resources ( Team is under-resourced Materials shortage Machinery unavailable Industrial Action Skills gap) Environmental (Bad weather results in re-work, Weather delays progress, Adverse environmental effects occur, Environmental approvals not complied with) Time (Schedule overruns Tasks omitted from Schedule, Opportunity to compress Schedule) Communication {Poor communication (Stakeholder dissatisfaction) Positive & timely communications (positive publicity)} Scope (Scope creep Scope poorly defined Project changes poorly managed).
Slide 7: This slide showcases Risk Register with- Time, Impact, Type of Risk, Description of Risk, Risk Reduction Strategy, Contingency plans, Risk, Owner, HML Probability.
Slide 8: This slide showcases Risk Assessment with Risk Rating Guide, Probability, Impact, Consequences, Likelihood of Occurrence, Likelihood of detection. We have listed the framework for assessing the risk level. You can use the same for risk assessment
Slide 9: This is another slide on Risk Assessment with Risk Scoring Results. On the basis of the framework, you can obtain the risk score and determine its likelihood of occurrence.
Slide 10: This slide showcases Risk Analysis – Simplified Format with the following subheadings- Likelihood of Risk Item Occurring, Impact to Project if Risk Item Does Occur, Priority (Likelihood * Impact), Risk Items (Potential Future Problems Derived from Brainstorming).
Slide 11: This slide presents Risk Analysis- Complex with three steps. The steps are- Step 1: Consider Step 2: Consider Likelihood Step 3: Caluclation Risk Below is a complex version of analysing the risk level. We have listed the steps to be followed in calculating the risk and its certainty. Using these steps you can estimate the risk level associated with your project/ company.
Slide 12: This slide shows a Risk Response Plan with the following subheadings- Avoid, Mitigate, Transfer, Accept, Exploit, Enhance, Share, Accept. There are many ways in which you can respond to the risk levels. We have listed down below both the negative & positive risk response ways. You can choose any as per your requirements.
Slide 13: This slide shows a Risk Response Matrix in terms of probability with the following factors- Avoid, Transfer, Retain, Retain. You can also show the risk response with the help of graph showcasing the probability of risk and the risk response associated with the same.
Slide 14: This slide shows Risk Mitigation Strategies classified into- Technical Risks, Cost Risks, Schedule Risks. This strategy is used to reduce the adverse effects of risk. We have listed down the three categories of risk and also the strategies to be opted to manage the risk levels. You can alter these as per your requirements.
Slide 15: This slide presents Mitigation Strategy subheaded as Control Strategy with Probability Impact Score.
Slide 16: This slide presents a Risk Mitigation Plan divided into- Category Identified Risk Mitigation Plan Once you decide on the risk mitigation strategy then you plan to implement the same. Below is the table wherein you can list down the risk identified and the mitigation plan to curb the same.
Slide 17: This slide shows a Risk Mitigation Chart in terms of Likelihood and Impact with Scope Creep, Insufficient Resources, Insufficient Testing.
Slide 18: This slide presents a Risk Control Matrix. Prepare a risk control matrix to have a close tap on the risk related measures you have intended to take. The table helps you to keep a log of the control measures you have decided to take to manage the risk levels.
Slide 19: This slide presents a Risk Tracker to track and plan accordingly.
Slide 20: This slide showcases Risk Item Tracking with- Risk Items, Monthly Ranking, Risk Resources and Risk Resolution.
Slide 21: This is an Icon slide for Mitigation Plan.
Slide 22: This is a Coffee Break slide to halt. You may change it as per requirement.
Slide 23: This slide is titled Charts & Graphs to move forward.
Slide 24: This is a Column Chart slide for product/entity comparison.
Slide 25: This is an Area Chart slide for product/entity comparison.
Slide 26: This is a Line Chart slide for product/entity comparison.
Slide 27: This is a Radar Chart slide for product/entity comparison.
Slide 28: This slide is titled Additional Slides to move forward.
Slide 29: This is a Vision, Mission and Goals slide. State them here.
Slide 30: This is an Our Team slide with name, image&text boxes to put the required information.
Slide 31: This is an About Us slide showing Our Company, Value Client, and Premium services as examples.
Slide 32: This is an Our Goal slide. State them here.
Slide 33: This is a Timeline slide to show milestones, growth or highlighting factors.
Slide 34: This is a Location slide of World map to show global presence, growth etc.
Slide 35: This is a Post it slide to mark reminders, events etc.
Slide 36: This is a Financial score slide. State financial aspects etc. here.
Slide 37: This is a Target slide. State targets here.
Slide 38: This is a Puzzle image slide to show information, specification etc.
Slide 39: This is a Magnifying glass image slide to show information, specification etc.
Slide 40: This is a Bulb/idea image slide to show information, ideas, innovation specific stuff etc.
Slide 41: This is a Thank You slide with Address# street number, city, state, Contact Numbers, Email Address.

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