Project kickoff powerpoint presentation slides

PowerPoint presentation slides

Deliver this complete deck to your team members and other collaborators. Encompassed with stylized slides presenting various concepts, this Project Kickoff Powerpoint Presentation Slides is the best tool you can utilize. Personalize its content and graphics to make it unique and thought provoking. All the fifty one slides are editable and modifiable, so feel free to adjust them to your business setting. The font, color, and other components also come in an editable format making this PPT design the best choice for your next presentation. So, download now.

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Content of this Powerpoint Presentation

Slide 1: This title slide introduces Project Kickoff. Add the name of your company here.
Slide 2: This is the Agenda slide of Project Kickoff.
Slide 3: This slide contains the Table of Contents. It includes - Ensuring Project Success by Overcoming Challenges, Major Challenges Faced in Previous Projects, About the Project, etc.
Slide 4: This is a table of content slide showing About the Project.
Slide 5: This slide presents the Project Charter. It illustrates the project charter covering sections namely project context, objectives, team scope, assumptions, key activities, and milestones.
Slide 6: This slide presents the Development Stages and Activities for the Project. It includes 6 stages namely identification, preparation, approval, implementation, operation, and evaluation.
Slide 7: This slide presents the Manpower Required for Project Completion. It includes details about the required role, number of vacancies, experience, and responsibility.
Slide 8: This is a table of content slide showing the Major Challenges Faced in Previous Projects.
Slide 9: This slide presents the Major Challenges Faced in the Projects Undertaken. It displays information about major challenges faced by the firm in projects undertaken.
Slide 10: This slide presents the Ensuring Project Success by Overcoming Challenges. It portrays information about the focus areas on which the company will work upon in order to overcome project challenges.
Slide 11: This is a table of content slide showing the Establishing Project Management Team and Assigning Responsibilities.
Slide 12: This slide presents the Desired Project Management Team Skills Set. It shows details about desired management team skills set namely people management, strategic thinking, planning, and delivery.
Slide 13: This slide presents the Recruiting Plan and Budget for Management Team. It covers sections namely recruiting model, role, budget, hire goal, and assigned.
Slide 14: This slide presents the Training and Development Program for In-House Employees. It covers the details about training type, mode, duration, and cost.
Slide 15: This slide presents the RACI Matrix to Assign Roles and Responsibilities. It illustrates the RACI matrix that a company may use to assign project-related tasks and responsibilities among employees having different roles or designations.
Slide 16: This is a table of content slide showing the Effective Risk Management.
Slide 17: This slide presents the Risk Breakdown Structure. It shows a risk breakdown structure that is sub-categorized into four areas namely technical, management, procurement, and external.
Slide 18: This slide presents the Worksheet to Assess Risk Events. It displays a risk events assessment worksheet that can be used by a company to assess project risk impact based on parameters namely monetary loss, reputation loss, and loss of customer confidence.
Slide 19: This slide presents the Possible Project Risks and their Significance. It includes sections namely possible risk, project phase, impact, likelihood, and significance.
Slide 20: This slide presents the Mitigation Plan to Resolve Project Risks. It includes sections namely perceived risk, project phase, and mitigation plan.
Slide 21: This is a table of content slide showing Managing Effective Communication.
Slide 22: This slide presents the Defining Project Communication Management Process. It illustrates the project communication management process with five stages namely initialization, planning, implementation, control, and closure.
Slide 23: This slide presents the Developing Project Communication Plan. It displays the project communication plan with sections namely communication, frequency, goal, owner, and audience.
Slide 24: This is a table of content slide showing the Project Implementation Timeline.
Slide 25: This slide presents the Project Implementation Timeline. It covers details about task duration along with project milestones.
Slide 26: This is a table of content slide showing the Checklists for Project Management.
Slide 27: This slide presents the Project Kickoff Checklist. This checklist will help the companies to start each of their projects on the right foot.
Slide 28: This slide presents the Activity Checklist for Project Management. It displays an activity checklist for project management covering information about the activity, its target, and actual completion date, the reason for not completing on time.
Slide 29: This is a table of content slide showing the Factors Affecting Project Success.
Slide 30: This slide presents the Factors Affecting Project Success. Here the project phase covered is the closure phase along with the status.
Slide 31: This slide presents the Project Management KPI Dashboard. It illustrates a project management dashboard with KPIs namely project budget, overdue tasks, workload, and upcoming deadlines.
Slide 32: This slide presents the Supplier Compliance Dashboard. It covers KPIs namely top supplier by partner status, average procurement cycle time, and average procurement cycle.
Slide 33: This slide presents the Project Risk Monitoring KPI Dashboard. Metrics covered in the dashboard are residual risks by period and risk category by total risk rating.
Slide 34: This is a table of content slide showing the Company Overview and Achievements.
Slide 35: This slide presents the Vision Mission and Values of the Firm. It illustrates the company’s vision and mission statements along with the information of various values offered by the firm.
Slide 36: This slide presents Our Organization Structure. It also shows legends that provide information about various department roles.
Slide 37: This slide presents Our Project Management Process. It displays the project management process of the company covering stages namely initiating, planning, engaging, and completion.
Slide 38: This slide presents the Additional Slides.
Slide 39: This slide presents the Project Chart.
Slide 40: This slide presents the Project Feasibility Analysis Matrix.
Slide 41: This slide presents the Three Line Defence Model to Mitigate Risk Events.
Slide 42: This slide presents the Milestones Achieved by the Firm. Milestones covered are corporate office inauguration, strategic expansion, and CSR award.
Slide 43: This slide presents the Comparison between the percentages of male and female Facebook users.
Slide 44: This slide contains Post It Notes that can be used to express any brief thoughts or ideas.
Slide 45: This slide presents the overall Target of the company as well as smaller targets within that main Target.
Slide 46: This slide presents the Location.
Slide 47: This slide presents the Financial data with the data’s numbers at minimum, medium, and maximum percentage.
Slide 48: This slide presents the Quotes.
Slide 49: This is a slide with a 30 60 90 Days Plan to set goals for these important intervals.
Slide 50: This slide is a Timeline template to showcase the progress of the steps of a project with time.
Slide 51: This is a Thank You slide where details such as the address, contact number, email address are added.

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