Stress at work is inevitable. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), stress is the "health epidemic of the 21st century,” more widespread than ever. And it’s no surprise that work is the leading source of stress. More than 70% of people blame deadlines, tight schedules, heavy workloads, and poor management techniques, causing them anxiety. In addition, 6 out of 10 workers in the major worldwide economies are experiencing increased work strain.




Work-related Stress — Symptoms and Solution!


Stress at work can be a helpful force—prompting us to perform harder and better. However, frequently it can make one feel unproductive, exhausted, and nervous. But how can you tell when job stress becomes unbearable and poses a danger of burnout? Let's shed some light on that.


If you and your coworkers experience any of the following symptoms, it's an indication of excessive stress at work.


  1. Physical Symptoms: fatigue, muscular tension, headaches, sleeping difficulties, and heart palpitations.
  2. Psychological Symptoms: depression, anxiety, irritability, pessimism, and feelings of being overwhelmed.
  3. Behavioral Symptoms: increased absenteeism, reduced interest/initiative, reduced work performance, relationship problems, and mood swings.


Even though stress is considerably a severe issue, still it can be controlled—beginning with recognizing the symptoms and implementing daily stress-reduction measures like meditation, exercise, painting, and more.


Now that you've learned about job stress and some of the symptoms it might show, you must understand that it's critical to develop a stress management plan. It will help provide adaptability, include smart working policies, and effective stress-reduction techniques to embrace a work-life balance. 


But how can one begin? 


We've put together our collection of 11 well-designed PPT templates to make this process easier. You can deploy these researched presentations into your stress management plan and help create a work life balance for your employees.


Let's delve into them!


Template 1: Stress Management Techniques Template


There are several stress management methods to explore, but this template can help you learn some of the most basic yet powerful ways to begin. So if you want to guide your staff on maintaining a low-stress level and increase productivity, this PPT template is a suitable pick. It aids you in explaining stress-busting activities like healthy diet, lunch break, support, and more. Download it right now!


Stress Management Techniques Template


Download this template


Template 2: Workplace Stress Management Plan Template


Is there something hectic happening at work that makes some of your employees feel overwhelmed? This stress management plan template is the ideal tool with which you can share efficient methods to help your staff return to normal operations. This PPT document will assist you in pinpointing the sources of stress by carefully assessing the triggers and offering techniques for managing it. 


Workplace Stress Management Plan Template


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Template 3: Bucket Theory for Stress Management Template 


According to the bucket theory, stress management is a straightforward yet effective technique to keep stress in check. However, it assumes that each person has limited energy and when they are depleted of it, they are done for the day. This template provides a step-by-step approach to creating a unique stress management plan based on the bucket theory. You may use this valuable PPT design to plot your team's source of stress and develop coping methods for each one.


Bucket Theory for Stress Management Template


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Template 4: Organizational Techniques Stress Management Template


If you're looking for a stress management plan template to help your team take it easy, this is the one! This attractive PPT template has all the organizational techniques related to support, roles, and strategies. Furthermore, you can use this design to personalize the organizational techniques for relieving burden. So what are you waiting for? Begin working right now to create an effective stress management plan for your team!


Organizational Techniques Stress Management Template


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Template 5: Managing Stress Template


Download this stunning template to create a unique and customized stress management plan tailored specifically for the workplace. This PPT template will help you explain various healthy and essential healing techniques, such as meditation, spa, music, yoga, etc. Besides, this design can encourage your staff to participate in enjoyable yet mind relaxing activities, comprehending the importance of mental health and self-care.


Managing Stress Template


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Template 6: Practical Stress Management Plan Template


Practical stress management focuses on providing hands-on exercises to help manage the negative impact of stress in life. This template can be used to explain some practices and their effects on your physical and mental well-being. Additionally, this design will work as a practical tool for recognizing and preventing stress. The action-oriented approach in this PPT template will enable the employees to make personal change through self-reflection and behavior modification techniques. So download it immediately! 


Practical Stress Management Plan Template


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Template 7: Stress Management Techniques Template


Develop an effective strategy with this stress management plan template that determines the priority of various stress relieving activities. Use it to develop a viable approach to help your team members break the grip on stress and start being happier, healthier, and more productive. The objective of this PPT template is to help your team achieve a balanced lifestyle, including time for work, relationships, leisure, and fun.


Stress Management Plan Techniques Template


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Template 8: Managing Stress Template


This well-structured PPT template will help you determine primary, secondary, and tertiary stress interventions. In addition, it can be used to illustrate several broader policy issues, such as risk assessment, economic incentives, and specific measures to manage workplace stress. With this visually attractive design, you can create a customized stress management plan by modifying the text, font, and colors. Download the template now!


Manage Stress Template


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Template 9: Template for Stress Management Techniques in Nine Parts 


Sometimes it’s difficult to handle your employees' stressful situations. However, the best approach to deal with stress is one step at a time. It also depends on the severity of the stress and how many steps it will take to get your team to experience low-level anxiety. The following is a 9-step PPT design that you may use to walk your team through the entire procedure. In addition, you may add particular policies at various stages, either to familiarize the group or an individual with the program. You can also look out for the templates with fewer or more number of steps here.


Template for Stress Management Techniques in Nine Parts


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Template 10: Jigsaw Template for Stress Management


This PowerPoint presentation is ideal to help your team focus on mental well-being because jigsaw puzzles are used as a fantastic meditation tool and stress reliever. This appealing design is ideal to explain essential modules of stress management. You may create an excellent strategy including four coping methods – action, emotion, acceptance, and rejection, by using this template. So download it and captivate your audience!


Jigsaw Template for Stress Management


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Template 11: 3-Stage Stress Management Template


Here is a unique PowerPoint template displaying a line of action, emotion, and acceptance-oriented modules for stress. This template will help you guide your team to manage the stress holistically. You may also use this design to introduce powerful activities and exercises that focus on taking action and acknowledging feelings. In addition, this template will assist you in

explaining the modules in a more meaningful way, helping your staff find peace of mind.


3-Stage Stress Management Template


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Whether you're searching for a way to manage stress or want a more comprehensive solution for the existing methods, our stunning stress management plan templates have got you covered. Help your staff reach their full potential by assisting them in shifting towards a stress-free personal and professional future. Besides, these presentations are crafted by our team of professional designers. So download once and use them multiple times!


P.S: You can also draft an employee empowerment framework by exploring this handy guide featuring well-structured templates.


Download the free Stress Management Plan PDF.